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Byline: David Kronke TV Critic

IT WAS only a matter of time before other cable networks began mimicking the no-budget anarchic concepts of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Adult Swim is the name for an adult-oriented television programming network. It shares channel space with Cartoon Network in the United States, featuring absurdist and often ribald comedy, in contrast to the much tamer child and pre-teen oriented daytime Cartoon Network.  programming.

The Independent Film Channel strikes first, with Film Fanatic Fridays, an hour featuring three shows, done on the (very) cheap, parodying sundry aspects of the film industry.

Actor/producer (``Gosford Park'') Bob Balaban Bob Balaban (born August 16, 1945) is an Academy Award-nominated American actor and director, best known for his collaborations with Christopher Guest. Biography
Personal life
Balaban was born Robert Elmer Balaban
 serves up ``Hopeless Pictures,'' an (almost) animated series with an inventive design that suggests what might result from Pablo Picasso and Gary Baseman's (``Teacher's Pet'') love child designing ``South Park'' (in fact, Nick Demayo created the characters).

It's standard-issue Hollywood satire, following producer Max Wel (voice of Michael McKean Michael McKean (born October 17 1947) is an American actor, comedian, composer and musician, best known for his portrayal of Squiggy's friend, Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski, on the sitcom Laverne and Shirley; as one of the members of Spinal Tap; as a ), who has disastrous productions at every level. Tonight's episode traces a series of desperate cell phone calls (including many to a shrink voiced by Jonathan Katz, who played a shrink in his own animated series) and fatuous production meetings discussing obviously, obliviously dumb projects.

An occasional laugh breaks through, but this is the same sort of Hollywood evisceration evisceration /evis·cer·a·tion/ (e-vis?er-a´shun)
1. removal of the abdominal viscera.

2. removal of the contents of the eyeball, leaving the sclera.

 that fans have knowingly tittered through since the days of ``The Larry Sanders Show'' and ``The Player.''

Next up is ``Greg the Bunny Greg the Bunny is an American sitcom that originally aired on Fox in 2002. It starred Seth Green and a hand puppet named Greg the Bunny, originally invented by the team of "Sean S. Baker", Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano. Milano and Chinoy wrote and co-produced the Fox show. ,'' featuring a hand puppet who also starred in his own short-lived Fox sitcom and here reproduces legendary films with other puppet co-stars.

Tonight's offering, ``Bunnie Hall,'' finds Greg, as Woody Allen's stand-in, dumping the girl of his dreams for the lobster they're trying to boil. A future installment, ``The Godpappy,'' finds its wittiest moment when characters quaff Coppola wine. Actor Seth Green, co-creator of Adult Swim's ``Robot Chicken,'' produces.

The least hoary hoar·y  
adj. hoar·i·er, hoar·i·est
1. Gray or white with or as if with age.

2. Covered with grayish hair or pubescence: hoary leaves.

 gags can be found in the live-action ``The Festival,'' a mockumentary about indie-film festivals like Sundance, which hypocritically hyp·o·crit·i·cal  
1. Characterized by hypocrisy: hypocritical praise.

2. Being a hypocrite: a hypocritical rogue.
 champion art but concern themselves inevitably and irrevocably with big-money sponsors (in this case, a cynical cigarette conglomerate) and star power.

It follows the fortunes of a geek A technically oriented person. It has typically implied a "nerdy" or "weird" personality, someone with limited social skills who likes to tinker with scientific or high-tech projects. The origin of the term dates back to the late 1800s.  filmmaker, whose pretentiously titled film, ``The Unreasonable Truth of Butterflies,'' builds buzz despite the fact that no one has seen it. Its director pompously intones, ``I have a god-given gift. I don't really believe in God, but I think there's a lot of truth in that statement.''

Essentially, it's the indie version of ``Hopeless Pictures,'' only these jokes haven't been told nearly as many times. As ``The Festival'' is only a six-episode show, it probably should've been just been presented as a one-shot film, yet in this group, its comedic jabs thrust most pointedly. If, that is, Adult Swim's sundry shows hadn't already eviscerated Hollywood hypocrisy beyond the point of recognition.

David Kronke, (818) 713-3638



What: Animated series about desperate Hollywood denizens.

Where: Independent Film Channel.

When: 10 tonight.

In a nutshell: Familiar satirical subject, occasional laughs.

GREG THE BUNNY - Two and one half stars

What: Puppets re-create famous movies.

Where: IFC (Internet Foundation Classes) A class library from Netscape that provides an application framework and graphical user interface (GUI) routines for Java programmers. IFC was later made part of the Java Foundation Classes (JFC). See JFC, AFC and AWT. See also ICF. .

When: 10:20 tonight.

In a nutshell: Sometimes silly, sometimes inspired.

THE FESTIVAL - Three stars

What: Parody of the incessant hype surrounding independent film festivals.

Where: IFC.

When: 10:40 tonight.

In a nutshell: Indie hauteur hauteur

machine-estimated mean fiber length in a top of wool; the basis for the pricing of tops.
 is amusingly skewered.
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