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ICE 2007 FutureCoat!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Keynote Address

(8:00 am-9:00 am; Rm. 701A-B A-B Air-Britain (UK-based aviation historical society)
A-B Research Centre Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria) 

Green Chemistry and Entropic Control in Coatings Materials and Processes -- John C. Warner, University of Massachusetts Lowell UMass Lowell was named the University of Lowell from 1975 to 1991, and was created from the merger of the Lowell Technological Institute and Lowell State College in 1975. These colleges in turn were originally named the Lowell Textile School, founded in 1895 to train technicians and  

Track 1

Green Chemistry--Environmental

(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 705)

9:15-9:45 am -- Development of Environmentally Friendly, Anti-fouling, Coatings Based on Tethered Quaternary Ammonium Salts in a Crosslinked Polydimethylsiloxane Maxtrix -- Partha Majumdar, Elizabeth Lee, Nehal Patel, Shane Stafslien, Justin Daniels, and Bret J. Chisholm, North Dakota State University North Dakota State University, at Fargo; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered and opened 1890 as North Dakota Agricultural College, achieved university status in 1960.  

9:45-10:15 am -- Waterborne Pavement Markings: The Low VOC (Vertical Online Community) See vertical portal.  Options -- Kimberly B. Kosto, Rohm and Haas Rohm and Haas Company (NYSE: ROH), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company, manufactures miscellaneous materials. A Fortune 500 Company, Rohm and Haas employs more than 17,000 people in 27 countries. The annual sales revenue of Rohm and Haas stands at about USD 8.2 billion.  Company

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Advanced Assessment and Analysis of Fungal Disfigurement dis·fig·ure  
tr.v. dis·fig·ured, dis·fig·ur·ing, dis·fig·ures
To mar or spoil the appearance or shape of; deform.

[Middle English disfiguren, from Old French desfigurer
 of Wood Coatings -- Jan Van den Bulcke, Joris Van Acker, and Marc Stevens, Ghent University, Belgium

11:00-11:30 am -- Benefits of Next Generation APE-free Additives in Waterborne Coating Formulations -- Virendra V. Shah and Ernest C. Galgoci, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Latex Waste Solidification--An Innovative, Low Cost, Environmentally Friendly Approach -- Frank Miller, Innovative Environmental Products, Inc.

Track 2

Formulation--Latex Technology

(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 707)

9:15-9:45 am -- UV Curable Diacrylate Monomers Based on UNOXOL[TM] Diol -- Kiran K. Baikerikar, Michael L. Tulchinsky, and John Argyropoulos, The Dow Chemical Company The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW TYO: 4850 ) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan. Overview
The Dow Chemical Company is currently the second largest chemical manufacturer in the World (after BASF)[1].

9:45-10:15 am -- The Influence of Interdiffusion and Crosslinking on the Film Formation of an Acrylic Latex -- Nicola Kessel, Sun Chemical Ltd. and University of Surrey The University of Surrey is a public university in Guildford, England. It received its charter on 9 September 1966, and was situated near Battersea Park in south-west London. The institution was known as Battersea College of Technology before gaining university status. , UK; Derek R. Illsley, Sun Chemical Ltd., UK; and Joseph L. Keddie, University of Surrey (ROON)

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Investigation of the Effect of Pre-Coalescence or Post-Coalescence Crosslinking on Film Formation, Properties, and Latex Morphology -- Ravi G. Joshi, Theodore Provder, Paul Ziemer, Wenjing Mao, Wade Shen Shen, in the Bible, place, perhaps close to Bethel, near which Samuel set up the stone Ebenezer. , and Frank N. Jones, Eastern Michigan University Eastern Michigan University, mainly at Ypsilanti, Mich.; coeducational; founded 1849 as a normal school, became Eastern Michigan College in 1956, gained university status in 1959.  (ROON)

11:00-11:30 am -- Core-Shell and Other Multi-Phase Latex Particles--Confirming Their Morphologies and Relating Those to Synthesis Variables -- Jeffrey M. Stubbs (presently at DSM 1. DSM - Data Structure Manager.

