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Historic photos of Albuquerque.


Historic photos of Albuquerque.

Ed. by Sandra Fye.

Turner Publishing Co.


206 pages




With a one hundred year scope from 1880-1980, this book covers Albuquerque's history in photos (presented in an oversize o·ver·size  
1. A size that is larger than usual.

2. An oversize article or object.

adj. o·ver·size also o·ver·sized
Larger in size than usual or necessary.

Adj. 1.
, 10.5x10.5" format), including the city's early years as a railroad railroad or railway, form of transportation most commonly consisting of steel rails, called tracks, on which freight cars, passenger cars, and other rolling stock are drawn by one locomotive or more.  town and a sizeable section on World War II and the post-War era. There is little by way of text outside of descriptive captions of each b&w photo and a chronological chron·o·log·i·cal   also chron·o·log·ic
1. Arranged in order of time of occurrence.

2. Relating to or in accordance with chronology.
 introduction to each section written by Fye (assistant registrar See domain name registrar. , National Atomic Museum National Atomic Museum, soon to be renamed the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Museum is a national center of nuclear science information and is dedicated to preserving and presenting information about the history of nuclear  of Albuquerque). Even though each photograph is published within a section defined by time period, not all images include an approximate date, which would have benefited the book's organization. This publication is not academic in its approach but could be of wide appeal to local citizens or libraries, or enthusiasts of vintage photography.

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Date:May 1, 2008
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