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IAR announces embedded C/C++ Workbench tools for Atmel's ARM core-based microcontrollers.

Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq:ATML) and IAR Systems Software, Inc. announced recently the release of the IAR Embedded C/C++ Workbench (EWARM v3.40) for Atmel's ARM7 and ARM9 core-based, 32-bit RISC microcontrollers. This complements the established IAR development tools that support Atmel's market-leading AVR and 8051 8-bit microcontroller standard products.

The IAR Embedded C/C++ Workbench for ARM is a set of highly sophisticated and easy-to-use C/C++ compiler/debugging development tools for programming embedded applications. It integrates an IAR C/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker, ANSI libraries, text editor, project manager and C-SPY debugger all in one integrated development environment. The attractive price-point, RTOS awareness, and support for RDI-based JTAGE interfaces make the EWARM an excellent option for Atmel's customers' embedded designs. The IAR C/C++ compiler is fully optimized for Atmel's ARM7 and ARM9 core-based architectures and evaluation and development boards.

Nadim Shehayed, President of IAR Systems Software Inc., commented, "The adoption of IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel ARM7 core- and ARM9 core-based microcontrollers underscores the strength of our technology. Thanks to the IAR open architecture, it is possible to seamlessly integrate our embedded development tools with the Atmel family of ARM core-based microcontrollers."

Atmel's AT91 family of ARM7 and ARM9 core-based microcontrollers offers a flexible configuration of on- and off-chip memories together with an extensive set of peripherals for control, communication and data storage purposes. The latest member of the family, the AT91RM9200, includes USB Host and Device and Ethernet 10/100 Base T MAC as well as interfaces for a variety of Flash memory cards, including Atmel's DataFlash. A sophisticated power management controller provides a range of clock speeds and enables individual peripherals to be powered down when not in use. It keeps power consumption to a minimum under all conditions of use.

An AT91 standard microcontroller can be used to accelerate time-to-market and minimize development costs, or can serve as a SiliconCITY platform for the development of an ASSP or ASIC. SiliconCITY architectures encompass Atmel's System-on-Chip products from ASICs to ASSPs and standard products, all developed using common architecture platforms and IP cores, supporting industry-leading operating systems and application software stacks, evaluation boards and development tools, now including EWARM from IAR.

Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel's Marketing Manager for ARM-based products, added, "The IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel's ARM microcontrollers means that IAR now supports our entire range of microcontroller products, from the low-cost TinyAVR to the high-performance ARM9 core-based AT91RM9200. The hardware independence of these tools reduces the learning curve and means that applications can be rapidly ported from one architecture to another. This reduces time-to-market of the end-user product."

SiliconCITY is the creative foundation for Atmel's ASIC/ASSP product strategy. It is built on re-useable and validated IP and architectures from Atmel's broad line of standard products and ASSPs within its System-on-Chip portfolio. Atmel has SiliconCITY platforms available now to give customers a significant time-to-market advantage. In addition, the common design infrastructure allows customers to seamlessly migrate from standard products to custom ASICs with confidence in first pass success. SiliconCITY from Atmel ... Your System Foundation.

Founded in 1984, Atmel Corporation is headquartered in San Jose, California with manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe. Atmel designs, manufactures and markets worldwide, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and RF semiconductors. Atmel is also a leading provider of system-level integration semiconductor solutions using CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe, and high-voltage BCDMOS process technologies.

By focusing on the embedded systems industry, IAR Systems has reached the position of leading supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontrollers. Since the company was founded in 1983, IAR has worked in close cooperation with Atmel to develop a fully integrated set of programming tools supporting for the Atmel AVR and ARM architectures.

The tools today consist of highly efficient C and EC++ compilers in the IAR Embedded Workbench development environment, the device driver wizard IAR MakeApp for graphical configuration and initialization of the chip and creation of complete device drivers, and the IAR visualSTATE graphic programming tool with a patented technology to generate validated and small production-ready code. IAR Systems also provides a total solution for Bluetooth protocol stacks and applications, from development of Bluetooth devices to qualification, using IAR PreQual. IAR Design Services injects engineering expertise and experience into embedded system projects. It contributes to IAR's mission to reduce the development time for embedded systems and accelerate time-to-market.
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