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Homeowners can Save More Replacing Aging Air Conditioner Units Before They Break. Jul 23, 2014 528
Homeowner Purchases of Lawn & Garden, Electrical & Lighting Products Lead Growth in Home Improvement Industry. Jul 23, 2014 588
Foul order 'haunts' homeowners. Jul 20, 2014 681
France,Germany,Ireland,Switzerland,United States : SMART homes industry gains interest among homeowners. Jul 17, 2014 389
Launch of New Website for Buying Houses Brings Relief to Homeowners in San Antonio, Texas. Website overview Jul 16, 2014 489
The Miller Law Firm Helps Boutique Homeowners Association Recover for Construction Defects Without Ever Filing a Lawsuit. Jul 15, 2014 602
Velux Offers Homeowners Three Money Saving Tips For Skylight Replacement When Reroofing. Jul 15, 2014 683
Homeowner discovers old air raid shelter in garden. Jul 14, 2014 200
Bill Cosby, a Mass. homeowner, supports pipeline protesters. Jul 12, 2014 129
Cat Smell from Abandoned Historic Home Caused Local Resident Complaints. Freshana Suggests a Cleaning Product to Get Rid of the Worse Possible Cat Urine Smells.. Jul 11, 2014 733
24 additional California jurisdictions launch HERO program to help homeowners conserve water and energy. Jul 9, 2014 665
Oil price fall welcome for homeowners. Jul 9, 2014 116
California Supreme Court Finds that Homeowners Associations Can Hold Architects & Engineers Responsible for Defects. Jul 8, 2014 716
Homeowners get $3.1B. Jul 8, 2014 182
NeighborWorks America Urges Homeowners to Avoid Paying for Loan Modifications. Jul 1, 2014 700
Pro-Staff Alerts Homeowners to Potential Rodent Infestations. Jun 30, 2014 339
Appliance Repair Pro in Philadelphia, PA, Reaches Out to Area Homeowners Through New Web Site. Website overview Jun 28, 2014 376
Coastal flats offer a life that's just beachy; Homeowners can lap up seaside views in sumptuous Gantocks apartments Gantocks development GOUROCK. Jun 28, 2014 775
Plan ahead to keep out of tax trap; Financial adviser Ian Lowes warns that an increasing number of home owners are at risk of falling into the inheritance tax trap. Jun 28, 2014 740
United Kingdom : Help to Buy creates 35,000 new homeowners and gets Britain building. Jun 27, 2014 275
Southside Revitalization Project- Homeowner s Association Management Company. Jun 27, 2014 133
Nuisance next door could be a costly issue; Everyone loves good neighbours so the song goes, but not everyone gets them. Problems caused by people next door can leave homeowners out of sorts and out of pocket, according to research. Jun 26, 2014 648
Cub Cadet 3X Prepares Homeowners And Professionals For Another Extreme Winter. Jun 25, 2014 1139
United States : WISCONSIN law aims to protect homeowners. Jun 24, 2014 130
Chubb Urges Homeowners in Wildfire Areas to Use Fire-Resistive Construction Materials. Jun 24, 2014 846
Best Home Buyer Protection Plan Available For Home Owners At Jun 21, 2014 815
Mississauga Home Comfort Prepares Homeowners for the Inevitable Winter Season by Offering a Special on Every Napoleon Electric Fireplace - Mississauga ON. Jun 19, 2014 313
Getting people moving; The Help to Buy scheme gives would-be homeowners and the housing market a massive and timely boost. Jun 18, 2014 1176
Lennox Home Energy Report Card Survey Finds Homeowners School Themselves In Energy Efficiency And Average A 'B' In Energy Savings 101. Jun 18, 2014 1911
Canada : Homeowners indicate they are more comfortable with debt than their parents were, Manulife Bank of Canada Survey Shows. Jun 18, 2014 462
United States : REVIEW of rates of homeowners who installed their solar systems. Jun 18, 2014 304
Provision of "Does it pay"- Tools for homeowners. Jun 18, 2014 163
Homeowners indicate they are more comfortable with debt than their parents were, Manulife Bank of Canada Survey Shows. Jun 17, 2014 1321
Institute of Judicial Surveys: Commercialization of Residential Neighborhood by Apple Stores. Jun 16, 2014 507
Outdoor Home Renovations on the Rise this Year; Homeowners also Willing to Spend More. Jun 13, 2014 899
Alberta Septic Systems Helping Issaquah Homeowners Maintain Septic Tank Performance with Expert Pumping Service. Jun 13, 2014 289
