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Hot tub and decks for a steep slope.

Hot tub and decks for a steep slope

A slope of untended garden stretchedfrom Mary Kay Prentice's back door uphill to the street behind her house in Summerland, California.

To make the slope usable and privatefrom street and neighbors, she devised this deck system and shed enclosure.

With help on carpentry, she first terracedthe slope into three decks around a teak hot tub. The lowest deck starts at house level; steps climb from it to the middle deck, which is even with the tub's rim. The third deck forms a big L-shaped seat behind the tub.

On this top level, Prentice also built ashed to screen out the street and neighbors. Inside are dressing rooms and closets for tub equipment, garden tools, and outdoor gear.

The decks are surfaced with 2-by-6s. Lapsiding of redwood 1-by-6s covers the sides of the shed and walls between the decks. The shed roof has wood shingles that match the house roof.

Photo: Curving steps hug hot tub in corner ofmultilevel deck, enclosed for privacy

Photo: Privacy fence is really on L-shaped,3-foot-deep shed with doors leading to dressing rooms and storage areas
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Date:Aug 1, 1987
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