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Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a basic chemical which is decomposed without effect on the decomposing agents. It is commercially used as an antiseptic agent, bleaching and oxidising chemical. According to technical sources, manufacture of hydrogen peroxide involves relatively sophisticated technology for the supply of which, the foreign firms usually asked for a high price. The foreign firms are reported to be generally interested in making collaboration in some large-size project.

The technical source indicated that hydrogen peroxide can be manufactured through the following process.

i) By electrolytic oxidation of sulphuric acid or a sulphate with subsequent hydrolysis and distillator.

ii) By decomposition of barium peroxide with sulphuric or phosphoric acids.

iii) Hydrogen reduction of ethylenthraquinone followed by oxidation with air to regenerate the quinone and produce hydrogen peroxide.

iv) Electrical discharge through a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapour.

At present, there is no unit in the country for the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide and the local demand for this chemical is met through imports, the trend of which, has been as under during the past seven years.

Import of Hydrogen Peroxide

(Code. 5239100)
Year Quantity Value in
 in tons 000 Rs.
1982-83 1,635 13,342
1983-84 2,515 20,994
1984-85 2,669 23,043
1985-86 2,780 25,678
1986-87 4,602 44,052
1987-88 5,150 51,981
1988-89 6,622 73,961

Source: Federal Bureau of Statistics

BASF & Hoechst are the principal indentors which are importing sizeable quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide and supplying the same to the large textile finishing units in Pakistan. Apart from these two there are quire a few importers of Hydrogen Peroxide in Jauriabazar which supply this chemical to medium and small textile finishing and the hosiery manufacturing units. Liberty Textile Mills import directly from Korea.

It may be mentioned that the above mentioned indentor/importers also meet the requirement of [H.sub.2.O.sub.2] in the textile finishing units located in Faisalabad and other towns in the upcountry. The present Table shows import of Hydrogen Peroxide from various countries for 1984-85 and 1988-89. The import from Spain were the highest which constitute about 50 per cent of the total quantum of import in 1984-85. In 1988-89 the quantity has almost doubled and main suppliers of Hydrogen Peroxide were Japan (23.6%), Spain (16.6%), South Korea (12.5%), U.K. (11.4%).

Countrywise Import of

Hydrogen Peroxide
Country 1984-85 1988-89
Asian Countries 78 488
Austria 104 81
Belgium 213 285
China -- 178
France -- 572
West Germany 262 105
Italy 16 8
Japan 307 1220
Luxembourg -- 19
Netherlands 33 69
South Korea 338 647
Spain 1296 859
Turkey -- 5
U.S.A. -- 26
U.K. -- 588
 TOTAL: 2669 5151

It may be recalled that a hydrogen peroxide manufacturing unit was established in late 1960s, attached with Dawood Cotton Mills Ltd. Landhi, but the plant was subsequently closed after a few years of operations. The closure and dismantling of the plant was perhaps due to lack of adequate demand for hydrogen peroxide in those days about 20 years back.

Trans Chemical Limited

This project has been sponsored by Pakistani holding U.S. nationality. It is to be set up under the name and style of Trans Chemical Ltd. The factory would be established at the Nooriabad Industrial Estate, District Dadu, Sindh. It would have the capacity to manufacture 4,000 tonnes of hydrogen peroxide alongwith 0.972 million cubic metres of oxygen gas as a by-product per annum on the basis of three-shift operation day.

The project under discussion would be equipped with plant and machinery which will be imported from Peoples Republic of China who also provide technical knowhow for the manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide. The project under discussion, will be based substantially on imported raw materials, the C&F cost of which, at 100 per cent capacity operation was estimated at Rs.2.144 million which would work out to 42 per cent of total raw material cost. Local raw material would include Nitrogen, Ammonium Nitrate and Plastic Containers. The total cost of the project has been indicated at Rs. 150.517 million with a foreign exchange component of Rs. 75.227 million out of which IDBP is reported to have sanctioned a foreign currency loan of Rs. 67.704 million for the import of plant and machinery. The foreign exchange component also includes non-repatriable investment of Rs. 7.523 million by the sponsors. The IDBP has also sanctioned a local currency loan of Rs. 15,400 million. The project is planned to be incorporated as a public limited company with an initial paid up capital of Rs. 60.600 million, 50% of which will be offered to general investing public for subscription, while 50% will be subscribed by the sponsores including the non-repatriable investment of Rs. 7.523 million.
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