An object-oriented language by J.E. Rumbaugh and M.E. Loomis of GE, similar to C++. It is used in implementation of CAD/CAE software. DSM is written in DSM and C and produces C as output.
 NeoResins) and Donald C. Sundberg, University of New Hampshire (ROON)

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Nano-particle Reinforced Latex Dispersions with Modified Colloidal colloidal

of the nature of a colloid.

colloidal bath
a bath containing gelatin, bran, starch or similar substances, to relieve skin irritation and pruritus.
 Silica -- Peter Greenwood and Hans Lagnemo, Eka Chemicals AB, Sweden

Track 3

Waterborne I

(9:15 am-11:30 am; Rm. 709)

9:15-9:45 am -- The Onset of Polymer Diffusion in a Drying Acrylate Noun 1. acrylate - a salt or ester of propenoic acid

salt - a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)
 Latex: How Water Initially Retards Coalescence but Ultimately Enhances Diffusion -- Jeffrey C. Haley, Yuanqin Liu, and Mitchell A. Winnik, University of Toronto Research at the University of Toronto has been responsible for the world's first electronic heart pacemaker, artificial larynx, single-lung transplant, nerve transplant, artificial pancreas, chemical laser, G-suit, the first practical electron microscope, the first cloning of T-cells, ; and Willie Lau, Rohm and Haas Co. (ROON)

9:45-10:15 am -- Blending Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene and Acrylic Latexes to Achieve Targeted Performance Properties -- Wenjun Wu, Keith R. Olesen, Albert R. Miner II, and Jeff A. Schneider, The Dow Chemical Company

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Control of Functional Site Location for Thermosetting thermosetting,
adj having the property of becoming irreversibly rigid or hardened with the application of heat. In dentistry the term is used in connection with resins.
 Latexes -- M.D. Soucek and E. Pedraza, The University of Akron Enrollment in fall 2006 was 23,539 students.[1] The school offers more than 200 undergraduate degrees [2] and 100 graduate degrees [3]. The University's best-known program is its College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, which is located in a  (ROON)

11:00-11:30 am -- Technology Development of Dirt Pickup Resistance in Latex Coatings -- Gerald A. Vandezande, The Dow Chemical Company

Track 4


(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 711)

9:15-9:45 am -- The Use of Two Constant Kubelka-Munk Theory in Spectrophotometric Color Matching -- A. Karbasi, S. Moradian, M. Ebrahimi, Amirkabir University of Technology Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT, دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر), formerly named Tehran Polytechnic , Iran; and S. Asiaban, Research and Technology Co., National Petrochemical Co., Iran

9:45-10:15 am -- Relating Optical Properties to Pigment Dispersion of Weathered Pigmented Polymeric Coatings -- Li-Piin Sung, Haiqing Hu, Cyril Clerici, and Xiaohong Gu, National Institute of Standards and Technology National Institute of Standards and Technology, governmental agency within the U.S. Dept. of Commerce with the mission of "working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards" in the national interest.  

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Use of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy and Reflectance Measurements to Characterize the Surface Structure Build-Up of Thermosetting Powder Coatings -- I. Bombard, P. Laurent, and J. Lieto, Laboratoire d'Automatique et de Genie des Procedes, University of Lyon The University of Lyon (Université de Lyon), located in Lyon, France, comprises 16 institutions of higher education. The three main "sub-universities" are called faculties (facultés in French). , France

11:00-11:30 am -- Film Formation of Water-Based Paints Studied by Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy -- Helene DiHang and Alice Brun, Formulaction, L'Union, France

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Effect of Dehydration and Paint Application Parameters on Popping -- Lindita Prendi, Paul Henshaw, and Ahammad Ali, University of Windsor History
In 2003, the university marked its 40th anniversary. Its history dates back to the founding of Assumption College in 1857. Originally, Assumption was one the largest colleges associated with the University of Western Ontario.
, Canada

Track 5


(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 713B)

9:15-9:45 am -- Activated Conductive Layer for Powder Coating on Wood -- Chhiu-Tsu Lin, Northern Illinois University Coordinates:   (ROON)

9:45-10:15 am -- Atmospheric Pressure Plasma--Enabling Technology for Process Simplification and Reduction of Solvent Consumption on Paint Lines -- Ronald G. Jamieson, Plasmatreat North America Inc., Canada

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Plasma Surface Modification of Low Density Polyethylene Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from oil. It was the first grade of polyethylene, produced in 1933 by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) using a high pressure process via free radical polymerisation [1].  with Various Gases -- Maryam Ataeefard, Siamak Moradian, and Morteza Ebrahimi, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran; Mojtaba Mirabedini, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute; and Saeed Asiaban, Petrochemical Company of Iran

11:00-11:30 am -- Effect of Surface Cleaning and Pretreatment pretreatment,
n the protocols required before beginning therapy, usually of a diagnostic nature; before treatment.

