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READERS' LIVESGail-Nina Anderson; Gail-Nina Anderson is a Newcastle-based cultural historian who lectures on a wide range of subjects, from high art to the paranormal. Her five favourite reads embrace Gothic horror and high comedy. Oct 28, 2014 601
Real men DO cry... so long as they are Gazza or Murray Gazza or Murray; But Warwick historian says it's still a massive But Warwick historian says it's still a massive no-no for politicians, cricketers and golfers no-no for politicians, cricketers and golfers. Oct 24, 2014 297
Real truth lacks razor-sharp edge of Peaky Blinders; Hit TV series Peaky Blinders has placed Birmingham in the national spotlight - but how close to the truth is it? In part one of a two-part series, ZOE CHAMBERLAIN gets some surprising answers from historian and Mail columnist Carl Chinn. Oct 16, 2014 1028
Australia : Quay acknowledgement for Perth historian. Oct 13, 2014 325
Historians to give series of free talks about war. Oct 11, 2014 230
Bid to honour Gallipoli dead; BRITAIN TODAY. Oct 6, 2014 105
Historian to donate notes on famous Lincoln photo. Oct 5, 2014 147
How the two sides dug deeper and deeper in search of military gain; North East historian JOHN SADLER on the 100th anniversary of a significant moment early in the First World War - and one which led to a dirty and dangerous new aspect of the conflict. Sep 29, 2014 749
The murder most foul that left its stamp on history; The Midland-born Victorian social reformer Sir Rowland Hill - - inventor of the penny postage stamp - - played a little known part in a macabre episode in Birmingham's history, writes keen historian Peter Douglas Osborn. Sep 25, 2014 934
The spirit of the community lives on; Community spirit is alive and kicking in Saltburn, says resident and historian TONY LYNN. Sep 24, 2014 537
Germany : ICONICS Announces New Cloud-based Hyper Historian. Sep 24, 2014 339
Wales through a lens; It's Welsh History Month again in the Western Mail and at WalesOnline, in association with Cadw. Over the course of four weeks, we'll be running articles by a host of leading Welsh historians and academics discussing the history of Wales in 100 pictures. Our first piece comes from Huw Bowen, Professor of Modern History at Swansea University. Sep 20, 2014 844
Lloyd George's timing was perfection in itself; Today marks a littleknown anniversary of World War I. The moment when, writes historian Gethin Matthews, David Lloyd George gave a landmark speech in defence of Britain's actions in the build-up to the war, and a plea to his countrymen to do their bit. Sep 19, 2014 604
Historian will present 'Herstory' in Civil War quilts. Sep 19, 2014 220
Has the sea finally given up the secret of the ill-fated Erebus? The Franklin Expedition and its crew disappeared after leaving Greenhithe in Kent in 1845. Rachael Misstear explains how historians in West Wales are now hoping the discovery of one of its ships will be that of HMS Erebus, built and launched in the area two decades before. Sep 16, 2014 688
Historian David wins second prize. Sep 10, 2014 502
Method and metaphysics: a legal historian's canon. Bateman, C.G. Sep 1, 2014 11182
Method and metaphysics: a legal historian's canon. Bateman, C.G. Sep 1, 2014 18998
Poverty of the church--poverty of culture: a contribution of Giuseppe Dossetti to Vatican II. Melloni, Alberto Essay Aug 31, 2014 8956
Sporting fan Dave, 70, dies at Headingley; Tributes after Giants historian's fatal collapse. Obituary Aug 30, 2014 543
Noted historian Bipan Chandra dies at 86. Aug 30, 2014 329
Is this where Brian Epstein really discovered The Beatles? Historian claims city hall gig paved way for band's success. Aug 26, 2014 521
Hidden war tales of Wales; Rugby commentator Eddie Butler turns historian to uncover what life was like in Porthmadog and Swansea during WWI. Aug 26, 2014 1818
The blundering bombers; The Great War brought few moments of comedy, but a botched Zeppelin raid on the North East coast had newspapers poking fun at a crew which dropped bombs on a field. IaN RobsoN talks to the historian who says they got lost on the way to their real target. Aug 25, 2014 1339
