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Hitachi America announces next generation, 2.6 gigabyte magneto-optic drives; backward-compatible with all previous 5.25-inch multifunction products, new 4X technology drives conform to proposed ISO standard.

BRISBANE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 1, 1995--Hitachi America Ltd.'s computer division today announced its next generation, 5.25-inch magneto-optic drives.

The 172 Series optical drives support 4X storage data densities, using 2.6 gigabyte (GB) rewritable optical media See rewritable optical disc. , as defined in the proposed ISO (1) See ISO speed.

(2) (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, An organization that sets international standards, founded in 1946. The U.S. member body is ANSI.
 standard. Hitachi's third-generation of multifunction optical drive technology also is read/write compatible with 2 GB, 1.3 GB and 650 MB magneto-optic media.

The new drives, available in December in sample quantities and in production quantities in the first quarter of 1996, provide high-capacity, removable optical storage capability for a wide range of workstation and personal computer applications, including computer-aided design computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), form of automation that helps designers prepare drawings, specifications, parts lists, and other design-related elements using special graphics- and calculations-intensive  and engineering, database back-up and restore, geographic and medical imaging, electronic publishing An umbrella term for non-paper publishing, which includes publishing online or on media such as CDs and DVDs.  and pre-press applications.

Optical libraries based on the new drives, with capacities from 125 GB to 501 GB, are ideally suited for hierarchical storage management See HSM.  and multimedia (combined image and code data) database applications in client/server and networked PC environments.

Hitachi's 172 Series magneto-optic drives utilize proven technologies, first implemented in the company's previous generation 2 GB drives, including Zoned Constant Angular Velocity See CAV.  (ZCAV See CAV. ), mark-edge recording and 1-7 encoding, as well as a new 685 nm wavelength laser for data recording.

This combination of proven technologies and investment in engineering over three generations of MO drive technology provides high reliability (80,000 hour MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) The average time a component works without failure. It is the number of failures divided by the hours under observation.

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
 rating) and assured performance, as summarized below. -0-

OD172/OL-F172 Multifunction Optical Drive:  Summary Specifications

Access Time
 Average Total Access                            49 ms
 Average Seek                                    39 ms
 Average Latency                                 10 ms

Data Transfer Rate (maximum user data)
 Reads                                           Up to 3.37 MB/sec.
 Writes (one pass write)                         Up to 3.37 MB/sec.

Disk Load/Unload (includes spin-up/down time)
 Manual Drive (rated for 50,000 cycles)          7.5 sec./4.5 sec.
 Library Drive (rated for 600,000 cycles)        5 sec./2.5 sec.

Formatted Capacity
 1024 Byte/sector disk                           2.6 GB
  512 Byte/sector disk                           2.3 GB

Hitachi has implemented one pass write capability to improve performance. The drives also utilize the SCSI-2 interface and have a 1 MB buffer memory to support the demanding performance requirements of graphics-oriented and network storage applications.

In particular, this speeds access to complex databases (such as still and moving images with computer data) throughout a network.

Reseller, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. The term initially referred to the company that made the products (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to refer to the organization that buys the products and  Targets

Hitachi America will market the new drives through its in-place U.S. distribution network, and through direct sales to large OEM customers. The half-height form factor OD172, suitable for installation into desktop computers and workstations, also will be supported for sale to manufacturers of optical libraries.

The OU172 model of the drive is designed for use as a stand-alone unit, complete with self-contained power supply and power cable.

The full-height OL-F172 library drive will be integrated into two optical library storage systems for sale to resellers and OEMs. These libraries feature average disk to drive mount times of 8.0 seconds or less.

The OL172-48 supports one to four drives and 48 to 60 optical disks. The OL172-180 has equivalent drive capacity and supports 180 to 192 optical disks. (Note: with maximum disk loading Disk Loading is the pressure (weight force divided by disk area) maintained over the swept area of a helicopter's rotor. A heavy helicopter with short rotors will have more disk loading than a light helicopter with long rotors.

A low disk loading allows better autorotation.
, each library can support up to two drives.)

Additionally, up to three libraries can be daisy-chain connected to provide total capacity of up to 1.5 terabytes (using the OL172-180) operating through a single SCSI-2 controller.

Pricing, Availability

Sample quantities of the drive family will be available in December, for evaluation by qualified resellers and OEMs. Pricing for individual sample units is $2,600 for the half-height, drive-bay installable OD172 and $3,100 for the stand-alone OU172.

Evaluation units of the optical library systems will be available in the first quarter of 1996.

Suppliers of 2.6 GB capacity media, conforming to the proposed ISO standard and tested on the new Hitachi drives, include Maxell Corp., Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., Sony Corp., Tosoh Corp. and 3M.

With the introduction of the 172 Series drives, Hitachi's 5.25-inch multifunction optical product line is now synchronized with the roadmap for standard technology development established by OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association, Cupertino, CA, A membership organization composed of major optical drive manufacturers. Established in 1992, its purpose is to endorse standards and promote the use of optical media in computing.  (Optical Storage Technology Association) and supported by international standards bodies Following are some of the standards bodies defined in this database. For Windows users of CDE, look up Lessons/Review/Associations. For Web users of CDE's online HTML version, review the Lessons list at the bottom of the definition.

Organization Covers ANSI U.S.

Hitachi expects to continue its worldwide leadership in optical storage technologies in conformance with standards set by these informal and officially sanctioned organizations.

Through its Peripheral Sales and Marketing Dept. (PSM PSM PlayStation Magazine
PSM Process Safety Management (chemical industry)
PSM Porsche Stability Management
PSM Platform-Specific Model(s)
PSM Platform Support Module
PSM Professional Science Master's
), the computer division of Hitachi America Ltd. sells high-capacity small disk drives for the desktop, portable computer and workstation markets, as well as optical disk drives and optical jukeboxes.

The PSM Dept. markets its storage products to OEMs in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  through a direct sales force and to resellers and VARs through a network of authorized high-tech distributors.

In Canada, Hitachi (Canadian) Ltd. carries the full line of products offered by the PSM Dept. The computer division also sells proprietary Hitachi M Series mainframes and related system software, and Object-Oriented software for the UNIX UNIX

Operating system for digital computers, developed by Ken Thompson of Bell Laboratories in 1969. It was initially designed for a single user (the name was a pun on the earlier operating system Multics).
 workstation and personal computer markets through its Information Systems Sales Marketing Dept. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: Hitachi America Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owned Subsidiary

A subsidiary whose parent company owns 100% of its common stock.

In other words, the parent company owns the company outright and there are no minority owners.
 of Hitachi Ltd., Japan, markets and manufactures electrical and electronic goods and provides industrial equipment and services throughout the United States.

Hitachi Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's leading electronics company, with fiscal 1994 consolidated sales (ending March 31, 1995) of $85 billion.

The company markets and manufactures a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment.

CONTACT: Hitachi America Ltd.

Ken Edoff, 415/244-7649

Cynthia Huey, 415/244-7846


FS Communications

Matthew Schmidt, 415/691-1488
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