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History of Organon Pakistan (Private) Limited.

Organon is a front ranking Dutch multinational pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing Organon products in Pakistan.

Formerly, the Company was known as Hormone Laboratories Pakistan (Private) Limited, but the management decided to rename the Company from Hormone to Organon because the Company also markets certain other speciality pharmaceuticals. Hence the name 'Hormone' did not reflect the entire spectrum of its activities in the pharmaceutical business.

Organon belongs to the pharma division of the parent company Akzo. The basis of the Pharma Division was laid in 1923 when Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg, owner of a thriving meat-packing firm, established the pharmaceutical company Organon. His pioneering idea was to extract hormones from animal organs which would otherwise be discarded. Akzo later came about through a succession of mergers and acquisitions, with Organon as one of the pillars of the organization.

Initially an endocrinology-oriented company, Organon is now a well-diversified force in innovative pharmaceutical research. Acquisition of the French RETI organization and Thiemann GmbH in Germany, which both have their own research facilities and product leads, has considerably added to this.

Organon concentrates on human prescription drugs. Product areas include reproduction, the central nervous system (CNS) and cardiovascular complaints. Reproductive medicine includes contraceptives, and products for treating infertility and the menopause. Typical examples of success in this field include Multiload - the advanced intra-uterine device and Marvelon - the most widely prescribed oral contraceptive in the world.

The CNS-active drugs include preparations for the treatment of mental disorders. Research in this area has resulted in the first new-generation tetracyclic anti-depressant Lantanon. The cardiovascular drugs are aimed at the treatment and prevention of angina pectoris and cardiac failure. Cordium is one of several Organon preparations for controlling heart disease.

In the field of immunology and oncology Organon has set up a program aimed at treatment of auto-immune diseases and of certain cancers. Of importance in this context is Homonco, a joint research program of Organon and sister company Organon Teknika in the area of cancer diagnosis and therapy, which started in 1988. Organon currently has over 40 local subsidiaries and also works through agents and third parties. Organon products are now available in more than 100 countries worldwide. Approximately 95% of total business is conducted outside the Netherlands.
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