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I HATE BIGAMIST SO MUCH I CAN'T BREATHE SAME AIR; DUPED BY A RAT: Bride shopped hubby after 2 weeks.

A bride who shopped her bigamist big·a·my  
The criminal offense of marrying one person while still legally married to another.

[Middle English bigamie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin bigamia, from Late Latin
 husband wept last night: "I hate him so much I can't even breathe the same air."

Catherine Evans, 37, spoke out after love rat George Bradley
    For the baseball umpire, see Foghorn Bradley. For the naval officer, see George Bradley (Medal of Honor recipient).
    George Washington Bradley
     was fined pounds 300.

    And his legal wife Janice Montgomery told how he left her with pounds 18,000 in debts and two children to look after.

    Mum of two Catherine reported Bradley, 39, to police just a FORTNIGHT fort·night  
    A period of 14 days; two weeks.

    [Middle English fourtenight, alteration of fourtene night, fourteen nights : Old English f
     after their wedding, when he admitted during a row over money that he was still married to Janice.

    Three-times married Bradley wed Catherine before his second divorce could be finalised.

    "George ruined my life, and my kids' lives," sobbed Catherine.

    "When we met it was like a dream. He brought love and happiness into our home, and my wedding day was the happiest day of my life. I can't believe it has ended like this."

    She said her children Claire, 14, and Robert, 13, were left heart-broken by Bradley. "They treated him like a dad," she added.

    Catherine, of East Kilbride East Kilbride (kĭlbrīd`), town (1991 pop. 70,454), South Lanarkshire, S central Scotland. Established in 1946 under the New Towns Act to absorb the growing population of Glasgow, East Kilbride has engineering works and manufactures automobile , Lanarkshire, met Bradley at a disco disco

    Style of dance music that arose in the mid-1970s, characterized by hypnotic rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and electronically produced sounds. Disco (short for discotheque) evolved largely from New York City underground nightclubs, in which disc jockeys would play dance
    . He swept her off her feet and they were engaged in just six weeks.

    They tied the knot knot

    In cording, the interlacement of parts of one or more ropes, cords, or other pliable materials, commonly used to bind objects together. Knots have existed from the time humans first used vines and cordlike fibers to bind stone heads to wood in primitive axes, and were
     at a register office in January last year. Catherine spent thousands of pounds on the wedding reception, and on renting a Highland honeymoon cottage.

    Bradley didn't pay a penny of the cost.

    Catherine says she knew he was heavily in debt but she'd have paid off every penny just to be with him.

    Then came the bombshell bomb·shell  
    1. An explosive bomb.

    2. One that is sensationally shocking, surprising, or amazing.


    a shocking or unwelcome surprise

    Noun 1.
     news of his bigamy bigamy (bĭ`gəmē), crime of marrying during the continuance of a lawful marriage. Bigamy is not committed if a prior marriage has been terminated by a divorce or a decree of nullity of marriage. .

    Catherine said: "If he had told me he was married before our wedding, we'd probably still be together.

    "But I can't forgive the lies he told. He took advantage of a single mum and her kids for his own gain. There's no way I'd ever have him back."

    Janice, 35, said: "George couldn't wait to get a ring on my finger. We got engaged after only three weeks.

    "He lived in a dream world and was desperate to have a fairytale wedding.

    "He loved women and seemed to get a kick out of getting married."

    Janice, of Foxbar, Paisley Paisley (pāz`lē), town (1991 pop. 84,330), Renfrewshire, W Scotland, on the White Cart Water, a stream. It has a thriving textile industry and is an extremely large producer of thread. , said the six-year marriage fell apart after their second child Ross, now three, was born. She added: "When we first met, George was a real romantic, always buying me jewellery and flowers.

    "But after Ross was born he turned nasty. He blamed him for everything, but after he left I realised he was under a lot of pressure because he was in debt.

    "I didn't go out because he used to call me a fat, ugly bitch.

    "He left me with about pounds 18,000 of debt but he has now agreed to pay some of it.

    "He may even have been having an affair with someone while still married to me. I found lots of hotel bills and receipts I knew nothing about."

    At Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday, Bradley, of Deacons-bank, Glasgow, admitted bigamy.

    His lawyer Vincent Forrester said: "He has had four different relationships. The last one ended disastrously.

    "This has been shattering for Mr Bradley."
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    Author:Burns, Janice
    Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
    Date:Jan 29, 1997
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