A tale of two cities; We know him as the velvet-voiced frontman of BBC rugby commentary but in the coming weeks we'll see Eddie Butler in a whole new light - as war historian and novelist. He tells Dave Owens about this exciting new chapter in his life. Aug 23, 2014 2180
War games historians find long-lost medal; Research into WW1 female football teams. Aug 22, 2014 436
Nobels paid a price for their family names to appear in history books; An infuential historian from Warwickshire was antiquary to the stars in the 1600s. Chris Upton reports. Aug 21, 2014 989
President GE-l presents order of merit to historian Feroz Ahmad. Aug 19, 2014 128
Heroes and villains in city historian's past. Aug 15, 2014 335
Non-existent historian who never won THEVC. Aug 11, 2014 614
Better guns, better transport, better food - and a high chance of death; Historian JOHN SADLER on how, as the First World War passes from living memory, there is a duty and compulsion to keep alive the voices of those who took part. Aug 8, 2014 650
We have to save our city from falling into ruin; Liverpool has the most listed buildings outside London, but many stand unloved and empty. Historian Stephen Guy tells Tom Belger why it matters. Aug 6, 2014 1169
Historian Jill Lepore introduces readers to Ben Franklin's sister. Frantz, Ann Connery Aug 3, 2014 1156
Tributes paid to eminent historian. Jul 31, 2014 161
Fed Reserve Historian Blames Housing Incentives as Wrong & Harmful: Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jul 30, 2014 556
War that didn't end all wars; 100 years after the start of World War One, amateur historian Christopher Dobson looks at the way the North East responded to the conflict - and the toll it took. Jul 28, 2014 1685
Pleading for a "new world order": prolific author and member of America's elite Robert Kagan pled for America to continue on the path of a U.S.-empowered "new world order"--as we have done for 70 years. Scaliger, Charles Critical essay Jul 28, 2014 2603
Federal Reserve Historian Meltzer Reveals Fed's Bank Examiners Never Rejected Bad Loans: Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jul 16, 2014 541
James MacGregor Burns, historian, dies; 95. Jul 16, 2014 282
Historians set to say it with flowers. Jul 15, 2014 134
Historian fights veterans' grave marker thefts; Seeks ban to stop sales. Oleson, Ellie Jul 13, 2014 820
Renowned historian gives insight on demand of federalism in South Sudan. Jul 9, 2014 1044
Bannockburn and a long legacy of savagery and myth; Historian JOHN SADLER marks the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn - and looks at how it helped to shape the complex relationship between England and Scotland. Jul 4, 2014 684
Custody of the current archive, storage and historian of the institution. Jul 3, 2014 163
Two cheers for partisan history: Herbert Butterfield was wrong about Whig scholarship. Gottfried, Paul Jul 1, 2014 1201
Carl Bridenbaugh, American colonial history and academic antisemitism: the paths to the 'Great Mutation'. Palmer, William Critical essay Jul 1, 2014 9433
Historian: France Trying to Get Rid of MKO. Jun 29, 2014 285
A wandering spirit and a passion for photography; HISTORY To mark 100 years since the death of Birmingham photographer and intrepid explorer Sir Benjamin Stone, author and Newman University historian Stephen Roberts looks back at his legacy. Jun 26, 2014 905
Step back in time and enjoy a pint in the pubs of yesteryear; Local writer and historian Charlie Steel has shone new light on the fascinating world of the many old pubs in North Shields. Dave Morton reports. Jun 24, 2014 911
WW1 TALK BY HISTORIAN; WIRRAL Briefing. Jun 24, 2014 123
Rauschenbusch and Dollinger as "other": historians and the Protestant-Catholic divide. Pitts, Bill Jun 22, 2014 5323
Charles Beard & the English historians. Drake, Richard Jun 22, 2014 3639
Take a leaf out of historians' books on new training course. Jun 20, 2014 114
