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IRAQ - The Arab Detergent Chemicals Co. (Aradet).

Based at the Baiji industrial zone, Aradet is a joint venture between the Iraqi government (32%), OAPEC's Al Khobar-based Apicorp (32%), Saudi Arabia's Petromin (10%), Petrochemical Industries Co. of Kuwait (10%), Jordan's Arab Mining Co. (10%) and AIC (6%). It built a plant at Baiji to produce 50,000 t/y of linear alkyl benzene (LAB) and 8,000 t/y of toluene, which came on stream in June 1987.

Aradet was built at a cost of $95m by Technipetrol of Italy under a contract awarded in May 1984. Some of the engineering and equipment supplies were subcontracted to the Czech company Technoexport. The plant utilised the UOP process. It was damaged during the 1991 war, but was rebuilt and brought back into production in April 1992. Before August 1990, this plant used to meet local consumption and produce a surplus for export.
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Title Annotation:Company Business and Marketing
Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
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Date:May 10, 1999
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