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Human Powered Vehicle Association Announces Top Prize for Human Powered Hour Record.

SANTA ANA Santa Ana, city, El Salvador
Santa Ana (sän'tä ä`nä), city (1993 pop. 129,873), W El Salvador. It is the second largest city in the country and the commercial and processing center for a sugarcane, coffee, and cattle region.
, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 1999--

$25,000 Will Go To Single Rider Single rider lines are an opportunity at various theme parks to reduce the amount of time waiting in line for an attraction. When a single-rider line is in use, empty seats on the ride vehicles are filled using individuals from the line, thus ensuring that every vehicle is carrying  Breaking Sam Whittingham's

Current Record and Reaching 55.924 mph (90 km) in one hour

Challenging the most engineering-savvy and physically fit bicycle racing bicycle racing or cycling, an internationally popular sport conducted on closed courses or the open road. Track racing takes place at a velodrome, usually a banked 1,093.6 ft (.333 km) oval.  teams in the world, the Human Powered Vehicle Association Wednesday announced a $25,000 Dempsey-MacCready Hour Prize for the first single-rider, human powered land vehicle to equal or exceed 90 kilometers in one hour (55.924 mph).

If no human powered vehicle (HPV HPV human papillomavirus.

human papilloma virus

Human papilloma virus (HPV) 
) reaches the winning distance during the time frame, the prize will be awarded to the fastest vehicle.

The hour record is the most famous in bicycle racing, and has been broken 40 times since 1876. Sam Whittingham Sam Whittingham is a Canadian cyclist who has held several world records on recumbent bicycles.

As of 2007, he holds the following records under the sanction of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association:
  • The 200 m flying start (single rider): 130.
 holds the current record of 79.136 kilometers in one hour. Attempting to break the record, single cyclists race against the clock on smooth indoor tracks, trying to cover the greatest distance in one hour. Standard racing bicycles have gone 56 km (35 miles) in one hour; however, completely streamlined human powered vehicles are much faster and have covered nearly 80 km (49 miles) in the hour. The Dempsey/MacCready prize is open to any type of HPV as long as a single rider propels it and there is no aid from stored energy of any kind.

"The Dempsey-MacCready Prize was created to inspire innovation in human powered vehicles and to promote ultra-light, low energy consumption, high-speed human powered transportation," said Chester Kyle, co-founder of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association The International Human Powered Vehicle Association is an association dedicated to promoting the design and development of human powered vehicles. It was founded in 1978 in the USA as an association of individual members with the publications Human Power and HPV News. . "It will probably take a combination of a national-caliber racing cyclist, riding a world-class Human Powered Vehicle along with an excellent course and ideal conditions to claim the Dempsey-MacCready Prize."

Sponsored by Dempsey's World Record Associates of Santa Ana, the contest will run for a five-year period until May 14, 2004. The contest is administered through the Human Powered Vehicle Association (HPVA HPVA Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association
HPVA Human Powered Vehicle Association
HPVA Houston Professional Videographers Association (Houston, TX)
HPVA High-Pressure Vapor Annealing (semiconductor manufacturing) 
) under regulations created by that association and will also offer smaller supplemental awards of $2,000 to any competitor who breaks the currently recognized record by at least three percent, at any time during the period of the prize. The contest requires membership in the Human Powered Vehicle Association, an easy process with a minimal fee.

Ed Dempsey Ed Dempsey is the head coach of the Prince George Spruce Kings of the British Columbia Hockey League.

He moved to the lower-tier Spruce Kings after being dismissed as the head coach for the Prince George Cougars of the Western Hockey League.
, chief executive officer, Dempsey's World Record Associates, and Paul MacCready Paul B. MacCready, Jr. (September 25, 1925 - August 28, 2007) was an American aeronautical engineer. He was the founder of AeroVironment and the inventor of the first practical flying machine powered by a human being. , winner of the first Kremer Prizes for human powered flight, founded the award. Dempsey, like MacCready, is fascinated by technology innovation and like to support events that push the envelope. Dempsey has designed and built a streamlined, battery-powered electric racer that has a national speed record of 239.533 mph at Bonneville.

The Human Powered Vehicle Association (HPVA) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the design and development of human-powered transportation.

Human Powered Vehicles

HPV's come in a wild variety of forms. The fastest are completely enclosed by a streamlined shell resembling the fuselage of a jet aircraft. By nearly eliminating wind resistance, these machines can reach freeway speeds on pedal power alone. They can have any number of wheels (bicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, etc.); however, for the Dempsey Prize, a single rider must power them. The rider can be in any cycling position: recumbent recumbent /re·cum·bent/ (re-kum´bent) lying down.

Lying down, especially in a position of comfort; reclining.
 (easy chair posture), prone (on the stomach), or in standard cycling position. Sam Whittingham's current HPV hour record was set on a Canadian automobile test track with a completely streamlined recumbent bicycle.
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Date:Sep 8, 1999
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