A dark legacy and a set of questions with no answers; North East historian JOHN SADLER how a vacuum that the West created in Iraq is being filled with blood. Jun 20, 2014 684
Federal Reserve Historian Allan H. Meltzer, Ph.D. Asks "Who's In Control?" On Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jun 18, 2014 515
Historians confirm Alabaster skull found 24 years ago was created by Leonardo da Vinci. Jun 15, 2014 198
Mail historian is awarded honorary degree from OU. Jun 12, 2014 373
Scientist and historian get botanic garden roles. Jun 10, 2014 406
Canal historian: Be bold in vision; House OKs Blackstone funding. Foskett, Steven H., Jr. Jun 6, 2014 557
Kate Middleton Descendant Of Notable Birmingham Families, Australian Historian Reveals Details. Jun 5, 2014 315
Federal Reserve Historian Allan H. Meltzer, Ph.D. Defends "The System" On Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jun 4, 2014 535
Queen to continue, says historian as Spanish monarch calls it a day. Jun 3, 2014 264
Wolfson History Prize winners announced. Brief article Jun 3, 2014 106
BUYER OF PHILLY PAPERS DIES IN JET CRASH Tuesday, Lewis Katz outbid rivals; Saturday his plane wrecked. Jun 2, 2014 666
Clearing the air: allied air campaign paves the way for D-Day success at Normandy. Crane, Ryan Interview Jun 1, 2014 1033
Adieu Kaye Whiteman: Dr Patrick Wilmot pays tribute to the writer, historian, editor and friend of Africa, Kaye Whiteman, who died on 17 May 2014. Wilmot, Patrick Jun 1, 2014 581
Top historian helps students. May 30, 2014 145
Historian sheds new light on bygone conflict; Education Edited by Gareth Evans If you have an education story contact Gareth on 029 2024 3638 or email May 19, 2014 417
This is a commemoration not a celebration. It is an opportunity to understand the past better. And learn lessons for the future – Hew Strachan; LEADING HISTORIAN ON SHAPING HOW OUR NATION SHOULD REMEMBER THE FALLEN. May 18, 2014 1226
Military historian provides new insight into world war. May 9, 2014 191
Military historian to delve into war for lecture. May 8, 2014 330
Charming building and it's dead quiet! May 6, 2014 371
Old book starts history search; Young historian Dylan Martin bought a 152-year-old book and the information in it has led him to turn to Examiner readers for help. The 11-yearold Lindley Junior School pupil is the son of Huddersfield University history research fellow Janette Martin, loves history and is eager to discover more about Huddersfield's Roman heritage. Here is a feature he has written. Apr 30, 2014 519
Rebecca's treasured handful; READERS' LIVES Rebecca Jenkins, who lives in Teesdale, is an author and cultural historian. She has written several books including a history of the 1908 London Olympics, a biography of 18th Century actress Fanny Kemble and a historical novel, The Duke's Agent, first in her FR Jarrett mystery. Apr 29, 2014 711
Pilot dies before his flying-boat is raised. Apr 17, 2014 511
Historian's home goes up in smoke. Apr 14, 2014 166
Charting a path to the past; YESTERDAYS EXTRA The Glamorgan Archives in Leckwith, Cardiff, are a treasure trove of documents, photos and records relating to the history of South Wales. This week, we focus on how the historians here can keep track of the changing nature of the local landscape... Apr 12, 2014 336
When going Dutch meant a nice cup of tea; The Glamorgan Archives in Leckwith, Cardiff, are a treasure trove of documents, photos and records relating to South Wales history. This week, the historians have unearthed a series of pictures telling of the glory days of the capital city's cafe society... Apr 5, 2014 452
Two Spanish historians claim to have found the Holy Grail. Apr 1, 2014 162
Beyond the ivory tower: doing public history in the digital age. Rosenbaum, Judith Essay Apr 1, 2014 2159
Civil war speaker. Stuart, Reginald Interview Mar 27, 2014 701
Tributes for late author and historian. Mar 22, 2014 116
History under Harper: leaving Quebec, and much else, outside Canada. Noel, Alain Essay Mar 22, 2014 1371