BoostUp and Quicken Loans Give Prospective Home Owners a $750 Leg Up on Their Mortgage. Jun 12, 2014 841
Homeowners anxious about their debt levels. Jun 11, 2014 733
Illinois Homeowners Win $5,000 in National DaVinci Roofscapes "Shake it Up" Exterior Color Contest. Jun 10, 2014 740
United States : RENEWABLE energy opportunities for low-income homeowners. Jun 9, 2014 134
Homeowners favor US-made solar panels. Jun 8, 2014 329
Pro-Staff Advises Homeowners to Prepare for Summer Lawn Care. Jun 5, 2014 376
Tax changes could affect homeowners. Jun 5, 2014 177
Rate rise warning for homeowners; 'THREE TIMES AS MANY COULD RUN INTO TROUBLE'; CITY DESK. Jun 4, 2014 350
Rate rise warning for homeowners; 'THREE TIMES AS MANY COULD RUN INTO TROUBLE'. Jun 4, 2014 358
The Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors[R] (HGAR) kicked off its first-ever "Trivia Night" by raising more than $1,400 for the Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC), which helps protect the interests of homeowners. Jun 4, 2014 101
"Drought Buster" Water Conservation Program Makes It Easy For Bay Area Homeowners To Reduce Water Use. Jun 2, 2014 389
Luxury Real Estate Expert Joy Bender Offers Homeowners Advice on Maximizing Home Sales When Competing with Their Own Developers for New Buyers. May 30, 2014 631
United Kingdom : 85 per cent of home owners are habitual homefretters. May 30, 2014 454
United States : Wells Fargo, NAACP, National Urban League to Host Housing Forums for Aspiring Homeowners during National Homeownership Month. May 30, 2014 425
Beware 'green peril' National body warns of massive potential cost to home owners. May 29, 2014 400
GainClients, Inc. Receives a Letter of Intent from Guild Mortgage Company to Use its SikkU Service to Promote its new Homeowner Initiative Program. May 28, 2014 424
ServiceMaster Restore Helps Homeowners Prepare for Hurricane Season with Expert Tips. May 27, 2014 736 in Denver, Colorado Has the Right Ingredient for Home Owners. May 25, 2014 300
Appliance Repairman in Annapolis, MD, Launches Web Site to Better Reach Local Homeowners. Website overview May 24, 2014 338
Check out any church liability first; Homeowners living near Anglican churches can face surprising repair bills. Rukhsanah Haroon explains. May 24, 2014 457
Police warning to homeowners to keep houses ecure. May 22, 2014 233
10M homeowners still 'underwater'. Boak, Josh May 21, 2014 363
New Study Reveals Window Film As The Most Cost-effective Answer To Reducing Florida Homeowners' High Energy Costs. May 20, 2014 870
IKO Alerts Homeowners to the Roofing Risks of Ice Dams. May 20, 2014 593
Berger & Montague, P.C. Files Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Homeowners Against Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Alleging Systematic Failure to Timely File Mortgage Satisfaction Documents. May 19, 2014 445
Protect yourself, and your family, in a crisis; Principality partnerships manager Barclay Sansom discusses what the future may hold for homeowners in the UK MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. May 17, 2014 623
Mississauga Home Comfort Helps Homeowners Create Their Perfect Outdoor Environment with Napoleon's Line of Built-in Grills. May 15, 2014 370
Spring Brings Swarming, Biting and Stinging Pests: "Bugs Be Gone" Book Helps Homeowners. May 15, 2014 530
The Miller Law Firm Helps 555 Bartlett Street Homeowners' Association Recover for Construction Defects Without Ever Filing a Complaint. May 13, 2014 478
First Time Home Owner Grants - Loan Love Gives Home Financing Advice. May 12, 2014 714
Loud bangs a worry to homeowner. May 11, 2014 636
Homeowner hits out over 'delays' to house repairs. May 9, 2014 400
Recruitment of the animation team of general county interest for homeowners program. May 7, 2014 123
Home Owners in Santa Clara County Continued to Gain Equity in April. May 7, 2014 395
Carrier and SolarCity Team to Bring Innovative, Cost-Effective and Efficient Energy Solutions to Homeowners. May 6, 2014 556
Homeowners Still Want that Perfect Lawn: New Book Traces America's Romance with the English Garden and its Lawn. May 6, 2014 610
