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I&J Fisnar launches dispensing valve for anaerobic resins.

Anaerobic resins can be formulated to provide either greater or lower bond strengths on a final assembly. Two conditions are necessary for polymerization: the absence of air and the presence of metal. For these reasons, the model MV-0180-PNM needle valve from I&J Fisnar in Fair Lawn, NJ has been designed with a low-density plastic wetted chamber to ensure that the anaerobic resin does not come into contact with the metal body of the valve. With this model, material is fed under pressure to the valve directly from its packaged container; according to the company, the container bottle can be placed in an air pressure reservoir, top ported to the valve. An air pulse is delivered from a valve controller that actuates a solenoid attached to the needle seal, allowing the fluid to flow. When the air pulse is removed, a forward action spring returns the needle and closes the seal, shutting off the fluid. To allow for faster and more precise closure, the company additionally noted that a four-way air control can be connected to eliminate the reliance on spring pressure. The MV-0180-PNM includes a stroke adjuster for final tuning of shot size and is suitable for precise deposits of anaerobic fluids.

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Publication:Medical Product Outsourcing
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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