pretreatment estimate,
n See predetermination.
 on Non-chrome Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys -- N. Voevodin and L. Kasten, University of Dayton The University of Dayton is one of the ten largest Catholic schools in the United States and is the largest of the three Marianist universities in the nation. It is also home to one of the largest campus ministry programs in the world.  Research Institute; A. Khramov, Universal Technology Corporation; and W. Juzukonis and J. Johnson, Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB WPAFB Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio)  

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Metal Pretreatment Containing Nanosilicate Materials -- Michael Recchia and Chhiu-Tsu Lin, Northern Illinois University

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Technical Focus Lecture

(8:00 am-9:00 am; Rm. 701A-B)

Nanostructured Electro-optically Active Smart Coatings: A Precursor Approach to Conjugated Polymer Networks -- Rigoberto Advincula, University of Houston

Track 1

Green Chemistry -- Renewable Resources I

(9:15 am-11:30 am; Rm. 705)

9:15-9:45 am -- Seed Oil Based Polyester Polyols for Coatings -- John Argyropoulos, Paul Popa, Gary Spilman, Debkumar Bhattacharjee, and William Koonce, The Dow Chemical Company (ROON)

9:45-10:15 am -- High-End Waterborne Binders for Air-Dried Coating Applications -- Dennis St. Laurent, Gerhard Reidlinger, Kimberly Hutchinson, Jennifer Rigney, and Bud Equi, Cytec Industries

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Biobased Acrylic Acid--A New Route to Make Acrylic Acid from Renewable Resources -- Dong Tian Tian
 or T'ien
(Chinese; “Heaven”)

In indigenous Chinese religion, the supreme power reigning over humans and lesser gods. The term refers to a deity, to impersonal nature, or to both.
 and Jeffrey S. Ross, Armstrong World Industries Armstrong World Industries, Inc. is an international designer and manufacturer of floors, ceilings and cabinets. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Armstrong operates 39 plants in 10 countries and has approximately 13,000 employees worldwide. , Inc.

11:00 am-11:30 am -- Novel Bio-derived Polyols for Coatings -- Herman Benecke and Michael Clingerman, Battelle Memorial Institute The Battelle Memorial Institute is a private not-for-profit applied science and technology development company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The institute opened in 1929 but traces its origins to the 1923 will of Ohio industrialist Gordon Battelle which provided for its  

Track 2

Formulation I

(9:15 am-11:00 am; Rm. 707)

9:15-9:45 am -- Accelerating Coating R & D by Automated High Output Technologies -- Josef Schroer, Chemspeed Technologies

9:45-10:15 am -- Pseudoplastic Liquid Rheology Modifiers -- John Du, BYK-Chemie USA

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Novel Surfactants for Improved Pigment Dispersions and Emulsion Polymers -- Chip Palmer, Jim Tanner, and Pat C. Davis, Ethox Chemicals; and Lisa Fine, Flexo Tech, Inc.

Track 3

Waterborne II

(9:15 am-11:30 am; Rm. 709)

9:15-9:45 am -- Hyrolyzed Block Copolymer copolymer: see polymer.  of Styrene-b-vinyl Acetate Used as Flow and Leveling Agent in Water-Based Paints -- N.P. Khatik, N.G. Jadhav and R.N. Jagtap, University of Mumbai Most of the colleges in the city of Mumbai (Bombay) and the districts of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg are affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees to students. , India

9:45-10:15 am -- A New Benzoate benzoate /ben·zo·ate/ (ben´zo-at) a salt of benzoic acid.

A salt or ester of benzoic acid.


a salt of benzoic acid.
 Ester Technology for Improved Performance and VOC Reduction in Waterborne Coating Formulations -- Arron M. Strepka, William D. Arendt, and Mark Joshi, Velsicol Chemical Corporation Velsicol Chemical Corporation is a chemical company founded in 1931 that specializes in plasticizers. It has approximately 450 employees and is owned by the private equity firm Arsenal Capital.  

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Shear-Induced Thickening in Aqueous Surfactant-Associative Thickener Mixtures -- Adam Paiz, Gary Deng, Ryan Garcia, and Raymond Fernando, California Polytechnic State University This article is about the university in San Luis Obispo, California. For Cal Poly Pomona, see California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

California Polytechnic State University, commonly called Cal Poly

11:00-11:30 am -- Innovative Liquid Light Stabilizers for Waterborne Systems -- Yao-Hsing Huang, Zo-Hong Tsai, and Yung-Gi Yang, Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp.