Canada : Province and habitat for humanity team up to help Saskatoon families become homeowners. May 3, 2014 431
AT&T Digital Life Joins Habitat for Humanity NYC to Help Homeowners Affected by Superstorm Sandy. May 2, 2014 999
The Lowry Team - Keller Williams West Chester Helps Homeowners Sell Their Home After Just 3 Days on the Market. May 2, 2014 291
Home owners take action over interest-only mortages. May 2, 2014 120
Mizner Grande Law Firm Protects Distressed Homeowners Using Quiet Title Action. May 2, 2014 572
Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] Commentary: Raleigh-Area Homeowners Surprised to Learn That People are Lining Up to Buy Their Homes. May 1, 2014 283
Homeowners Once Again: Recovery Stories from the Foreclosure Crisis. May 1, 2014 1247
Contractors, homeowners benefit from tour, expo. Everhart, Lindsay May 1, 2014 213
The problems when wall ties fail; Chareterd surveoyor Chris Jude looks at what happens when wall ties begin to fail and what home owners should do. Apr 26, 2014 516
Website Makes It Easy For Demanding Homeowners To Find Superior Home Service Providers. Website overview Apr 22, 2014 475
Maddie cops on trail of five hols home owners; MYSTERY AS THEY REFUSE TO HELP KIDNAP INVESTIGATION. Apr 20, 2014 724
Homeowners free to rent out drives. Apr 19, 2014 211
Barclaycard said homeowners are set [...]; CITY DESK. Apr 18, 2014 102
Mizner Grande Law Firm Protects Distressed Homeowners Against Quiet Title Action. Apr 15, 2014 604
Homeowners Must Act Now to Prevent Severe Ant Invasions. Apr 15, 2014 343
HomeSquare Announces New Maintenance Plans for New York Tri-State Area Homeowners. Apr 15, 2014 377
Mortgage freedom day HOME owners [...]; pound NOTES. Apr 14, 2014 110
Homeowners Desire American-Made Solar Panels. Apr 14, 2014 508
Australia : Post-cyclone repair and rebuilding advice for home owners. Apr 14, 2014 164
Elected Officials Join Justice for Homeowners, Tenants, Community Groups And Labor To Demand HPD Reform. Apr 11, 2014 952
Vivint Reveals Ten Cool Ways Homeowners can Remotely Access their Homes. Apr 10, 2014 757
Architect secures PS3.5 million project haul from homeowners. Apr 10, 2014 726
Rain Bird Launches New Easy To Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System For Homeowners. Apr 9, 2014 588
U.S. Homeowners to Benefit from Groundbreaking Home Energy Loan Financing Platform. Apr 9, 2014 1756
National Home Design And Color Survey Shows Homeowners Will Liven Up Their Spaces With More Painting Projects. Apr 7, 2014 791
TSAHC and Texas Realtors launch "Get Ready: Making Texans Homeowners for Life," a joint campaign for homebuyer education. Apr 7, 2014 679
Mizner Grande Law Firm Protects Homeowners Across Florida in 2014. Apr 7, 2014 641
From the Ground Up: Smart Building Product Choices for Homeowners. Apr 4, 2014 558
USMI Applauds Bipartisan Vote Extending Homeowner Tax Relief. Apr 3, 2014 202
PG&E Reminds Homeowners, Contractors to Always Call 8-1-1 Before Digging. Apr 2, 2014 921
SMART Carpet and Flooring Encourages Homeowners to Celebrate Spring and Enhance Their Outdoor Spaces with Durable, Resilient and Attractive Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. Apr 2, 2014 837
OneRoof Energy Brings Solar Financing To Massachusetts Homeowners. Apr 2, 2014 797
The Home Book: A Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Responsibilities. Book review Apr 1, 2014 190
Fewer than 10 million homeowners still underwater. Apr 1, 2014 291
OSO property owners face double hit: Snohomish County homeowners impacted by March mudslide will still be liable to pay mortgages. Davis, Jim Apr 1, 2014 820
Energy price war to help homeowners. Apr 1, 2014 104
SunTrust Survey Shows More Than Half of Homeowners Plan Home Improvements in 2014. Apr 1, 2014 885
Chubb Encourages Homeowners to Prepare Early for Wildfires. Mar 31, 2014 789
Fight brewing over short-term rental tax; Measure would affect Mass. homeowners in vacation areas. Akhtar, Monica Mar 30, 2014 748
Homeowners have the right to know where their HOA fees are going: says Jack Hanson, President of Melrose Management Partnership. Mar 26, 2014 437
Molly Maid Survey Reveals Majority of Homeowners Won't Spring Clean. Mar 26, 2014 652
