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ICC (Pvt.) Limited - a success story.

ICC (Pvt.) Limited - A Success Story

Electrical Engineering is responsible for the progress of all nations in modern era. Self-sufficiency in Electrical Engineering is taken as a measure of the development. Realising this, ICC was established as a first Pakistan company to handle Electrical Power Sector Projects on turnkey basis. Since its inception ICC has played a vital and active role in trying to achieve the objective of self-sufficiency in electrical technology in Pakistan. Over the past 32 years ICC has worked side by side with KESC and WAPDA, and has made a major contribution towards the construction of High Voltage Transmission Networks, Sub-stations and Power Stations in the country. It is proud of the reputation earned in this period which is reflected through a dynamic list of achievements in the field of electrical and mechanical construction.

ICC was established in 1958 and since then has done pioneering work in the field of transmission lines of high and extra high voltage; stretching over almost entire terrain of Pakistan. It specialises in design, furnishing of materials, erection, testing and commissioning of a complete power system including generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy.

On great achievement in the process has been the acquisition of technical know-how and self-reliance thereby eliminating participation of foreign companies in their field of speciality. Construction of Transmission Line is of course only one dimension of ICC's varied scope of activities. ICC also specialises in design and construction of HV and EHV Sub-stations, Mechanical Erection of Power Stations. Process Equipment and Communication Systems.

ICC is the only Pakistani company engaged in the design, supply of materials erection, testing & commissioning of HV & EHV Transmission Lines and Sub-stations and has been a major contributor to the development undertaken by WAPDA and KESC in this field. WAPDA, realising ICC's technical expertise awarded the construction of 500KV sub-station in Pakistan at Tarbela, for the first time to a Pakistani company (ICC).

ICC attained a unique distinction having all the firsts to its credits in power field. It emerged as the first Pakistani company having undertook: -- a Turnkey Power Project involving

design, supply, construction and

commissioning of a 132KV Double Circuit

Transmission Line almost 32 years

ago, including first ever tension

stringing in the country. -- a 220KV line about 20 years ago. -- a 500KV Transmission line 14 years

ago. -- a 500 KV Switch yard 11 years ago. -- a Thermal Power Station 10 years

ago. -- 2 Complete Hydel unit including

Associated Electro-mechanical works, 9

years ago.

ICC has created a separate division to work on large projects involving Mechanical Erection of Hydel and Thermal Power Stations, Process Equipment and Pipelines. For the first time in Pakistan a Pakistani company (ICC) was awarded the project as Main Contractor to construct a complete Thermal Power Station by Pakistan Steel Mills Karachi. The project involved Mechanical Erection of Three Turbo Generators of 55 MW each, along with four Boilers, Water Chemical Treatment Plant, Oil Facilities, Refractory Work and Control Equipment. Pakistan Steel also awarded to ICC many contracts for Mechanical/Electrical work totalling 30,000 tons for various complexes at the Karachi Steel Mills. ICC was also engaged in the Mechanical Erection of Turbines, Generators, Control and Power Cables for Mangla Units 7 & 8 of 125 MVA each. It was also the turnkey contractor for design, supply erection, testing & Commissioning of the entire Medium & High Voltage Switchgear for the above units.

ICC is primarily an Engineering company which has always stressed upon the highest standards of quality assurance. It maintains an independent Design Group composed of highly qualified Engineers who are kept uptodate and well conversant in the latest design techniques. Most of the Engineers have been trained abroad and an atmosphere of on the job training is prevalent among all its personnel. A number of Engineers trained by ICC form the nucleus of many companies working on transmission line construction outside Pakistan, thereby earning precious foreign exchange for the country. Some of the engineers trained by ICC are now holding key positions in public and private sector. ICC is proud of all of them.

In continued search for technical excellence. ICC was amongst the first few companies to introduce Computer Technology for Construction Design and Project Management. Recently ICC has been awarded the most prestigious WAPDA contract for distribution Mapping - Technical ranking of ICC is placed at # 3 after 2 American Companies. In fact ICC's proposed technology surpassed that of the American companies. ICC is proud of its association with WAPDA & KESC in the execution of their ambitious programme to develop Electrical Energy for meeting growing demands of Pakistan. ICC is managed exclusively by Engineers at all levels. No other organization of the size can boast about management of professionals by professionals themselves. ICC has worked with world renown consultants from all over the globe. This has resulted in a rich Transfer of Technology to Pakistan.

The Imperial Group

ICC is part of one of the largest technically oriented, multiphase Engineering and Construction Groups in Pakistan. The associated Companies are as follows: -- Briefly described Imperial Electric Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. It was founded in 1931 and is the parent company of the group, and is engaged in supply of Power Generation. Transmission Lines, Sub-stations, Distribution and Industrial Power Equipment. It represents the world's most renowned Manufacturers in the related fields. -- Interhom (Pvt.) Limited is one of the largest Civil Engineering Companies engaged in Design and Construction of large scale civil projects. It has so far executed a number of major projects of national importance such as Pakistan Secretariat Complex, Presidential Estate and major contribution in the Pakistan Steel Mills. -- EMCO Industries Ltd. They produce all types and sizes of high and low voltage porcelain insulators and other porcelain products in technical collaboration with Messrs. NGK Insulators Limited of Japan. In addition to meeting Pakistan's entire demand for insulators, they also export quality insulators to many countries. Their facilities have recently been expanded to include production of high quality wall tiles for consumption within Pakistan with of course a large export potential. -- Interhom Imperial International Limited was established by reinforcing the technical skills of ICC (Pvt.) Limited and Interhom (Pvt.) Limited to undertake large scale Civil, Electrical & Mechanical projects outside of Pakistan. -- UNICON - A mechanical fabrication company. -- IMPERCON - A water resource development company -- Associated Engineers - A holding company.

Engr. Shafiq A. Siddique Managing Director-ICC Born at Patiala in 1930 on 23rd April. Mr. Shafiq Siddiqi passed his B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Punjab College of Engineering in 1951. He started his career at the age of 21 with the Punjab Electricity Department in 1958 and entered into business venture with the Imperial Group of Companies. He is now the Managing Director of Imperial Construction Company and is on the Board of Directors of other Companies in the Group.
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