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Hope for the future.

YOU have got to hand to family and friends of Sophie Atay.

The youngster recently underwent chemotherapy chemotherapy (kē'mōthĕr`əpē), treatment of disease with chemicals or drugs. One chemotherapeutic approach is the development of selectively toxic substances, i.e.  for the cancer neuroblastoma Neuroblastoma Definition

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that usually originates either in the tissues of the adrenal gland or in the ganglia of the abdomen or in the ganglia of the nervous system.

The treatment appears to have gone well but Sophie's parents fear for the future should the disease recur.

Should that happen, the prognosis prognosis /prog·no·sis/ (prog-no´sis) a forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disorder.prognos´tic

n. pl. prog·no·ses
 in this country isn'tS good, but medical advances in America have developed a treatment which could provide more hope.

To take advantage of this, the family need to raise pounds 300,000 in funding.

What seemed like a huge mountain to climb has been partially scaled by a fundraising
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 drive which has captured the public's imagination.

Despite personal finances being hard hit by the recession, the North East population has shown once again that generosity Generosity
See also Aid, Organizational; Kindness.

Abbé Constantin

self-sacrificing priest; curé of Longueral. [Fr. Lit.: The Abbé Constantin, Walsh Modern, 105]


takes interest in Paul. [Br. Lit.
 is at the heart of the region.

The huge target is considerably nearer thanks to charity events and a significant amount given by individuals online.

Sophie is too young to really appreciate the weight of support her plight has attracted and she has far more to contend with than any youngster should have to bear.

But, as it stands, there is definite hope for her and we hope the fundraising goal is reached swiftly and Sophie gets the healthy future she deserves.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2009
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