Ireland : AIB may cut rates for struggling homeowners. Mar 25, 2014 164
Largest PACE Program in the United States to Launch: Homeowners Across California Can Finance Solar and Efficiency Projects Via Property Assessment. Mar 24, 2014 658
MACHETE RAID HOUSE HORROR; Burglars threatened homeowners. Mar 21, 2014 333
A true democracy of home owners; Views of Wales. Mar 21, 2014 112
Moving on down: N.H. foreclosure picture continues to brighten. Sanders, Bob Brief article Mar 21, 2014 246
Earth Day Week: Free Solar 101 Workshop for Maryland Homeowners Includes Solar Roof Tour - Saturday April 19 10:30 AM. Mar 20, 2014 415
BANK WRITES OFF DEBT FOR FAMILIES; AIB agrees mortgage deals with 100 struggling homeowners. Mar 20, 2014 387
Energize Connecticut Advises Home Owners to Assess and Properly Insulate Their Homes. Mar 18, 2014 686
Buying is 10% cheaper than renting in Wales; Average home owner can save PS50 a month. Mar 15, 2014 383
Police warn homeowners to lock up their sheds. Mar 15, 2014 146
Zombie bank sale risk for homeowners. Mar 14, 2014 102
Black and Latino Church Leaders, and the National Asian American Coalition Sue Governor Brown; Demand that $350 Million Unlawfully Diverted from Attorney General Bank Settlement be Dedicated to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure. Mar 14, 2014 663
Australia : Solar panels feature on homeowners sustainable architecture. Mar 12, 2014 318 Launch the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide to Help Homeowners Drive up the Value of Their Home. Mar 11, 2014 614 Launch the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide to Help Homeowners Drive up the Value of Their Home. Mar 11, 2014 619
We'll sue over plan to let sea take village; Homeowners' anger. Mar 10, 2014 342
Guam,United States : MICRONESIA Renewable Energy prepare for Solar Financing Plan for Guam Homeowners. Mar 10, 2014 259
I WAS ON BRINK OF BREAKDOWN; Investigation: cash crisis threat to homeowner. Mar 9, 2014 1503
The Innovative Garage, Installers of Garage Organization Products, Offers New Retail Garage Storage Rack for DIY Home Owners. Mar 9, 2014 422
Potential homeowners keen on buying ideal homes as emerging traditional and contemporary housing options continue to gain massive popularity. Mar 7, 2014 813
CROKER RESIDENTS VOW: WE WILL SUE; Homeowners pledge to stop concerts by country star Brooks. Mar 7, 2014 516
WE WILL SUE CLAIM CROKER RESIDENTS; Homeowners vow to shut down concerts by country star Garth. Mar 7, 2014 516
Big savings in a small package; Homeowner builds 900-square-foot house with freedom from fossil fuels in mind. Rettig, Margaret LeRoux Photography By Tom Mar 7, 2014 968
Room for the family; Homeowner gives 1890s house a fresh, modern feel. Rettig, Carol L. Costello Photography By Tom Mar 7, 2014 1107
Homeowners Urge New York City Council To Lead The Way For Affordable, Quality Housing. Mar 6, 2014 225
Homeowners get a bit of good news. Mar 5, 2014 135
Homeowners Urge New York City Council To Lead The Way For Affordable, Quality Housing. Mar 5, 2014 225
United States : Boston Homeowners Embrace Solar Power. Mar 4, 2014 326
THE GRO-BUSTERS; PRIDE OF IRELAND 2014: WHO YOU GONNA CALL?Stinking problem taken to the cleaners as fearless five tackle homeowners' dirty little secret; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 2, 2014 1414
Smart homes need a smart key. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 214
Window Treatment Team in Castle Rock, CO, Embraces Internet Marketing to Reach Local Homeowners. Feb 27, 2014 383
PS5bn mortgage misery warning; Homeowners face average rise of PS48 a month next year. Feb 26, 2014 310
Homeowners 'face PS180 mortgage hike'. Feb 26, 2014 591
Cowboy builder brothers jailed; HOMEOWNERS CONNED OUT OF THOUSANDS. Feb 24, 2014 379
What's a Move-Up Buyer to do? Recovering Northern Illinois Real Estate Market Poses Timing Concerns That Homeowners Seeking a New Residence Can Overcome. Feb 20, 2014 801
Doctor Short Sale Launches New Website with Resources for Homeowners in Financial Distress. Website overview Feb 20, 2014 432
Homeowners warned over property tax. Feb 19, 2014 105
Appraisal Institute Tells Homeowners How to Prepare for Appraisal. Feb 18, 2014 802
