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Historical Tea association form in Sri Lanka. (World News).

SRI LANKA Sri Lanka (srē läng`kə) [Sinhalese,=resplendent land], formerly Ceylon, ancient Taprobane, officially Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, island republic (2005 est. pop.  -- Six key stakeholders in Sri Lanka's tea industry have formed a federation as a pan-industry apex body, be-lieved to be the first of its kind by a major tea producing country, a senior minister announced recently.

The Tea Association of Sri Lanka (TASL TASL Tennessee Association of School Librarians
TASL Texas Association of School Librarians
TASL The Armor School Library (Fort Knox, KY USA)
TASL Theater Authorized Stockage List
) is intended, to transform the 135-year-old industry into a truly global force and facilitate a greater private sector role in strategy formulation, and implementation, Plantation Industries Minister Lakshman Kiriella said.

The minister told a news conference the association, representing tea producers, traders, exporters, smallholders, private factory owners and brokers, would in its initial states be funded largely through the on-going Asian Development Bank Asian Development Bank

A financial_institution established in 1966 to reduce poverty in the Asia-Pacific region. The bank is headquartered in Manila, Philippines and consists of 61 member countries.
 (ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) A low-speed serial bus for connecting keyboards, mice and other input devices on Apple IIgs and Macintosh computers. Starting with the iMac in 1998, the ADB was superseded by USB. ) supported Plantation Reform Project (PRP PrP A prion protein. See Prion. ) and the proposed Plantation Development Project (PDP (1) (Plasma Display Panel) See plasma display.

(2) (Policy Decision Point) See COPS and XACML.

(3) (Programmed Data P

He said an analysis of the success of other national industries in the global market, such as Colombian coffee, South African wine South African wine has a history dating back to 1659, and at one time Constantia was considered one of the greatest wines in the world. Under apartheid, the industry struggled with inferior grape varieties and industrial winemaking, but the dismantling of the old state , Dutch, floriculture floriculture

Branch of ornamental horticulture concerned with growing and marketing flowers and ornamental plants, as well as with flower arrangement. Because flowers and potted plants are largely produced in plant-growing structures in temperate climates, floriculture is
 and India software had clearly shown the need for an industry-run apex body to develop common long term strategy, coordinate industry efforts to meet the needs of this strategy, provide inputs to policymakers and run industry efforts such as trade and consumer promotion, research and product development, in the context of a global market.

"The Sri Lankan tea industry is one of the biggest in the world, and a vital element fo the national economy," Minister Kiriella said. "However, the industry comprises multiple stakeholder groups with diverse interests and differing priorities. The success of implementing any common long term strategy will lie in the ability of the industry to work-rogether with an apex body to speathead activites."

TASL Chairman Rohan Fernando said the association comprising the Planters Association of Ceylon (PA) of which he is chairman, the Colombo Tea Treaders. Association (CTTA CTTA California Tow Truck Association (Palm Springs, CA)
CTTA Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority
CTTA Chaos Theory :Tales Askew (website)
CTTA Cheltenham Table Tennis Association
), the Tea Exporters' Association (TEA), Sri Lanka Federation of Tea Small Holdings Development Societies (SLFTSHDS), Private Tea Factory Owners' Association (PTFOA) and the Colombo Brokers Association (CBA See Capital Builder Account. ) had developed implementation and funding plans up to 2006.

He said the initial tasks of the association would be to promote Ceylon Tea globally, develop market intelligence, and leverage quality through a quality certification program with the establishment of certification infrastructure. The TASL would also be involed in strategy and policy development and be a catalyst for product development and research Funding plans for the first five years of the TASL's operations envisage an investment of about Rs 200 million, largely from donor funds but with an increasing contribution from the Tea Cess and fee-based activities in the longer term, Fernan do disclosed.

Listing some of the other functions of the association, he said the TASL would facilitate strategic alliances and collaborate with supporting institutions such as the Tea Research Institute (TRI TRI Toxics Release Inventory (US EPA)
TRI Touch Research Institute
TRI Taux de Rentabilité Interne (French: internal rate of return)
TRI Taux de Rentabilité Interne
TRI Tile Roofing Institute
), Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Tea Smallholdings Development Authority to ensure alignment with industry needs. The TASL also plans to be the conduit for the establishment of a market intelligence and promotion center, for e-trading, to establish liaisons with non governmental organizations to raise awareness on international codes of conduct and for certification standards relating to social, welfare and environmental conditions.

"It has taken this industry more than a century to take this logical step of harnessing the synergies of all stakeholders towards a common goal," Fernando pointed out. "We feel it is about time the industry united to put Ceylon Tea firmly on the world map in generic terms as well as in brand terms."

He said the establishment of a "Ceylon Standard" quality certification program and the implementation of national and international communications plans were expected to be key elements of this effort to establish and reinforce the image of Ceylon tea globally.
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