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How to prepare defense-related scientific and technical reports; guidance for government, academia, and industry.


How to prepare defense-related scientific and technical reports; guidance for government, academia, and industry.

Rice, Walter W.

John Wiley John Wiley may refer to:
  • John Wiley & Sons, publishing company
  • John C. Wiley, American ambassador
  • John D. Wiley, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • John M. Wiley (1846–1912), U.S.
 & Sons


342 pages




Rice (applied physics laboratory The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), located in Laurel, Maryland, is a not-for-profit, university-affiliated research center employing 4,000 people. , Johns Hopkins Noun 1. Johns Hopkins - United States financier and philanthropist who left money to found the university and hospital that bear his name in Baltimore (1795-1873)

 U.) provides a comprehensive guide to the exacting art and craft of preparing technical reports to the DoD, right down to the page formats and approved abbreviations. He covers the official standards, organization and design, including visuals, front matter such as the title page and authoring, notices, intelligence control markings, abstracts, logos, tables of contents, the body of the report including the executive summary, and back matter such as indices, appendices ap·pen·di·ces  
A plural of appendix.
 and bibliographies. The references are well-chosen and the appendices include an explanation of the workings of the Defense Technical Information Center Noun 1. Defense Technical Information Center - the agency in the Department of Defense that provides scientific and technical information to federal agencies and their contractors

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