We Buy Houses San Antonio Texas Launches New Website for San Antonio Homeowners Facing Financial Challenges. Website overview Feb 17, 2014 641
Advice on asbestos in the home; Chris Scott of Smithers Purslow has some advice for homeowners on asbestos in the home. Feb 15, 2014 472
Vacation Rentals Company Thanks Valued Homeowners With Annual Celebration. Feb 14, 2014 434
Bank donates $1K to homeowner center. Feb 14, 2014 141
HOA Expert Jack Hanson Says Working with HOA Experts Helps Homeowners Protect Their Assets. Feb 13, 2014 331
Appliance Repair Company Reaches Out to Huntington Beach, CA, Area Homeowners with New Mobile Site. Feb 12, 2014 405
PG&E Urges Contractors, Homeowners To Always Call 811 Before Excavating. Feb 11, 2014 856
Housing market pits younger buyers against older homeowners flush with equity. Feb 11, 2014 948
'Underwater' homeowners face stiff taxes; But for lenders, it's write-off time. Dewan, Shaila Feb 9, 2014 1130
FLOOD OF FEARS; COUNTRY BATTENS DOWN THE HATCHES Homeowners and businesses count cost as storms hit Ireland again. Feb 5, 2014 869
Homeowners In Dire Need Of Kitchen Transformation, Desperately Seek New Home Appliances. Feb 4, 2014 1276
"Had to do what I had to do". Patrick Krey Brief article Feb 3, 2014 193
That's not Santa. Patrick Krey Brief article Feb 3, 2014 201
Knock knock. Patrick Krey Brief article Feb 3, 2014 175
Julian Construction Helps Homeowners Plan Maintenance in 2014. Feb 2, 2014 347
Julian Construction Creates Foundation Checklist for Homeowners. Feb 2, 2014 419
New Alinta Energy Save with Gas Home gives homeowners the power to save, naturally. Feb 2, 2014 440
Should Homeowners Policies Cover More Risks? GAO Weighs In. Jan 31, 2014 519
Conn. Homeowners Upset at Sandy-Aid Rejection from State Committee. Jan 30, 2014 209
Homeowner fined over garden trash; In Brief. Jan 27, 2014 139
Importance of cavity wall insulation; homemaker house doctor Chris Jude explains why cavity wall insulation is so often overlooked by homeowners. Jan 25, 2014 406
LendingTree Survey Reveals 71% of Current Homeowners are Contemplating Selling in 2014. Jan 22, 2014 1030
Good News for Homeowners; RE/MAX Brokers Advise That Older Kitchen or Bath Needn't be a Major Obstacle to Quick Sale. Jan 18, 2014 837
Mill Creek Homeowners Enjoy Advantages of Moving Into a Mature Community. Jan 18, 2014 687
Calls to protect homeowners from ancient claims to land. Jan 16, 2014 580
Mortgage Fraud Examiners Warns: Distressed Homeowners Being Duped By Hucksters Peddling "Securitization Audits" Offers To Show Homeowners How To The Get Information For Free. Jan 15, 2014 658
Coastal erosion threatens in Hawaii; State, homeowners at odds on remedy. McAvoy, Audrey Jan 12, 2014 587
Careful planning can help to avoid rows with builders; Many homeowners start to plan changes to their property in the New Year. And, sadly, some always end in a dispute with the builder. homemaker house doctor Chris Jude offers advice on ways to avoid conflict. Jan 11, 2014 444
FLOODS THEN SNOW; Homeowners in battered communities still reeling from storms nightmare Temperatures set to plummet as more chaos looms AFTER RAIN HELL GET READY FOR BIG FREEZE. Jan 10, 2014 795
FLOODS THEN SNOW; Homeowners in battered communities still reeling from storms nightmare; Temperatures set to plummet as more chaos looms; AFTER RAIN HELL GET READY FOR BIG FREEZE. Jan 10, 2014 815
Home Owners in Santa Clara County Receive the Gift of Equity in December. Jan 10, 2014 424
Some Homeowners Receiving Multimillion Dollar Awards And Free & Clear Homes Attacking Their Mortgage Contract. Jan 7, 2014 955
One shot, two burglars. Brief article Jan 6, 2014 155
Persistent intruder. Jan 6, 2014 312
Gun owner played possum. Krey, Patrick Jan 6, 2014 550
Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] Commentary: Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure Finding Relief in Raleigh. Jan 6, 2014 331
IT support added to homeowner policies; MAPFRE/Commerce offers new twist to coverage plans. Meindersma, Sandy Jan 5, 2014 465
Residential heating efficiency comparison for differing heat pump types and sizing methods. Hunt, Walter; Gurlaskie, George; Domitrovic, Ron Report Jan 1, 2014 3716
