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Hitachi Data Systems Announces Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy and Other Industry-leading Data-Movement Solutions.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 1999--

Collaboration With BMC Software, Inc. Yields Solutions for

High-Speed Data Movement With Complete Data Integrity Over Extended


Taking an important step forward in implementing its vision of enabling customers to access any data on any computer, anywhere, at any time, Hitachi Data Systems today announced Hitachi Freedom Storage(tm) NanoCopy and other enhanced data-movement solutions based on the new Hitachi Asynchronous Remote Copy function for the Hitachi Freedom Storage 7700E.

Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy

Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy is the storage industry's first hardware-based solution enabling customers to make point-in-time copies without quiescing the application or causing any disruption to end-user operations. NanoCopy copies data between any number of primary subsystems and any number of secondary subsystems. The copies may be of any type or amount of data and may be recorded on subsystems anywhere in the world. NanoCopy enables customers to quickly generate copies of production data for such uses as application testing, business intelligence, and disaster recovery for business continuance.

For disaster recovery operations, NanoCopy will maintain a duplicate of critical data, allowing customers to initiate production at a backup location immediately following an outage. This is the first time a hardware-based remote copy solution, with full data integrity, has been offered by any storage vendor.

Hitachi Asynchronous Remote Copy

Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy is based on Hitachi Asynchronous Remote Copy, which is capable of moving large amounts of data over any distance with complete data integrity and minimal impact on performance. It duplicates data files directly from a primary subsystem to a secondary subsystem without using valuable server processor cycles. The secondary subsystem may be located down the block from the primary subsystem, across the country, or around the world.

Hitachi interoperability testing has demonstrated that in addition to transporting data over ESCON(R) channels at distances up to 43 kilometers, the new function can be integrated with third-party channel extender products to address the "access anywhere" goal of data availability. This makes it possible to duplicate production data via communication lines from a primary site to a secondary site that may be thousands of miles away. The companion goals of "accessing any data at any time" are addressed by incorporating Hitachi's remote copy functions in a new point-in-time backup solution developed collaboratively by Hitachi, Ltd. and BMC Software, Inc., the first product offering resulting from an alliance announced in May of this year. This product complements Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy by providing an application-specific database solution.

"Today's announcement gives customers additional freedom in accessing their data at any time, no matter where it's located," said David Coombs, vice president and general manager, Hitachi Data Systems Enterprise Storage. "With the help of our development partners, we're offering better ways to move data over virtually unlimited distances. In today's fast-paced world, agility in moving data translates directly to agility in solving business problems, and our customers know that Hitachi is the best source of data-movement options to meet a variety of business needs."

Remote Copy Provides Business Continuance Support at TIAA-CREF

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equity Fund (TIAA-CREF), the world's largest pension fund for college and university employees, operates Hitachi Freedom Storage 7700E subsystems at its large data centers in New York and Denver.

"We feel a tremendous responsibility to the individuals who depend on us for financial security in their retirement," said Jim Wolf, TIAA-CREF executive vice president and CIO. "Part of that responsibility is ensuring that information about their accounts is accessible one hundred percent of the time. Hitachi Extended Remote Copy plays a key role in this responsibility and in our business continuance strategy by constantly updating critical data in our New York and Denver centers. We're counting on Hitachi to continue providing innovative ways for us to move data wherever we need it in order to add value to the services we provide our clients."

Non-Disruptive Data Movement with BMC Software

Hitachi, Ltd. and BMC Software, Inc. have collaborated to develop the BMC Software Enterprise Recovery Management solution, which integrates the Freedom Storage 7700E's remote copy functions with BMC Software's XBM Enterprise Snapshot software. This solution provides point-in-time backup of database files without the traditional requirement to manually quiesce the application or cause disruptions in service to the end user. It actually encourages users to back up their data more frequently, thus reducing the amount of data that must be recovered following a catastrophic failure.

"The alliance between Hitachi and BMC Software is already paying off with the launch of the jointly developed Enterprise Recovery Management solution," said Vic Mahadevan, vice president and general manager of recovery and storage management, BMC Software. "BMC is committed to integrating current network management, storage management, and backup and recovery solutions along with technology provided by partners and acquisitions to offer the only end-to-end storage management tool for the enterprise that can associate storage events with application management."

Extension to CARE Software Products

Asynchronous Remote Copy with Hitachi NanoCopy support will be offered as an extension to Hitachi Data Systems' data-movement options offered under its Copy, Availability, Resource, and Exchange (CARE) umbrella of software solutions for use with the Freedom Storage 7700E. Hitachi ShadowImage -- currently available with the Copy suite of CARE -- can operate in conjunction with Asynchronous Remote Copy to provide volume-level backup. This delivers an additional level of data integrity to assure consistency across sites.

Beta Systems' HARBOR(R) File Transfer and HARBOR File-Level Backup/Restore provide other data-movement solutions within the Copy suite, addressing the "any data, any time" aspects of Hitachi's data-access vision. Harbor File Transfer for 7700E offers a non-disruptive means of transferring large data files in either direction between S/390(R) and UNIX(R)-based and Windows NT(R) systems. This solution is tightly integrated with the 7700E function called Hitachi Multi-platform Data Exchange (HMDE). The Harbor File-Level Backup/Restore solution performs file-level backup and restore of data from open-system servers to mainframe processors.

Remote Copy Supports IBM's GDPS

Hitachi Data Systems also announced today it is providing remote copy support for IBM's Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex(R) (GDPS) facility, an IBM services offering for mirroring data and balancing workload on systems spread across two or more sites up to 40 kilometers apart. With this support, customers running IBM Parallel Sysplex(R) systems can take advantage of Hitachi's Freedom Storage 7700E with its unmatched suite of remote copy options for data availability.

Roadmap for Data Movement Enhancements

Hitachi Data Systems today also revealed a roadmap for next-generation data-movement capabilities. Rolling out implementations of its any data, any computer, anywhere, any time vision over the coming months, Hitachi Data Systems has initially released Asynchronous Remote Copy for use with S/390-compatible processors. The company intends to extend these capabilities to UNIX-based and Windows NT platforms next year.

Hitachi Data Systems will begin releasing Hitachi Freedom Storage NanoCopy in the fourth quarter of 1999. It will be released initially for use with S/390-compatible processors. Hitachi's intention is to extend NanoCopy to UNIX-based and Windows NT-based servers next year.

About Hitachi Data Systems

Recognized as a leading provider of business solutions for the world's most IT-intensive corporations, Hitachi Data Systems offers professional services, multiplatform storage subsystems, and the industry's broadest line of high-performance servers. The company's extensive range of products and services, coupled with its business alliances with key industry leaders, enable it to transform IT into business agility for high-end and middle-market customers. Hitachi Data Systems is owned by Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT) and has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. For further information on Hitachi Data Systems, access

Note: For further information on Hitachi Freedom Storage, access Hitachi Data Systems press releases are available at

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