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IBM offers more control.

IBM Offers More Control IBM users can gain more control over their networks with a series of local area network products the company is introducing.

One capability provided by the new products lets DOS workstations on Ethernet LANs share files, printers, and other resources with OS/2 workstations on a token ring network or other DOS workstations.

A new version of the token ring Network Bridge Program lets users locally or remotely link two network over communications lines. The new version cost $1750f upgrades from previous versions are $335.

Users can also extend the distance between IBM baseband PC networks from 800 to 2600 feet with bridge enhancements. The potential size of the entry-level LAN can be increased from 80 to 800 workstations. The baseband PC Network is typically used in small business and education.

A real-time view of traffic on 4 or 16 Mb/s token ring networks is provided by the IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Trace and Performance Program and Adapters. Together the products let users trace application use, gather data for debugging new applications, and perform capacity planning. The program costs $1500 and adapters are $1220 each.

Another program lets users control a PC-based workstation with another PC-based workstation using the IBM Distributed Console Access Facility.

Netwrok management capabilities and other improvements add to IBM's Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) offering for VM operating systems.

IBM also will assist users moving to Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) from TCP/IP.

OSI product announcements include messaging and file transfer capabilities for the IBM RISC System/6000 and IBM OSI/Communications Subsystem programming interfaces for IBM's basic communications software for mainframes.

During the next two years, the company plans to unveil several LAN products that conform to the Fiber Distributed Data Interface standard.
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Title Annotation:local area network products
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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