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IBM ships 1,000th RAMAC Array disk storage; Citicorp Data Systems to Install High-Performance, High-Availability RAID Storage.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 22, 1994--IBM Corp. Thursday announced the 1,000th shipment of its RAMAC Array Family of storage products for mainframe computers.

The RAMAC Array entered full production in late September and is currently being shipped at the rate of more than 200 per week. The 1,000th shipment was made to Citicorp Data Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Citibank Corp. of New York.

"The RAMAC Array Family is having a more powerful start in the marketplace than we've seen with any other high-end storage product," said Ed Zschau, general manager, IBM Storage Systems Division. "It doesn't surprise us that RAMAC is so popular. Customers told us they want storage that combines high performance with outstanding data availability at an affordable price, and that's what RAMAC delivers. We're delighted demand is even greater than we originally predicted."

With the shipment of RAMAC Array DASD announced today, Citicorp Data Systems will begin adding 1.4 terabytes (trillion characters) of data storage capacity at its Weehawken, N.J., facility, the corporation's primary data center for its retail banking systems. Citicorp Data Systems currently has 7.5 terabytes of storage capacity on line at the four data centers it operates.

"We evaluated the RAMAC Array DASD against our needs for high performance in an environment where our customers require that accurate, up to the minute data about their accounts be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said John McCrossan, managing director for Citicorp Data Systems. "IBM is the only vendor offering an integrated system solution, including storage management software, and that's what tipped the balance for us."

Products in the RAMAC Array Family are based on a fault-tolerant RAID 5 architecture incorporating IBM's customer-proven 3.5-inch disk drives. RAID 5 architecture spreads data and parity information across an array of disk drives so that data located on a failed drive can be reconstructed instantaneously, virtually eliminating the loss of customer data caused by failure of a single disk drive.

The IBM RAMAC Array Family, announced in June, consists of two members: the RAMAC Array DASD and the RAMAC Array Subsystem. Both products offer up to 90.8 gigabytes (GB) of information storage and are easily installed in existing customer hardware and software environments.

The RAMAC Array DASD is attached to cache models of the IBM 3990 Storage Control to form a complete subsystem. The RAMAC Array Subsystem has an internal controller and attaches directly to system processors.

IBM is the world's largest supplier of computer storage products. Through its Storage Systems Division, the company provides a full line of data storage solutions for IBM systems, for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and for commercial distribution. Its offerings include disk drives, disk arrays and subsystems, magnetic tape subsystems, automated tape libraries, optical drives and libraries, storage controllers and storage management software.


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Date:Dec 22, 1994
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