Howard Zinn, the people's historian. Wright, Donald Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 6266
Revisiting the textual parallels and date of Thomas of Kent's Alexander and Jordan Fantosme's Chronicle. De Wilde, Geert Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 9241
The war may have been just - but was it that simple? Historian JOHN SADLER contrinues his series on the events that led to the start of the First World War 100 years ago. Mar 11, 2014 679
Art historian from U.S. reckons he's solved secret of Mona Lisa's smile. Mar 10, 2014 272
TV historian aims to bring WWI alive for North teachers. Mar 5, 2014 106
Man who scored first Highfield Road goal; Historian's research reveals player's fourth-minute strike in 1899 match. Mar 3, 2014 481
Historians dig out 15 skeletons of 1857 Mutiny fighters. Mar 1, 2014 270
Dorothy Cummings McLean, a Canadian Catholic writer living in Scotland, recently interviewed Rev. Doctor Athanasius D. McVay who specializes in twentieth-century history of Vatican diplomacy and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Interview Mar 1, 2014 271
Rayford W. Logan: the evolution of a Pan-African protege, 1921-1927. Reed, David L. Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 11384
Shattering the myth of Iceland's 'Coventry window' TV historian finds stained glass which was thought to be from city's cathedral before the Blitz is not all that it seems... Feb 28, 2014 462
Don't go breakin' my harp; HISTORY Historian Chris Upton looks at the Black Country origins of an unusual instrument played by bands such as Black Sabbath and The Who to singer Leonard Cohen. Feb 27, 2014 923
Bill Haley and the Comets' guitarist Franny Beecher dies. Feb 27, 2014 282
Historian pens novel set in 1850s Worcester. Stanway, Eric Feb 21, 2014 777
How the slave trade helped N.Wales; Amateur historian Huw Thomas on the region's links to cotton plantations across the Atlantic. Feb 15, 2014 663
Tributes to historian at launch of his book. Feb 13, 2014 197
Michelangelo was 'skilled forger', claims art historian. Feb 10, 2014 133
Leaders, not historians; Views of the North. Feb 4, 2014 199
Britain's entry into WW1 'biggest error in modern history', says historian. Jan 30, 2014 210
Holocaust expert gives voice to victims in verse; Holocaust Memorial Day is an occasion for one Newcastle traveller, writer and amateur historian to dwell on crimes against humanity. DAVID WHETSTONE talks to George Currie, who is also something of a poet. Jan 27, 2014 868
SIXTH SENSE; EXPERT SALUTES A RIGHT ROYAL PR MAN; Historian Poll rivals could learn from James. Jan 26, 2014 781
THE REAL JAMES TURNER REVEALED; Brum historian Carl Chinn solves mystery of who gave his name to TV's Benefits Street. Jan 26, 2014 1068
Historian Vera wants tourist office to remain where it is. Jan 24, 2014 223
The road to 1914 began nearly half a century before; Historian JOHN SADLER, in the first of an occasional series on the First World War, says the origins of the conflict go back much further than 1914. Jan 23, 2014 669
War hero's family sought by historian. Jan 17, 2014 212
Historian Hobsbawm's [euro]2.2m in will. Jan 12, 2014 136
The main thing I came across at Celtic Park was fear. There was a fear of change. And there was a fear of bad things happening – Fergus McCann to club historian Brian Wilson. Jan 12, 2014 1468
A place where the dead travel miles to rest. Jan 6, 2014 402
Native narrative: William J. Bauer Jr.'s Wailacki and Concow background has inspired his work to preserve California Indian history. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 2, 2014 655
Co-op educator Ian Macpherson dies. Jan 1, 2014 307
ADHA's Historian Attends Annual Medical Device and Investment Forum. Conference news Jan 1, 2014 781
Tory Nihilist: Maurice Cowling debunked liberalism with "irony, geniality, and malice.". Walther, Matthew Jan 1, 2014 3065
Wrestling with the ghosts of Olympics past: with the Wmter Olympics set to open in Sochi, Russia, in February, Moment's Josh Tapper talks to David Wallethinslcy, author of The Complete Book of the Olympics and president of the International Society of Olympic Historians. Jan 1, 2014 790