Track 4

Weathering I

(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 711)

9:15-9:45 am -- Numerical Simulation of Two-State Degradation Mechanisms -- B.R. Hinderliter and S.G. Croll, North Dakota State University

9:45-10:15 am -- Elucidation of Corrosion Failure Mechanisms of Coated Phosphated Steel Substrates -- Sarjak Amin, Sundaresan Avudaiappan, Askarali Johnpasha, and Theodore Provder, Coatings Research Institute, Eastern Michigan University; and F. Louis Floyd, Consultant

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- A Two-Pack Epoxy-Acrylate Primer for Corrosion Protection of Metals -- Paula Puomi, Zhangzhang Yin, Wim van Ooij, and Anuj Seth, University of Cincinnati The University of Cincinnati is a coeducational public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ranked as one of America’s top 25 public research universities and in the top 50 of all American research universities,[2]  

11:00 am-11:30 am -- Developments in Fluoropolymer Resins for Long Life Coatings -- Winn Darden, LUMIFLON[R] Resins

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Considerations for Characterizing Moisture Effects in Coatings Weathering Studies -- Henry K. Hardcastle and William L. Meeks, Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control

Track 5


(9:15 am-12:00 noon; Rm. 713B)

9:15-9:45 am -- Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersions as Unique Additives for Coatings -- Charles Hegedus, Frank Pepe, Denise Lindenmuth, Detlef Burgard, Lisa Mercando, and Jennifer Bierkamp, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

9:45-10:15 am -- A Novel Method to Covalently Functionalize Carbon Nanotubes with Isocyanate i·so·cy·a·nate
Any of a family of nitrogenous chemicals that are used in industry and can cause respiratory disorders, especially asthma, if inhaled.
 for Polyurethane Nanocomposite Coatings -- Aline Granier, Tinh Nguyen, Kristen L. Steffens, Ha-Jin Lee, Alex Sharpiro, and Jonathan W. Martin, National Institute of Standards and Technology (ROON)

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Combining Long-Term UV Protection and Transparency by Using Nano-Sized Cerium cerium (sēr`ēəm) [from the asteroid Ceres], metallic chemical element; symbol Ce; at. no. 58; at. wt. 140.12; m.p. 799°C;; b.p. 3,426°C;; sp. gr. 6.77 at 25°C;; valence +3 or +4.  Oxide and Zinc Oxide -- Jeroen van den Bosch and Philip Eyckmans, Umicore Research, Belgium

11:00-11:30 am -- Polymeric Nanocoatings by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition -- Hilton G. Pryce Lewis, Karen K. Gleason, Aleksandr J. White, and Neeta P. Bansal, GVD GVD Group Velocity Dispersion (fibre optical communications)
GVD Granulovacuolar Degeneration
GvD Gefreiter vom Dienst (German)
GVD General Vesting Declaration (UK) 

11:30 am-12:00 noon -- Investigating the Addition of Hydrophilic hydrophilic /hy·dro·phil·ic/ (-fil´ik) readily absorbing moisture; hygroscopic; having strongly polar groups that readily interact with water.

 and Hydrophobic Nano-Silica Filler on the Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Acrylic-Based Polyurethane Clearcoats -- Hamed Dastmalchian, Siamak Moradian, Mohammad Mahdi Jalili, and Ali Karbasi, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Track 6

Mattiello Symposium -- Corrosion I

(9:15 am-11:00 am; Rm. 713A)

9:15-9:45 am -- Assessing the Role of Magnesium in Magnesium -- Rich Coatings-Rebecca DeRosa, Alfred University

9:45-10:15 am -- Development of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Binder for Mg-Rich Primer -- Seva Balbyshev, Jun Li, Missy Berry, Gordon P. Bierwagen, and Bret J. Chisholm, North Dakota State University

10:15-10:30 am -- Break

10:30-11:00 am -- Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Substrates by a Mg-Rich Primer Studied by Electrochemical electrochemical /elec·tro·chem·i·cal/ (-kem´i-k'l) pertaining to interaction or interconversion of chemical and electrical energies.

 Scanning Techniques -- A.M. Simoes, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal; and D. Battocchi, D.E. Tallman and G.P. Bierwagen, North Dakota State University

Mattiello Memorial Lecture

(1:00 pm-2:15 pm; Rm. 701A-B)

The Physical Chemistry of Organic Coatings Revisited-Viewing Coatings as a Materials Scientist -- Gordon P. Bierwagen, North Dakota State University

Track 1

Green Chemistry -- Renewable Resources II

(2:30 pm-5:15 pm; Rm. 705)

2:30-3:00 pm -- Alternative Fungicide fungicide (fŭn`jəsīd', fŭng`gə–), any substance used to destroy fungi. Some fungi are extremely damaging to crops (see diseases of plants), and others cause diseases in humans and other animals (see fungal infection).  and Bactericide bac·te·ri·cide or bac·te·ri·o·cide
An agent that destroys bacteria.

