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I Go to the Ohel.

I Go to the Ohel

Levi Hodakov, author

Rikki Benenfeld, illustrator

Hachai Publishing

527 Empire Boulevard

Brooklyn, NY 11225

9781929628612 $10.95

Brightly illustrated with cheerful, colorful artwork, I Go to the Ohel is a picturebook designed especially to teach young Jewish children (or children of any other faith!) how to properly behave in the holy place and interact with the Rebbe. "Tatty, Mommy, Mendel, and I go into the tent behind the Chabad House. We each take a clean white sheet of paper and a pen. I picture the Rebbe in my mind, and sit down to write him a letter. Tatty's letter has a lot of words. He is writing about a mitzva he will do even better than before, and the brochos he wants for our family." A brief glossary gives definitions for the Hebrew words used (for example, "Tatty" means father, a "Chabad House" is Lubavitch center of prayer and learning, and "brochos" are blessings). A final note to parents and teaches helps clarify the customs for visiting an Ohel. I Go to the Ohel is an excellent teaching aid, ideal for parents to read aloud to their children, and highly recommended especially for Jewish families.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Oct 1, 2011
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