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Quest Software The computer-software manufacturer Quest Software (Quest Software, Inc.) (NASDAQ: QSFT), headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, dates from 1987. Quest develops, sells, and supports database management, Windows management, and application management software products  Inc. (Nasdaq:QSFT), Irvine, Calif., a provider of application management solutions, will expand its heterogeneous database management offering with Quest Central(TM).

Currently available as separate products for Oracle and DB2 databases, Quest Central is an integrated toolset that simplifies daily database management duties including administration, performance diagnostics, SQL SQL
 in full Structured Query Language.

Computer programming language used for retrieving records or parts of records in databases and performing various calculations before displaying the results.
 tuning and space management. The Quest Central product roadmap will culminate culminate, in astronomy, the maximum height in the sky reached by a celestial body on a given day. At the culminate the body is crossing the observer's celestial meridian and is said to be in upper transit.  in the release of a single database management console A terminal or workstation used to monitor and control a network. See Microsoft Management Console.  designed to optimize the performance of multiple database platforms including Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server An earlier relational DBMS from Sybase and from Microsoft. Sybase introduced SQL Server in 1988 for various Unix versions. In that same year, with help from IBM, Sybase created an OS/2 version that Microsoft licensed and branded as Microsoft SQL Server. .

"Over 90 percent of organizations who own relational database management systems See DBMS for a shorter list of “typical”, representative database management systems. Open-source software
  • CSQL
  • Derby aka Java DB
  • Firebird
  • Gladius DB
  • H2
  • Ingres
  • LucidDB
  • MaxDB
  • Mckoi SQL Database
  • MonetDB
 are utilizing more than one type of database. And due to budget cutbacks, organizations are confronted with managing more data with limited resources," said Ray Paquet, vice president, research director for Gartner. "Whether running Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server, or all three, the ability to cross-train the staff to manage all flavors will greatly enhance worker versatility and productivity, as well as save companies from having to purchase multiple tools from a variety of vendors to manage their mission-critical systems."

Throughout the year, Quest Software will execute on its heterogeneous strategy by delivering new products and updating existing products to help organizations overcome the challenges associated with limited DBA resources and multi-platform database environments.

By allowing users to cross-train and manage their entire database infrastructure from a single interface, organizations are empowered to quickly diagnose and resolve issues within their growing and diverse database infrastructures.

Long-time Quest Software customer, Whirlpool whirlpool, revolving current in an ocean, river, or lake. It may be caused by the configuration of the shore, irregularities in the bottom of the body of water, the meeting of opposing currents or tides, or the action of the wind upon the water. , owns both Oracle and DB2 databases and recently transferred its call center data to DB2.

"Whirlpool has been using Quest Software's database management products for several years and when we added DB2 UDB (DB2 Universal DataBase) An enhanced and very popular version of DB2 that combines relational and object database technology as well as various query optimization techniques for parallel processing.  to our database portfolio, we anticipated a significant learning curve and even considered hiring additional DBAs. As soon as we investigated Quest Central for DB2 we found that it offers an identical interface and the same robust functionality as Quest Central for Oracle," said Mark Clayton
For the Ravens' wide receiver, see Mark Jermain Clayton.
Mark Gregory Clayton (born April 8, 1961 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is a former American football wide receiver who played most of his career with the Miami Dolphins, entering the league in 1983 with
, lead DBA for Whirlpool Corp. "Our staff was able to learn DB2 using Quest Central and quickly became cross-trained in both environments.

"We are looking forward to Quest Software's single console and believe it will further reduce the footprint on our servers, facilitate installation and save us from having to hire additional staff."

"The Quest Central strategy encompasses the strength and depth of our individual database management tools and the breadth of a heterogeneous offering," said Darin Pendergraft, director of product management for Quest Central. "We intend to maintain leadership by continuing to deliver robust functionality within each individual platform with the ultimate goal of providing a single unified management console."

Pricing and Availability

Quest Central for Oracle and DB2 are available now with per server pricing starting at $2,400. Spotlight on SQL Server, the first component of Quest Central for SQL Server, is also available now, with pricing starting at $1,495 per server.

About Quest Software Inc.

Quest Software is a leading provider of application management solutions. Quest provides customers with Application Confidence(SM) by delivering reliable software products to develop, deploy, manage and maintain enterprise applications without expensive downtime The time during which a computer is not functioning due to hardware, operating system or application program failure.  or business interruption.

Targeting high availability Also called "RAS" (reliability, availability, serviceability) or "fault resilient," it refers to a multiprocessing system that can quickly recover from a failure. There may be a minute or two of downtime while one system switches over to another, but processing will continue. , monitoring, database management and Microsoft infrastructure management, Quest products increase the performance and uptime of business-critical applications and enable IT professionals to achieve more with fewer resources. The company has headquarters in Irvine. and has offices around the globe.

For more information, visit or call 949/754-8536.
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