 Based on Green Chemistry and Green Engineering -- Karen Winkowski and William Woods, International Specialty Products

3:00-3:30 pm -- Synergistic Combinations of In-Can Preservatives-Green and Effective -- Ioana Annis, Jon Raymond, Mary Chervenak, and Pierre Lenoir, Dow Biocides

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Use Level Optimization of Preservatives in Coatings -- Wolfgang Lindner and Gary L. Horacek, Troy Corporation

4:15-4:45 pm -- Coating Vehicles with Green Chemicals -- Jean-Luc Dallons, Cardolite Corporation, Belgium

4:45-5:15 pm -- A Case Study of a Marine Coatings Manufacturer's Odor Compliance and Biological Odor Control Technologies -- Daryl Letto, Derek Webb, Jim Remus, Corrie Schyff, and Bill Mullin, BIOREM Technologies, Canada

Track 2

Formulation II

(2:30 pm-5:15 pm; Rm. 707)

2:30-3:00 pm -- A New Cycloaliphatic Amine amine (əmēn`, ăm`ēn): see under amino group.

Any of a class of nitrogen-containing organic compounds derived, either in principle or in practice, from ammonia (NH3).
 with Improved Reactivity for Coatings and Composites Applications -- Rajesh Turakhia, Bill Dellinger, Deb Bhattacharjee, and John Argyropoulos, The Dow Chemical Company

3:00-3:30 pm -- Intelligent Polymeric Surfaces through Molecular Self-Assembly -- Achin Goel, Ravi Joshi, and Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University (HENDRY)

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Novel Copolymers of Vinyl Acetate and Ring-Substituted 2-phenyl-1,1-dicyanoethylenes -- Gregory B. Kharas and Robert Cisler, DePaul University

4:15-4:45 pm -- Life Cycle Inventory of the Automotive Paint Processes -- Lindita Prendi, University of Windsor, Canada; Angelos Anastassopoulos, Carleton University, Canada; and Edwin Tam, University of Windsor, Canada

4:45-5:15 pm -- Expanding Epoxy Resin -- Minseok Kwon, Gstone Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea

Track 3

Waterborne III

(2:30 pm-4:45 pm; Rm. 709)

2:30-3:00 pm -- Novel Waterborne Coatings from Polymeric Dispersions -- Mohamad D. Shalati, Richard H.G. Brinkhuis, Ted Dolbizno, James McBee, William DeGooyer, and Ajaya Nanda, Nuplex Resins LLC

3:00-3:30 pm -- Automated Method of Polyurethane Dispersion Synthesis and Characterization at Laboratory Scale -- Mohammed J. Nasrullah, James A. Bahr, Christy Gallagher-Lein, and Dean C. Webster, North Dakota State University; and Richard R. Roesler and Peter Schmitt, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Solvent-Free Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings for Wood Floors -- Peter Schmitt, Rolf Gertzmann, and Christoph Irle, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

4:15-4:45 pm -- Optimizing the Rheology of Waterborne Coatings -- Carol Zeszotarski, Barrett Bobsein, and Daniel Saucy, Rohm and Haas Company

Track 4

Weathering II

(2:30 pm-5:15 pm; Rm. 711)

2:30-3:00 pm -- Linking Outdoor and Accelerated Laboratory Aging: Photodegradation of Epoxy Coatings -- Xiaohong Gu, Debbie Stanley, Cyril Clerici, Eric Byrd, Brian Dickens, Li-piin Sung, Tinh Nguyen, and Jonathan W. Martin, National Institute of Standards and Technology

3:00-3:30 pm -- The Effects of Ti[O.sub.2] and UV Exposure on Physical Aging of a Polyurethane Coating -- Songtao Liu and Stuart G. Croll, North Dakota State University

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Combined Physical Aging and Degradation of Two Crosslinked Coatings in Accelerated Weathering -- Xiadong Shi, B.M.D. Fernando, and Stuart G. Croll, North Dakota State University

4:15-4:45 pm -- Study of Weathering Resistance of Different Refinish re·fin·ish  
tr.v. re·fin·ished, re·fin·ish·ing, re·fin·ish·es
To put a new finish on (furniture).

