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Home Care Information Systems, Inc. Teams With MCI.


Companies to Market Comprehensive Telephone-based Time

and Attendance Monitoring System to Home Health Agencies

Home Care Information Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owned Subsidiary

A subsidiary whose parent company owns 100% of its common stock.

In other words, the parent company owns the company outright and there are no minority owners.
 of Medic Computers, Inc., announced today that it has teamed with MCI (1) (Media Control Interface) A high-level programming interface from Microsoft and IBM for controlling multimedia devices. It provides commands and functions to open, play and close the device.

(2) (Microwave Communications Inc.
 to market a telephone-based time and attendance monitoring system specifically for the home health industry.

HCIS's TimeManager(TM) software will interface with MCI's TimeClerk(TM) system to help home health agencies keep track of staff activities, even when they can't be there to supervise them directly. Once in the patient's home, the staff member will simply dial an 800 number to record visit data, including date, time, mileage, charges, supplies, and more. This information will be seamlessly integrated with HCIS's billing system, eliminating a significant volume of office data entry. More importantly, TimeManager will provide proof of each employee's location and visit time.

"We're pleased to be working with HCIS HCIS Health Care Information System (British Library)
HCIS Hwa Chong International School (Singapore)
HCIS Homenet Computers Internet Services (Australia) 
," said Richard Putt, MCI's vice president of state government and university markets. "MCI TimeClerk and HCIS TimeManager can help health care providers reduce administrative cost administrative cost Managed care A cost incurred by the 'business' end of a health care facility or university–eg, staffing and personnel costs, nursing home and hospital administration, insurance, and overhead expenses. Cf Indirect costs.  and enhance communication between field workers and their managers while streamlining billing procedures."

"Working with MCI, we will provide our clients with the best resources available to help them track employee activities," explained Steven L. Griff n. 1. Grasp; reach.
A vein of gold ore within one spade's griff.
- Holland.

2. (Weaving) An arrangement of parallel bars for lifting the hooked wires which raise the warp threads in a loom for weaving figured goods.
, HCIS's President. "With increased emphasis on fraud and abuse investigations, agencies need reliable tools to document services. The integration of HCIS TimeManager with MCI's TimeClerk will allow agencies to collect reliable patient and employee data and generate associated reports."

MCI TimeClerk is a patented, telephone accessible time clock and information delivery system that allows a remote (off-site) worker to clock-in, clock-out, and access information via a touch-tone or rotary dial The rotary dial is a device mounted on or in a telephone or switchboard that is designed to send interrupted electrical pulses, known as pulse dialing, corresponding to the number dialed. The early form of the rotary dial used lugs on a finger plate instead of holes.  telephone through an 800 number. The remote worker is prompted to either log-in or log-out and the system records the time, date, and place of the call, and identifies the caller through a uniquely assigned PIN or staff ID number.

MCI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., provides a full range of integrated communication services to more than 20 million customers. Credited with opening up the U.S. long distance market for competition, MCI is now leading the charge to bring competition to the $100 billion local market, offering American consumers for the first time the freedom to choose their local carrier. With 1996 revenue of $18.5 billion, MCI is one of the largest and fastest growing telecommunication companies in the world. On November 3, 1996, MCI announced a definitive agreement to merge with BT to form Concert, the world's first global communications company Communications Company is a communications unit of the United States Marine Corps. They are part of Combat Logistics Regiment 37 , 3rd Marine Logistics Group (3MLG) and III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF). The unit is based out of the Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. .

HCIS is a subsidiary of Medic Computer, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare information systems for the medical practice market with 1996 net revenues of $192 million and net income of $24 million. HCIS supplies software and services exclusively for the home health industry to support the business and clinical needs of both home care and hospice providers. Along with a complete clinical system, HCIS offers electronic claims and remittances
Remittance can also refer to the accounting concept of a monetary payment transferred by a customer to a business

Remittances are transfers of money by foreign workers to their home countries.
, scheduling, inventory and a full range of accounting packages. The software is available on networked and standalone stand·a·lone  
Self-contained and usually independently operating: a standalone computer terminal. 

CONTACT: Home Care Information Systems

Robert S Robert, Henry Martyn 1837-1923.

American army engineer and parliamentary authority. He designed the defenses for Washington, D.C., during the Civil War and later wrote Robert's Rules of Order (1876).

Noun 1.
. Dean, 201/338-2020


MCI Media Relations

Birgit Wagschal, 312/470-4814

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 2, 1997
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