Gwynfor was always ready to inspire; Knowledgeable slate historian passes away on Christmas eve. Dec 30, 2013 431
Jacobitism and the historian: some neglected sources on the Jacobite insurrections of 1715 and 1745. Schweizer, Karl Report Dec 22, 2013 7149
Prince Edward Island. Johnston, Marian Dec 22, 2013 433
Historians given cash to find stories. Dec 10, 2013 127
President Bashir: a historian at large. Dec 8, 2013 1118
Historian reflects on Abu Dhabi history. Dec 7, 2013 988
Coming to political power late [...]; Nelson Mandela is South Africa's George Washington and a world leader who now 'belongs to the ages', according to leading presidential historian Jon Roper. Dec 6, 2013 898
Coming to political power late in his life, Mandela set others an example through the responsible way in which he used it. Like Washington too, he knew when to leave the political arena... NELSON MANDELA: 1918-2013 Nelson Mandela is South Africa's George Washington and a world leader who now 'belongs to the ages', according to leading presidential historian Jon Roper. Dec 6, 2013 1675
The shots that changed USA; A visit to Dallas 50 years after Kennedy death The world saw the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president John F Kennedy on TV, but Huddersfield historian RICHARD HEATH made the trip to Dallas in Texas to see for himself the spot where it all happened. Dec 4, 2013 1313
Home ground! Sky Blues historian believes he has located club's first ever pitch... and says the corner flag would have been in this living room! Dec 3, 2013 639
Theories and concepts in International Relations--from idealism to realism. Serban, Ionut Author abstract Dec 1, 2013 2227
Expo's transformative ideas should transcend borders, Expo historian says. Nov 28, 2013 1070
'Writers are not historians'. Nov 17, 2013 479
Snow business like bringing past to life; TV historian Dan Snow is heading to Warwickshire to share his knowledge on the past. He talks to CATHERINE VONLEDEBUR. Nov 8, 2013 845
Historian calls pope 'Vatican II high octane'. Dunne, Colleen Nov 8, 2013 735
Snow business like bringing past to life; TV historian Dan Snow talks to Catherine Vonledebur about castles, digging up Shakespeare's last home and uncovering a Birmingham-built spitfire machine gun in an Irish bog. Nov 7, 2013 816
An interview with Diane Ravitch: professor, historian and author. Ravitch, Diane Interview Nov 1, 2013 962
The Industrial Research Institute: past and future: a historian of innovation and IRI's president offer a portrait of IRI's roots and a vision for its future. Hintz, Eric S.; Bernstein, Ed Organization overview Nov 1, 2013 3220
Tragedy of nine Great War dead from single road; Historian unearths human cost. Nov 1, 2013 398
Was race just an excuse to make big profits? Over the last four weeks, Wales has marked Black History Month with a series of events. As it ends, Darren Devine reports on a debate between historians on the motivation for the slave trade. Nov 1, 2013 794
Historian to speak at OSV; Author Fowler to speak on American Revolution. Nov 1, 2013 329
United Kingdom : Archaeologists and historians to investigate a vast network of Mediterranean Roman ports. Oct 30, 2013 463
Was Rasputin's killer from the Midlands? Historians believe British agent wielded gun that fired fatal bullet. Oct 20, 2013 868
Cuts victims 'aren't dead in the street'. Conference notes Oct 4, 2013 110
Historians from Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Macedonia (only ethnic Albanians) met at a conference in Struga over the weekend organized by the municipality of Struga and Zijadin Sela of PDSH, the Association of Albanian Historians and the Bulgarian Culture Club of Skopje to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ohrid-Debar Uprising. Conference news Oct 3, 2013 123
NYC's The King's College Welcomes Dr. Daniel A. Siedell as Presidential Scholar & Art Historian in Residence. Oct 3, 2013 730