 Coatings -- H. Yari, M. Mohseni, B. Ramezanzadeh, and M. Soltani, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

4:45-5:15 pm -- Advances in Flexible Waterborne Epoxy Dispersions for Zinc-Free Anticorrosion Primers -- Martin Geisberger and Rosemaria Grasbock, Cytec Surface Specialties, Belgium (on behalf of FATIPEC)

Track 5

Nanotechnology -- Scratch Resistance

(2:30 pm-5:15 pm; Rm. 713B)

2:30-3:00 pm -- A Combinatorial/High-Throughput Workflow for the Development of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Coatings -- Bret J. Chisholm, Missy Berry, James Bahr, Jie He, Jun Li, Seva Balbyshev, Duhua Wang, and Gordon P. Bierwagen, North Dakota State University (ROON)

3:00-3:30 pm -- Organic-Inorganic Core-Shell-Nanoparticles to Improve Scratch Resistance of Clearcoatings -- Thomas Sawitowski, BYK-Chemie GmbH, Germany; Roger Cayton, Nanophase Technologies; Li-Piin Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology; and Ray Fernando, California Polytechnic State University

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Synthesis and Characterization of an Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocoating Based on Polyacrylic-Silica (PAc-Si) as an Optical Host for Laser Dyes -- M. Ganjaee, M. Mohseni, Y. Aghili, and S. Moradian, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran; and E. Mohajerani, Laser Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University As of 2006, the university offers 57 Masters and 29 PhD degrees. Its main campus is located in Evin, a suburb of northern Tehran. Shahid Beheshti University was primarily a private university until 1979, a year after the Islamic Revolution.  

4:15-4:45 pm -- Comparative Evaluation of Scratch-Resistant Coatings Containing Nanocomposites Using Microscopic, Mechanical, and Dielectric Analysis -- Adrian DeKrom and Lawrence Somrack, NSL NSL National Security Letter
NSL National Soccer League (Australia)
NSL Nursing Student Loans (US government; HRSA)
NSL National Sporting Library
NSL Norwegian Sign Language
 Analytical Services; and Alan Riga, Cleveland State University Cleveland State University, at Cleveland, Ohio; coeducational; founded 1964, incorporating Fenn College (est. 1923). The Cleveland-Marshall School of law was incorporated in 1969.  

4:45-5:15 pm -- Additives Containing Nanomaterials--Scratch Resistance from Clear High Gloss Coatings to Opaque Satin Finishes -- Robert H. McMullin, BYK-Chemie USA

Track 6

Mattiello Symposium -- Corrosion II

(2:30 pm-4:45 pm; Rm. 713A)

2:30-3:00 pm -- Scanning Probe Techniques for the Study of Corrosion Control by Active Coatings -- Dennis E. Tallman, North Dakota State University

3:00-3:30 pm -- Some Properties of Organic Coatings Determining Their Protective Performance -- Marcel Piens, Coatings Research Institute (CoRI), Belgium

3:30-3:45 pm -- Break

3:45-4:15 pm -- Protecting Outdoor Bronze Sculptures: A Challenge to Coatings Scientists and Conservators -- Andrew Huovinen, North Dakota State University; Tara J. Shedlosky, DuPont Imaging Technologies; and Gordon Bierwagen and Dean Webster, North Dakota State University

4:15-4:45 pm -- Advanced Thermal Control Coatings via Hollow Silica Pigments -- Joel A. Johnson, Air Force Research Laboratory--Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Wright Patterson Airforce Base; and Amber I. Davis and Cliff A. Cerbus, University of Dayton Research Institute

Friday, October 5, 2007

Track 1

Green Chemistry -- VOC Reduction

(9:00 am-11:30 am; Rm. 705)

9:00-9:30 am -- Update on the VOC Exemption of tert-Butyl Acetate (TBAC TBAC Tertiary-Butyl Acetate (CAS No. 540-88-5; organic solvent)
TBAC Task-Based Access Control
TBAC Tetrabutyl Ammonium Chloride
TBAC Test of Basic Auditory Capabilities
TBAC Task Based Authorization Controls
) and Overview of its Use in Low-VOC Solvent-Based Coatings -- Daniel B. Pourreau, Lyondell Chemical Company Lyondell Chemical Company NYSE: LYO is an American multinational corporation based in Houston, Texas. Overview
The Lyondell Chemical Company is currently the third largest independent chemical manufacturer in the United States.

9:30-10:00 am -- Photochemical photochemical

in laser treatment, the laser light is absorbed and converted into chemical energy.
 Reactivity -- A New Paradigm for VOC Regulation -- Solvents Industry Group of the American Chemistry Council The American Chemistry Council (ACC), formerly known as the Chemical Manufacturers' Association, is an industry trade association for American chemical companies.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is in charge of improving the public image of the chemical industry.