Regional variation in residential heat pump water heater performance in the U.S. Maguire, Jeff; Burch, Jay; Merrigan, Tim; Ong, Sean Report Jan 1, 2014 3371
Residential radon testing intentions, perceived radon severity, and tobacco use. Rinker, Gwendolyn H.; Hahn, Ellen J.; Rayens, Mary Kay Jan 1, 2014 4483
Rate hike likely to sink homeowners. Dec 29, 2013 882
COUNCIL REVIEW AS HOME OWNER JAILED; More inquiries into care neglect. Dec 27, 2013 382
United States : Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Protect Struggling Homeowners - Families Will Have More Time to Utilize Federal Foreclosure Prevention Program. Dec 27, 2013 412
Crazed trespasser. Kery, Patrick Dec 23, 2013 244
AFC First Expands National True Fixed Rate EnergyLoan Program to Help Homeowners Affordably Install Energy Efficient Heating Systems. Dec 23, 2013 714
America's Homeowner Alliance Issues Statement In Response To National Council Of La Raza Housing Reform Hearing. Dec 23, 2013 704
Vivint Helps Homeowners Celebrate a Greener Christmas. Dec 19, 2013 1075
House prices set to rise by 7%; at last good news for N.Wales home owners. Dec 19, 2013 500
NJ-FSBO Announces Launch of Website, NJ-FSBO.Com, Dedicated to Providing Resources, Articles and E-books Assisting New Jersey Homeowners Market and Sell Their Homes. Dec 18, 2013 501
By 6-5 vote, tax bills to go up 4.1%; Homeowners share hike with business. Kotsopoulos, Nick Dec 18, 2013 775
ROBBERY ACCUSED 'MADE UP WEB OF LIES' Man denies part in burglary on homeowner. Dec 13, 2013 497
Elevating your home in a Flood Zone: Simple Advice for Homeowners from Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. Dec 13, 2013 620
Des Moines HVAC Contractor Launches New Website for Iowa Homeowners. Website overview Dec 12, 2013 386
Pitfalls increase for Cyprus home owners. Dec 12, 2013 742
Homeowners' Claims: Water Back-Up, Overflow, or Discharge? Dec 12, 2013 853
50% Increase in Homeowners Using Smartphone for Home Remodeling, According to Study by Cloud-Based Application Provider Planese. Dec 11, 2013 628
Proposed Disaster Savings Measure Provides Incentives for Homeowners to Safeguard Their Property. Dec 11, 2013 641
Deputies discuss plan to protect first-time homeowners. Dec 10, 2013 340
The Peninsula at Indian River Bay Celebrates Its 600th Homeowner. Dec 10, 2013 576
Council boss jailed for PS122,000 fraud; He stole VAT refunds owed to homeowners. Dec 9, 2013 288
Homeowners Win with the Advocate & Dispute Resolution Program by Colleagues in Law. Dec 6, 2013 482
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proclaims It "Walt Disney Day" In Chicago. Dec 5, 2013 1645
2014 Kitchen Design Trends: Homeowners Want Black Counters, Open Shelves or Glass-front Cabinets, Darker Paint Tones. Dec 3, 2013 1062
USA Insulation ALERTS homeowners That Time is Running Out on Energy Tax Credit. Dec 2, 2013 606
Eighty-two-year-old shoots to kill. Krey, Patrick Brief article Dec 2, 2013 226
Commercial lawsuits. Dec 1, 2013 726
Julian Construction Stresses Earthquake Readiness for Homeowners. Dec 1, 2013 387
Act early to keep peace in the street; homemaker house doctor Chris Jude looks at the Party Wall Act and the proection it offers home owners. Nov 30, 2013 428
Making fireside friends; Nothing says 'cosy' like a roaring fire at home, but for househunters the big question is wherever do you find one? With December knocking at the door, Kirstie McCrum selects homes across Wales boasting a handsome inglenook fireplace to warm any homeowners heart - and their hearth - this winter. Nov 30, 2013 387
NO MERCY; Banks take legal action against 15 homeowners a day. Nov 29, 2013 493
The Lowry Team of Keller Williams Realty West Chester, Ohio Helps Another Cincinnati Homeowner Get Their Home Sold 78% Faster Than the Average. Nov 28, 2013 388
The Lowry Team of Keller Williams Realty West Chester, Ohio Helps Another Homeowner Sell Their West Chester Home in Only 31 Days. Nov 27, 2013 364
Homeowners At The Abaco Club On Winding Bay Report Marriott Vacations Offers Property For $28 Million. Nov 26, 2013 628
Got Storage Announces Self Storage in Victorville for New Homeowners. Nov 23, 2013 281
