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Horizons Technology ships the Windows version of its TrueMotion-S software-only video compressor; TrueMotion-S Compressor can be implemented without expensive desktop upgrades.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 26, 1995--Horizons Technology Inc. (HTI) of San Diego, is now shipping the Windows version of its TrueMotion(r)-S Compressor, a shrink-wrapped, software-only program allowing CD-ROM title developers and other multimedia professionals to compress video on their existing desktop computers.
 TrueMotion-S Compressor

Availability: Immediate

Price: Windows Version -- $695
 Macintosh Version -- $995

Mac Version Includes Avid VideoShop

The availability of the Windows version follows the launch of the Macintosh-based TrueMotion-S Compressor, which began shipping in May. The new Windows version is retail priced in the U.S. at $695. The Macintosh version is priced at $995 and includes Avid VideoShop video editing software.

Both versions include playback licenses for 500 CDs of one title or 500 individual CD titles. For the European market, TrueMotion-S can be purchased with the addition of an electronic software key designed to protect against unlicensed use of the software. HTI's European headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

Performs on Standard Installed Base of Computers for PC or Macintosh Applications

HTI's TrueMotion-S Compressor runs smoothly on a 486/66-based PC or Power Mac 601 or higher without requiring expensive upgrades, works efficiently across multiple platforms, and provides superior video editing and quality control capabilities through an intra-frame compression algorithm. On higher grade machines such as Pentium-based or Power PC-601 or higher computers, TrueMotion-S performs two to four times faster than alternative compression technologies, with an unmatched 7:1 compression time ratio.

TrueMotion-S is targeted to CD-ROM title developers, corporate video departments, post-production houses/studios and advertising agencies, and for applications such as CD-ROM publishing, kiosk video generation, business training and sales presentations, cataloging and archiving.

"TrueMotion-S eliminates the need to send video to specialized compression service centers or to install the costly add-in boards necessary to support hardware-assisted compressors," said Cynthia Mordaunt, vice president of marketing for HTI. "TrueMotion-S delivers the same superior quality video as these expensive alternatives, and provides substantially higher quality than other software-only compressors such as Indeo(r) video or Cinepak(r)."

Intraframe Compression Ensures Image Quality and Creative Flexibility

TrueMotion-S is based on "intraframe" compression scheme which compresses each frame of video individually. Competing systems utilize a complex strategy of inter-frame compression, which looks only at data that has changed between frames.

With TrueMotion-S, since every frame is a "key" frame and compressed individually, the developer has complete interactive editing powers and can quickly move forward or backward.

It is therefore possible to easily access any video frame, play in reverse or forward, and use trick play features such as zoom. The developer can produce full-screen (640x480 pixels) by doubling the size of the video while retaining a very high quality appearance on screen.

TrueMotion-S is rapidly gaining acceptance as the outstanding alternative to hardware-assisted algorithms such as MPEG; and to other software-only algorithms such as Indeo video or Cinepak because of its ease of implementation, higher picture quality capabilities and cross-platform support. TrueMotion-S was originally developed by the Duck Corp. for dedicated applications such as the Sega game box.

System Requirements

For PCs, recommended minimum system requirements include a 486/66 CPU, 16 MB RAM, a 16-bit capable display adapter, A/V-capable hard drive (540 MB). Windows 3.1 with Video for Windows and a video capture card capable of YUV-12 or M-JPEG output to hard disk.

For Macs, minimum requirements include a Quandra 800 or higher (PowerMac recommended), 16 MB RAM, A/V input via Apple internal or Radius Video Vision Studio 2.0 card, A/V-capable display architecture and, with Radius or other MPEG solution, a RAID or A/V drive capable of 5MB per second sustained transfer rate.

For More Information

For more information on the TrueMotion-S Compressor and other HTI products, please call HTI at 800/828-3808 or visit the HTI Home Page at

For game and set top box applications, TrueMotion-S is available from the Duck Corp. For all other applications, contact HTI.

Horizons Technology Inc.

Horizons Technology Inc. (HTI) is a multimedia software development and systems integration company with headquarters in San Diego. Founded in 1977, HTI specializes in the development of multimedia applications and video compression software and services, and is the exclusive worldwide provider of TrueMotion video used in desktop applications. HTI has more than 450 employees with other major offices in Boston and Alexandria, Virginia. HTI's European headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

CONTACT: Horizons Technology Inc.

William Pritchard/Laurie Weller, 714/556-1313


Marie Krygier, 619/292-8860, ext. 2299
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Date:Oct 26, 1995
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