10:00-10:30 am -- Bridging the Gap: VOC Emissions and Coatings Technology Trends (Analysis of Current and Future Coatings Technology Developments 2007-2020 -- A European Perspective) -- Franco Busato, Irfab Chemical and Strategy Consultants, Belgium

10:30-11:00 am -- Methods of Elimination of VOC in Associative Thickeners -- Josh Mathes, Southern Clay Products

11:00-11:30 am--Novel Technology Tools for the Development of Low VOC Interior and Exterior Coatings and Stains with Solvent-like Application and Performance Characteristics -- Ronald Obie, Wood Coatings Research Group, Inc. (presented at 2007 ACSeries)

Track 2

Formulation III

(9:00 am-11:30 am; Rm. 707)

9:00-9:30 am -- Combinatorial Study on the Recent Developments of Acrylic Urethane Bulk Properties and their Effect on Hybrid Siloxane-Urethane Coatings for Marine Fouling-Release Applications -- Robert J. Pieper, Dept. of Coatings and Polymeric Materials, North Dakota State University; Franck Casse, Maureen E. Callow, and James A. Callow, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham Due to Birmingham's role as a centre of light engineering, the university traditionally had a special focus on science, engineering and commerce, as well as coal mining. It now teaches a full range of academic subjects and has five-star rating for teaching and research in several , UK; and Shane Stafslien and Justin Daniels, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, North Dakota State University

9:30-10:00 am -- Dynamical Mechanical and Dielectric Spectroscopy Analysis of PDMS-Based Coatings and Components -- Shyam Malliprakash, Ameya Khot, Ninod Dixit, Ted Provder, and John Texter, Eastern Michigan University

10:00-10:30 am -- Novel Silyl-Terminated Polyether (STPE STPE Somali Teachers for Peace Education
STPE Société de Transport des Produits Energétiques
STPE Single-Tone Parameter Estimation
) for the Use in Solvent-Free and Ultra-Low VOC Coating Applications -- Calvin C. Shen, Kaneka Corp.

10:30-11:00 am -- A Review of Recent Developments in Sol Gel Coatings -- Michael Clingerman, Battelle Memorial Institute

11:00-11:30 am -- Hydrolysis hydrolysis (hīdrŏl`ĭsĭs), chemical reaction of a compound with water, usually resulting in the formation of one or more new compounds.  of Oligoesters -- Mayela C. Ramirez-Huerta and Mark D. Soucek, University of Akron

Track 3


(9:00 am-11:30 am; Rm. 709)

9:00-9:30 am -- New Generation of Star Polymer Additives for No VOC Universal Pigment Concentrates -- John Du, BYK-Chemie USA

9:30-10:00 am -- New Easily Dispersible Granular Pigment Preparations for Coatings -- Kai Krauss, Daniel Goldberg, Ruediger Mertsch, and Tom Papasso, Degussa GmbH, Germany

10:00-10:30 am -- A Literature Survey in Wet Adhesion IV. The Effects of Pigments, Fillers, and Additives -- Darryl A. Frick, Conklin Co., Inc.; and Ronald R. Adkins, RJA RJA Royal Jordanian Airlines (ICAO code)
RJA Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (band)
RJA Rolf Jensen & Associates
RJA Repetitive Join Attempt (Unreal game engine security exploit) 
 Dispersions, LLC, (Northwestern Society Technical Committee)

10:30-11:00 am -- Properties of Composite Organic-Inorganic Yellow Pigments -- Kazuyuki Hayashi, Toda Kogyo Corp.; Andreas D. Jazdanian and Yuki Asada, Toda America Inc.

11:00-11:30 am -- Titanates and Zirconates -- Salvatore J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

Track 4


(9:00 am-11:30 am; Rm. 711)

9:00-9:30 am -- Effect of Clearcoat Thickness on Surface Roughness -- Chris Tighe and Jennifer Giroux, DaimlerChrysler/University of Windsor; and Paul Henshaw, Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, Canada

9:30-10:00 am -- The Effect of Different Additives on Scratches and Mar Resistance of Automotive Clearcoats -- B. Ramazanzade, S. Moradian, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran; Nargess Tahmasebi, Amirkabir University of Technology and Islamic Azad University Islamic Azad University (Persian: دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی , Dāneshgāh-e Āzād-e Eslāmi) is a private chain of universities in Iran.  of Mahshahr; and A. Khosravi, Amirkabir University of Technology

