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ISP Performance Chemicals to support cleaning industry.

* ISP (1) See in-system programmable.

(2) (Internet Service Provider) An organization that provides access to the Internet. Connection to the user is provided via dial-up, ISDN, cable, DSL and T1/T3 lines.
 Performance Chemicals will direct technical service programs toward cleaning product makers dedicated to the formulation of trend-forward products. The company has commercialized a number of polymer-based technologies to better support manufacturers working on products that simplify cleaning and lend substance to novel cleaning benefits, according to ISP. Polymer technologies, such as Sorez HS 205, may be incorporated in a range of household cleaners to assure cleaning in less time and with less energy--two major requirements for today's on-the-go consumers. A new combination of polymers from ISP, Gantrez S-97 BF polymer with Easy-Wet 20 proprietary surfactant Surfactant Definition

Surfactant is a complex naturally occurring substance made of six lipids (fats) and four proteins that is produced in the lungs. It can also be manufactured synthetically.
 blend, lends cleaning performance to glass cleaner with anti-fog properties--in an environmentally-friendly formulation.

A third novel technology now available from ISP, called Jaypol HN 44, is designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency de·ter·gen·cy  
The power or quality of cleansing.

Noun 1. detergency - detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power

usefulness, utility - the quality of being of practical use
 and may be used to "super charge" cleaning attributes of laundry detergents.

All three ISP technologies are made commercially viable in support of forward- thinking cleaning product companies focused on consumer needs.

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Title Annotation:Supplier's Corner
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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