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Hot-melt pattern coater developed.

The Acumeter Division of May Coating Technologies is now introducing a new rotary screen pattern coater that is built specifically for registered pattern applications of adhesives.

Adhesives printing technology is not new, but we have carefully evaluated the existing pattern coaters in use today in the printing, business forms and medical products industries. We have designed a new, modular system that offers you processing flexibility and many advantages over other systems available.

Features Of Our System

* Uniform and highly-accurate registration of patterns

* Technologically-advanced electronic drive and controls systems

* User-friendly programmable controls

* Integration flexibility to existing equipment

Design Advantages Of Our System

Heavy-duty side-frames to minimize vibration, help to maintain pattern integrity and allow operation at high speeds.

Modular design allows flexibility for either on-line or off-line application.

Multi-blade slot die assures uniform coating deposition.

Unique screen drive eliminates torsional stress on print cylinder.

Advanced cylinder heating system accurately controls application temperatures.

Brushless D.C. servo motor drive results in improved registration and drive control accuracy.

Multi-directional screen rotation with multiple web paths allow printing on either side of substrate.

Programmable controls allow precision repeat of coating operations.

Parent machine interface can be provided for either mechanical line shaft or totally electronic, signal-controlled integration.


Web/Pattern Width: 6-30"; Line Speed: 0-660 FPM; Screen Mesh: 20-80 Galvano; 80-185 Lacquer; Viscosity Range: 100-50,000 cps (dependent on material); Operating Temp: Ambient to 425 [degrees] F.

The Acumeter Division of May Coating offers several standard lines of equipment. From our Coater/Laminator, Die Coating Module, Pattern Coater and Hot-Melt Processor Series, choose the modular equipment that suits your needs.

The May Coating Engineering Group specializes in the design and assembly of custom-engineered systems for unique applications.

We are noted for our complete onsite facilities for proprietary product development, short-run testing or longer term programs. Our experienced personnel will help you prove your ideas and produce the results you need.

From concept to delivery, we know how to put it all together to supply you with reliable modular units or complete systems. Call us at (612) 633-0624 for more information.
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Title Annotation:Show in Print; May Coating Technologies Inc. Acumeter Div.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1993
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