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How to fix military logistics.

I read with interest your February editorial (Digital Age Logistics Systems Still No Panacea for Troops, page 16) about the inefficiencies of logistic systems for the U.S. military. While I certainly can't argue that there are still a number of information systems that don't speak to each other, there are at least two logistics programs under development at Army aviation that are already delivering the expected benefits of integration.

Conditioned-based maintenance is a program that translates aircraft condition data and usage into proactive maintenance actions. Though only in its formative stages of development, it is already demonstrating its ability to enable actionable maintenance and supply decisions. CBM does this by bringing data together from separate sources and merging it into a cohesive system of information for commanders, supply and logistics users, engineers, and manufacturers. This past October, the Army's CBM-data warehouse program was certified by the Defense Business Systems Management Committee, placing it in an excellent position to become not only the Army's solution, but one that could also become a solution applicable for all branches of service.

The other program, an automated maintenance management system called ULLS-AE (unit level logistics systems--aviation enhanced), has helped to increase the overall tactical combat readiness of complex warfighting systems. It helps engineers to identify cost drivers that stem cost growth, as well as develop solutions that directly improve efficiency and safety. ULLS-AE has already been fielded to approximately 80 aviation units and facilities, including five Army divisions. It is in use on more than 1,200 aircraft.

Mike Ruggeri

Westar Aerospace & Defense Group Inc.
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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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