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ISSE 2002 to highlight biometrics in security. (News and Products).

EEMA EEMA - European Electronic Messaging Association , has announced that the importance of biometric authentication See biometrics.  technology is to be explored in detail at the European security conference, ISSE ISSE Information Security Solutions Europe
ISSE International Students for Social Equality
ISSE International Salon & Spa Expo
ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension (Intel processor command set extension) 
 2002. 2nd-4th October.

Biometric authentication technology-the use of personal physical characteristics or behavior to verify a user's identity claim has been used successfully in high security contexts as part of physical access control systems for many years. Its use in information security, with sensors attached to, or part of, individual workstations and laptops, is a more recent phenomenon, made possible by declining prices for biometric authentication hardware. As the centrepiece of the conference's technology stream, the subject of biometrics will be explored by Brigitte Wirtz at Infineon (exploring EU fingerprinting), Stephen Kent at BBN (BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA, A consulting firm that participated in the development of some of the most extensive networks in the world, including ARPANET, which evolved into the Internet. It was founded in 1948 as a consulting service in acoustics by Dr.  (talking about system level analysis of biometric user authentication), Henning Arendt at @be (announcing details of a biometrics project), Jeff Stapleton at KPMG KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (accounting firm)
KPMG Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
KPMG Keiner Prüft Mehr Genau (German)
KPMG Kommen Prüfen Meckern Gehen
 (exploring the BIO APT/ISO Standards) and Michael Vogel at G&D (who will be detailing security requirements for biometric fingerprint verification on smart cards).

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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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