U.S. Negative Equity Rate Falls at Fastest Pace Ever in Q3; Almost 5 Million Homeowners Freed Since Peak. Nov 21, 2013 3201
Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] Commentary: Prices Rise, Homeowners in Raleigh Are Surprised to Learn Their Homes Are in Demand. Nov 20, 2013 221
Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] Commentary: Recovering Housing Market in Raleigh Driving Up Values, Catching Some Homeowners by Surprise. Nov 18, 2013 253
Art Van Furniture Offers Assistance To Homeowners And Businesses In Illinois, Indiana, Michigan And Ohio Impacted By Yesterday's Devastating Storms. Nov 18, 2013 364
Black bear. Krey, Patrick Nov 18, 2013 233
Taken Off life support. Krey, Patrick Nov 18, 2013 336
"Tug and wiggle". Krey, Patrick Nov 18, 2013 218
Protecting grandma's. Krey, Patrick Nov 18, 2013 248
WALL YOU'VE GOT IS 3 DAYS Council claim land and threat; Council threat to homeowner over boundary. Nov 17, 2013 383
Select the right survey for your home; Today homemaker introduces our new house doctor, Chris Jude, who will be taking a weekly look at some of the problems home owners face and the signs we should look for to maintain them in a good condition. Today he looks at types of surveys. Nov 16, 2013 762
Homeowner charged with murder; Rights groups comparing Mich. shooting to Trayvon Martin case. Williams, Corey Nov 16, 2013 508
Allen Kennemur Helps Another Homeowner Get Their Home Sold. Nov 13, 2013 220
MightyDoes Handyman Services Houston TX Specialist Brings Freedom and Independence to Aging Homeowners. Nov 10, 2013 384
Fiji : Lagilagi project opens doors to new home owners. Nov 8, 2013 369
As Housing Market Improves, Distressed Homeowners in the Greater Triangle-Area in Danger of Being Left Behind. Nov 8, 2013 240
Thousands of NJ Homeowners May Receive Two Key Sandy Grants. Nov 7, 2013 121
200,000 facing double tax hit; Homeowners braced for additional charge of [euro]200. Nov 6, 2013 434
Florida Homeowner Scores Permanent Injunction Against HOA After Guests Denied Entry to His Home. Nov 4, 2013 601
Homeowner's Motor Vehicle Exclusion Bars Coverage of Claims After Insured Hits 2yo in Driveway. Nov 4, 2013 764
Nighttime terror. Krey, Patrick Nov 4, 2013 410
"Amazing restraint". Krey, Patrick Brief article Nov 4, 2013 199
U.S. homeowners multiple peril--top writers by state, Canada and U.S. territories--2012. Nov 1, 2013 2062
U.S. homeowners multiple peril--2012 top writers. Nov 1, 2013 2345
Premium by peril: a new risk-rating system responds to the demand for greater precision in homeowners pricing. Zalesky, Anton Nov 1, 2013 1132
Avoiding construction battles. Hazel, Steven J.; Wilson, Garrett; Zaske, Aaron Nov 1, 2013 818
Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Urges Homeowners and Small Businesses to Take Advantage of Remaining $1 Million Available in Solar Rebates. Oct 31, 2013 319
Grip-Rite and Rebuilding Together Help Homeowner Rebuild after Sandy with Support from the American Red Cross. Oct 30, 2013 941
Mold and Windows: What Homeowners Need to Know. Oct 30, 2013 1129
Homeowners Rethink Storm Preparedness Over The Past Year Since Superstorm Sandy. Oct 29, 2013 1034
Superstorm Sandy Reminds Homeowners about the Importance of Storm Preparedness. Oct 29, 2013 675
FiltersUSA Offers Choices for Homeowners to Save Money. Oct 29, 2013 588
Is your home ready for the dark evening ahead? As we prepare for darker evenings and an extra hour in bed from tonight, Steffan George, of The Master Locksmiths Association, issues a security warning to homeowners and tenants - and provides advice on keeping your home safe and secure. Oct 26, 2013 615's Maintenance Free Decking Adds Value for Homeowners Looking to Sell. Oct 24, 2013 400
The Las Vegas Real Estate Team in Summerlin Called the Ballen Group Help Another Las Vegas Homeowner Get Their Home Sold 22.45% Faster Than the Average. Oct 22, 2013 654
NeighborWorks America Helps Nearly 1.6 Million Homeowners through Congressionally Funded National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program. Oct 22, 2013 1046
Expat homeowners: Ready for flat management? Oct 21, 2013 1470