Leithers unite across globe; Facebook page created in memory of historian gives a glimpse into the past. Obituary Oct 2, 2013 788
Lesley Kipling; Historian, socialist and activist. Oct 1, 2013 413
Anna Jacobson Schwartz: in memoriam. Tavlas, George S. Sep 22, 2013 4312
Ethics and history in Olaf Stapledon's Last Men in London. Goodwin, Jonathan Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 8667
Bismarck and Blowitz at the Congress of Berlin. Stone, James J. Report Sep 22, 2013 12504
Memories of Jack should never fade; Families urged to trace WWI dead. Sep 19, 2013 719
Generosity in dark war days; Huddersfield historian VIVIEN TEASDALE has uncovered some great accounts about Huddersfield in World War One. Now she is anxious for more people to come forward with their family stories from the era. Sep 18, 2013 706
Glory days when even members had to queue to get into Canley Social; Canley Sports & Social club in Coventry was destroyed by fire a week ago. Historian and former Canley resident RUTH CHERRINGTON recalls its glory days. Sep 9, 2013 518
Historian's thanks to Examiner readership. Sep 7, 2013 267
Go on... use your loaf; In love with The Great British Bake Off? So much so that you wish you could make your own bread? Food historian GAITRI PAGRACH-CHANDRA is here to help. Sep 6, 2013 1067
Historian's plea on 'forgotten' soldiers. Sep 2, 2013 309
'Chilling and painful': food historian describes nutrition experiments at residential schools. Wardle, Connie Sep 1, 2013 482
Semper Fidelis: a Historian's reflection. Adams, Kevin Sep 1, 2013 1691
Historian claims to have discovered second-ever image of Billy the Kid. Aug 30, 2013 158
Dutch historian hunts for family of war hero shot down with Welsh pal on bombing raid; AIRMEN'S GRAVES ARE FOUND AFTER 73 YEARS. Aug 22, 2013 622
Former lawmaker, dean, Cal Ledbetter dies at 84. Cottingham, Jan Obituary Aug 19, 2013 203
Columbia State Community College (Tenn.) Assistant Professor Thomas Flagel has recently returned from Gettysburg, Pa., where he was one of 35 historians and filmmakers invited to speak at the 150th anniversary of the iconic Civil War battle. Aug 19, 2013 165
Debate spurs book sales. Brief article Aug 16, 2013 169
'Hitler Apologist' Historian David Irving to Hold Himmler Talk. Aug 6, 2013 352
Bomb threat tweet sent to historian Mary Beard. Aug 4, 2013 397
Making their marques; Historian Dominic Sandbrook explains why German car makers have become so successful in the UK. Aug 2, 2013 1112
Rude awakenings; an American historian's encounters with Nazism, Communism, and McCarthyism. Book review Aug 1, 2013 117
Prince George will be a '22nd century monarch' Historian's prediction for new Royal baby. Jul 26, 2013 432
Emile Griffith Dead: Boxer Known For Fatal Benny Paret Match Dies At Age 75 [VIDEO]. Obituary Jul 24, 2013 534
Historian Greg finds missing WWI memorial; BRONZE TRIBUTE TO WORKERS AT CAR BOOT. Jul 18, 2013 449
The Marquis of Anglesey, military historian, dies at 90. Jul 17, 2013 227
PLAGUE PITS OF THE MIDLANDS; Historians claim more Black Death victims still to be uncovered. Jul 14, 2013 664
How Williams & Co played their part in WWII victory; EXCLUSIVE: MYSTERY MEDAL SETS HISTORIAN ON TRAIL OF WARTIME SOCCER ACES Football helped British forces to beat the Nazis, according to new research. STEVE BRADLEY visits the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosfrod to discover how soccer helped to thwart the enemy. Jul 14, 2013 1423
Historian Carl treated badly by the BBC; viewpoint. Jul 4, 2013 201
TV historian in Tyneside talk. Jul 3, 2013 193
Joel Augustus Rogers's reflection and end of life admiration of Marcus Garvey in New York. Asukile, Thabiti Essay Jul 1, 2013 11354
Rescuing Canadian history. Tuns, Paul Essay Jul 1, 2013 1592
What was most important to me was that I got to say goodbye to my listeners and to thank them; SHOWBIZ: HISTORIAN CARL CHINN AXED FROM BBC WM WEEKLY RADIO SHOW FOR BEING 'TOO EXPENSIVE'. Jun 24, 2013 739
In defense of neoliberal education policy: or, why Ravitch is wrong about school choice. Dempster, Gregory M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 4718