10:00-10:30 am -- Correlating Degree of Crosslink for an Automotive Topcoat to Solubility Parameters -- Frank Thielmann and Daniel Burnett, Surface Measurement Systems Ltd.; and Mark Nichols, Ford Motor Company

10:30-11:00 am -- Novel Rheology Control Agents -- Gautam Haldankar, Mohamad D. Shalati, William DeGooyer, Martin Bosma, Richard H. G. Brinkhuis, and Cees Vijverberg, Nuplex Resins LLC

11:00-11:30 am -- Jettable, UV-Curable Clearcoats -- Matthew Ellison and Devdatt Nagvekar, Hexion Specialty Chemicals Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company based in Columbus, Ohio that is the world’s largest producer of binder, adhesive, coating and ink resins for industrial applications.  

ICE 2007--Poster Sessions

Prediction of Solubility Parameters for Self-Stratifying Sol-Gel Derived Hybrid Coatings -- Elif Alyamac and Mark D. Soucek, The University of Akron

Acrylic Telechelic Siloxanes for UV Curable Applications -- Ruby Chakraborty and Mark D. Soucek, The University of Akron

Concurrent Physical Aging in Degradation of Crosslinked Systems in Accelerated Weathering -- Xiaodong Shi, North Dakota State University, Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials

High-Performance Chrome-Free Pretreatment for Aerospace A1-Alloys--Harnessing Sol-gel Technology -- Vinod Kakde, Eastern Michigan University, Coatings Research Institute

Improving the Performance of Treated Wooden Decks through Coating -- Mojgan Nejad, University of Toronto

The Application of Embedded Sensors in AC-DC-AC Accelerated Testing of AF Organic Coating -- Quan Su, North Dakota State University

Direct Deposition of Polypyrrole at Aluminum from 1-ethyl-3-methyllimodazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)-imide -- Jun Nie, North Dakota State University

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Silicate Mg-Rich Primer: Test Performance and Electrochemical Properties -- Duhua Wang, North Dakota State University

The Use of Magnesium Alloys in Mg-Rich Primers -- Hong Xu, Dante Battocchi, Jinhai Wang, Dennis Tallman, and Gordon Bierwagen, North Dakota State University

Magnesium Rich Coatings for Corrosion Control of Reactive Metal Alloys -- Istvan Szabo, Alfred University

FSCT FSCT Federation of Societies for Coating Technology
FSCT Fire Support Control Terminal
 ICE FutureCoat! Committee

Latoska N. Price (Chair), Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

Eunice Kin Leung, P. T. Hutchins Company, Inc.

Dr. Thomas P. Schuman, University of Missouri-Rolla

Dr. Ramesh Subramanian, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Dr. Li-piin Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Go to to register online!
Wednesday, October 3

              Track 1             Track 2           Track 3

  8:00 am     KEYNOTE ADDRESS (8:00 to 9:00 am)
  9:15 am to  Green Chemisty --   Formulation --    Waterborne I
  12:00 noon  Environmental       Latex Technology

Thursday, October 4

  8:00 am     TECHNICAL FOCUS LECTURE (8:00 to 9:00 am)
  9:15 am to  Green Chemistry --  Formulation I     Waterborne II
  12:00 noon  Renewable
              Resources I

  1:00 pm     MATTIELLO MEMORIAL LECTURE (1:00 to 2:15 pm)
  2:30 pm to  Green Chemistry --  Formulation II    Waterborne III
  5:15 pm     Renewable
              Resources II

Friday, October 5

  8:00 am     PROGRAM AWARDS
  9:00 am to  Green Chemistry --  Formulation III   Pigments
  11:30 am    VOC Reduction

Wednesday, October 3

              Track 4          Track 5             Track 6
  8:00 am     KEYNOTE ADDRESS  (8:00 to 9:00 am)
  9:15 am to  Instrumentation  Pre-Treatments
  12:00 noon

Thursday, October 4

  8:00 am     TECHNICAL FOCUS LECTURE (8:00 to 9:00 am)
  9:15 am to  Weathering I     Nanotechnology      Mattiello
  12:00 noon                                       Symposium --
                                                   Corrosion I

  1:00 pm     MATTIELLO MEMORIAL LECTURE (1:00 to 2:15 pm)
  2:30 pm to  Weathering II    Nanotechnology --   Mattiello
  5:15 pm                      Scratch Resistance  Symposium --
                                                   Corrosion II

Friday, October 5

  8:00 am     PROGRAM AWARDS
  9:00 am to  Clearcoats
  11:30 am
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