Homeowners Find Hidden Dollars In Their Heating Ducts. Oct 21, 2013 1006
Off-duty female cop shoots intruder. Krey, Patrick Brief article Oct 21, 2013 156
Crime spree ends badly for criminal. Krey, Patrick Oct 21, 2013 602
Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc's New Release; Thank You, Motor Home Owners. Oct 18, 2013 280
United States : Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats Allow Homeowners To Connect With Utilities And Turn Up The Savings. Oct 16, 2013 466
Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats Allow Homeowners To Connect With Utilities And Turn Up The Savings. Oct 15, 2013 1265
Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine Launches New Web Site Introducing Enhanced Features For Local Businesses And Homeowners. Website overview Oct 15, 2013 735
Prison sentence. Brief article Oct 14, 2013 294
United Kingdom : 10,000 homeowners created through the Right to Buy. Oct 11, 2013 374
New Options in Radon Gas Monitoring Now Available to US Homeowners. Oct 10, 2013 638
Home Improvement Network Reveals Top Five Projects Seattle Homeowners Should Get Done Before December. Oct 10, 2013 532
5 Steps to Successful Communication on Homeowners' Coverage. Oct 9, 2013 767
loanDepot survey finds that 51 percent of HARP borrowers have previously been turned down before successfully refinancing. Oct 9, 2013 863
East Coast Homeowners Look to Pultruded Fiberglass Siding With Ultrex as a Better Defense Against Nor'easters and Hurricanes. Oct 9, 2013 831
Wealth Effect, Homeowners Excited About Remodeling Again. Oct 8, 2013 655
DEP Encourages Homeowners to Inspect, Repair Home Heating Oil Tanks. Oct 7, 2013 481
New Release! is Helping Diesel & Motor Home Owners Increase MPG and Fight Carbon Pollution.. Oct 7, 2013 202
Escaped inmate killed by armed homeowner. Krey, Patrick Brief article Oct 7, 2013 288
Garage Door Repair Business in Frisco, TX, Markets to Area Homeowners with Help from SEO Firm. Oct 5, 2013 412
Carolina Wing Company to Host Stonehenge Homeowners' Association Annual Meeting on Oct. 14. Oct 4, 2013 461
With DuPont(TM) Corian and Zodiaq, David Bromstad Helps Homeowners Find Their Personality. Oct 3, 2013 968
Time Running Out for Homeowners to Take Advantage of Vital Government Program. Oct 2, 2013 261
Exceed Launches The Smart Homeowners Program - Homeowners Are Paying $0 To Go Shopping! Oct 2, 2013 663
The Court and the Castle Doctrine. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 245
Construction Company Advises Homeowners on Drainage Problems. Sep 28, 2013 346
Homeowners face stringent new energyr -efficiency rules; IMPROVED STANDARDS T FOR EMISSIONS. Sep 27, 2013 661
Novalites Ltd. Announce Interior Lighting Solutions for Homeowners. Sep 26, 2013 282
Struggling homeowners find relief in SUN; Help for areas hardest hit by foreclosure crisis. Owen, Paula J. Sep 26, 2013 1263
Briggs & Stratton Corporation Empowers Homeowners With Engine Tips On PowerSmarts. Sep 25, 2013 479
Centor Launches World's First 'Integrated Doors' Offering Homeowners Unprecedented Control of Living Environments. Sep 24, 2013 1125
FHFA to Discuss Home Affordable Refinance Program with Homeowners on Zillow-Hosted Google+ Hangout. Sep 24, 2013 676
As Prices Rise, Homeowners in Harford County Surprised to Learn Their Homes Are in Demand. Sep 22, 2013 230
PetraSlate Tile & Stone Slate Flooring Tiles Help Homeowners Enhance the Natural Appeal of Their Outdoor Environments. Sep 20, 2013 313
Hunting policies debated at meeting; Homeowner's complaint spurs queries. Spencer, Susan Sep 20, 2013 473
Honeywell Achieves An Industry First: Voice-Activated, Cloud-Connected Thermostat For D.I.Y. Homeowners. Sep 19, 2013 1008
Homeowners at The M at Englewood South recently found a sure-fire way to cool down on a hot summer afternoon. Sep 18, 2013 146
California Homeowners Now Enhancing the Value and Look of Their Properties with a Soapstone Counter from Teresina Soapstone. Sep 17, 2013 367
Brian Spitz, President of Big State Home Buyers, Discusses Problems and Solutions Facing Houston Homeowners When Selling A House With Back Taxes Owed. Sep 17, 2013 515

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