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How does your package rate?

Fexible packaging has long been a widely used method of packaging in specialty coffee and tea markets. However, it has seen its share of changes over the course of the last 10 years. Uses of newly designed high barrier flexible films preserve peak freshness and greatly improve shelf life. Innovations in reclosure features offer the consumer new options for home preservation of specialty products. These changes, and a strong movement toward package differentiation, have all been used to cater to the selective tastes of the specialty coffee connoisseur.

With each passing year, specialty coffee continues to increase its share in the U.S. coffee market. And, as many producers of specialty coffee are finding, increased consumption means increased competition. That could be why a strong theme in the education seminars held at this year's Specialty Coffee Association's convention in Boston was a reemphasis on marketing and design of the final package. A unique design of the final package can mean increased sales and market share for the company that chooses to focus on package differentiation.

A new trend in package design has been reported by producers of flexible packaging. According to Douglas Bowen at Fres-co System USA, Inc., the leading supplier of flexible, rotogravure printed laminates and vacuum packaging machinery for the specialty coffee market, many customers are beginning to explore the seemingly endless possibilities of high resolution rotogravure printing to differentiate their product.

"More and more companies are coming to us looking for two things," said Bowen. "The ability to duplicate either a contemporary or traditional package design which meets customer expectation and to help combine high resolution rotogravure printing technology with a custom designed structure to produce a uniquely innovative package. Fres-co's competitive edge as a printed film supplier is their use of rotogravure printing technology. Rotogravure offers the highest resolution print available in packaging today, a crucial factor when working to appeal to the specialty consumer."

But the printing is not all that is changing. Companies are using more vivid colors and stronger color contrasts for increased eye-catching appeal. Lets face it, as a customer scans the shelves in search of Colombian Supremo, the final salesperson of that product is the package. How does your package rate?
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Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Aug 1, 1993
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