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 ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Today INTERSOLV (NASDAQ-NMS: ISLI) announced INTERSOLV APS for Client/Server, the first development environment to combine the ease-of-use of a graphical 4GL with the power to develop production grade client/server applications. APS allows users working under Windows or OS/2 to easily build scalable applications for any client/server architecture, all from a single development environment.
 APS for Client/Server is INTERSOLV's newest addition to its growing family of client/server development tools. New features in APS 3.0 for Client/Server include:
 -- Microsoft Windows development environment
 -- New, powerful graphical user interface
 -- Client Express, an advanced tool that provides a new method for the rapid creation of client/server applications
 -- Comprehensive support for multiple client/server models
 -- Heterogeneous server database access
 "Customers don't want to buy multiple development tools -- they want one, consistent platform that promotes the success of all their client/server development projects," said Kevin Burns, president and CEO of INTERSOLV. "APS for Client/Server is the only development environment that is easy and fun to use but also powerful enough to meet the performance requirements of developers building complex, production- grade client/server applications. This announcement reflects INTERSOLV's ongoing product strategy, which is to help companies take advantage of new client/server technology without abandoning the infrastructure they already have in place."
 New, Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
 INTERSOLV APS for Client/Server features a new, powerful graphical user interface that maximizes developer productivity by making it easy and enjoyable to build a wide range of client/server applications.
 The interface features all of the functionality traditionally associated with 4GL tools, including multiple document interfaces, user- configurable toolbars and floating tool palettes, extended drag-and-drop functionality and point-and-click development. In addition, the graphical environment features Client Express, an advanced tool that enables developers to develop GUI, client/server applications in a non- procedural, visual manner without programming.
 "When I first took a look at APS for Client/Server, I would have sworn it was a 4GL," said Tom Eyman, president of Phoenix Software Group, Oak Brook, Ill. "The interface is extremely intuitive and graphical -- it's as good or better than anything else I've seen on the market. This product will let us continue to take advantage of the performance and productivity benefits APS has always given us -- and have more fun doing it."
 New Power Features Increase Depth of Production-Grade Support
 INTERSOLV APS for Client/Server is different from other client/server development tools because it does not make developers choose between ease-of-use and power. With APS for Client/Server, INTERSOLV has added an advanced graphical interface to the world's premier platform for building scalable, production-grade applications.
 Developers can now enjoy the traditional strengths of APS -- including its high-speed development environment, support for multiple development teams and compatibility across heterogeneous platforms -- in an intuitive graphical environment.
 "Customers are eager to take client/server from the audition phase to mainstream business application," said Burns. "This means small, pilot systems must be able to scale up to meet the needs of hundreds -- even thousands of users without any decrease in performance. This can't happen unless software vendors provide customers with tools that make the development process easy without forfeiting the power, performance, infrastructure and scalability benefits of traditional platforms."
 APS for Client/Server includes a new power feature called Automatic Client/Server Access. This feature enables high-performance, native access to IMS or VSAM data from Windows or OS/2 clients. This flexible solution for client/server mainframe access provides a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to expensive, resource-intensive gateways.
 INTERSOLV APS for Client/Server also includes support for every popular client/server architecture, allowing developers to use a consistent development system for client/server models including:
 -- Simple Database Server: an SQL interface to a database server,
 all function resides on the client.
 -- Host Server: a mainframe transaction accessing DB2, IMS and/or
 VSAM through a direct communication link to the client.
 Function may be distributed between client and server.
 -- Database Gateways: similar to Simple Database Server, but SQL
 interface provides access to remote host databases. This
 approach works well for ad-hoc access.
 -- Combination: any mixture of client/server models for multi-tier
 Wide Range and Range Across Client/Server Platforms
 INTERSOLV APS for Client/Server delivers true platform independence, allowing users to develop for their platform of choice, encompassing a wide variety of client/server, midrange and mainframe targets including:
 -- Graphical client operating systems: OS/2 PM and Windows
 -- Server operating systems: OS/2 PM, UNIX, Windows
 and Windows NT
 -- Client/server databases: Oracle, Microsoft/Sybase
 SQL Server and DB2/2
 -- Host/server environments: DB2, IMS-DB and VSAM
 -- Traditional host/midrange
 target environments: DB2/IMS-DB, VSAM, CICS,
 IMS/TM, Batch and OS/400
 Using one development platform for multiple targets reduces the cost of training and retaining skilled resources, enables greater flexibility in assigning resources to projects and protects users from platform obsolescence.
 Pricing and Availability
 APS for Client/Server will ship in December 1993. Both the Windows and OS/2 versions are priced at $4,000 per seat; volume discounts are available.
 INTERSOLV specializes in client/server software development. The company offers customers the benefits of one-stop shopping and single vendor service across a wide spectrum of client/server technologies. INTERSOLV products deliver high productivity on simple projects and are powerful enough to handle the scalability requirements of production- grade information systems without retooling. More than 150,000 developers use INTERSOLV solutions at more than 10,000 sites worldwide.
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