Anthony Slide interviewed. Stevenson, David Interview Jun 22, 2013 4244
Swansea students' bewildering costumes in 1922 and other gems uncovered in archives; HISTORIANS AT UNIVERSITY RESEARCH THEIR OWN UNION. Jun 7, 2013 711
I scrutinised every picture of every landing on every beach of D–Day. I was looking for dad; REVEALED HISTORIAN'S INSPIRATION FOR AMAZING ACCOUNT OF ALLIES' INVASION; Teacher's research helps recreate battle for TV epic. Jun 2, 2013 1700
Reading Herodotus; a guided tour through the wild boars, dancing suitors, and crazy tyrants of The History. Book review Jun 1, 2013 111
Herodotus; The Histories; the complete translation, backgrounds, commentaries; 2d ed. Book review Jun 1, 2013 193
Urbanism and our urban future: Professor, Doctor Almantas Samalavicius interview with Witold Rybczynski, architect, urbanist and architectural writer, Emeritus Professor of the University of Pennsylvania. Samalavicius, Almantas Editorial Jun 1, 2013 2686
Wladyslaw Wielhorski (1885-1967)--historian, political scientist and public figure/Wladyslawas Wielhorskis (1885-1967)--istorikas, politologas, visuomenes veikejas. Ilgiewicz, Henryka Report Jun 1, 2013 3951
Japanese historians visit Takeshima for research. May 27, 2013 331
The original "big fifty": the U.S. government's first centerfire military round, the .50-70 was adapted to the Sharps breechloader. Our hardware historian finds out how his original stacks up with Chiappa's repro. James, Garry May 24, 2013 1623
CITY WAS THE BEATING HEART OF THE BATTLE; TV historian to talk about WWII fight. May 24, 2013 449
Benefits of technical expertise on functional suites data historian and mco applications. May 23, 2013 153
DAN SNOW PATROL; TA recruit celeb TV historian to boost manpower. May 19, 2013 242
Palestinian Journalist Naser al-Din al-Nashashibi Dies in Jerusalem. May 17, 2013 161
SNAPS OF DAYS GONE BY; Part Two of our trip down memory lane with photos from the 1970s which a historian hopes will reconnect residents of Ely with the past. May 13, 2013 244
SNAPSHOT OF THE '70s; Historian hopes to help a community reconnect with its past by sharing his photographic record of life in Ely. May 11, 2013 516
Star Trek Historian Larry Nemecek to Appear as Guest of Honor at BlasterCON 2013. May 8, 2013 273
Historian: Did warrior king like to cross-dress? May 2, 2013 203
Talk by historian; NORTH TODAY HISTORY. May 2, 2013 109
Welsh Education studies loses its brightest star in GE Jones; Wales lost one of its most prominent academics last month. Professor Gareth Elwyn Jones, who carried on his education work despite a devastating road crash, was an inspiration to many modern-day historians. Here, Prof Geraint H Jenkins, former head of Welsh history at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, pays tribute to a friend and former colleague. May 2, 2013 803
Eric Hobsbawm, 1917-2012. Shepherd, John Biography May 1, 2013 1997
Charles Thomas (Tom) Stannage, 1944-2012. Oliver, Bobbie Biography May 1, 2013 947
Historian hints at archaeological site at Al Bidda Park. Apr 24, 2013 296
'Inspiring' historian GE Jones mourned. Apr 23, 2013 143
Historians are looking for favourite building. Apr 17, 2013 224
Historians reserved about 'Upper Republic'. Limani, Anila Apr 16, 2013 215
Historian's anger over Gaelic signs. Apr 13, 2013 159
The landscapes of Dark Ages: historian Paul Collins didn't intend it as such, but his the birth of the West is partially an antidote to Thomas Cahill's informative and entertaining, if overweening, how the Irish saved civilization. Jones, Arthur Book review Apr 12, 2013 1040
Sporting stalwart dies; BASEBALL. Apr 10, 2013 127
TV STAR DAN IN ATLANTIC BATTLE TALK; Historian to discuss city's 'pivotal' role. Apr 8, 2013 277
Pieces of history up for sale; Lancaster fans, historians want items kept in town. Apr 7, 2013 962
TRUE FASCIST; FLAK CATS DI CANIO ON DEFENSIVE Paolo finally denies tag only for Lazio historian to brand him a... Apr 4, 2013 559
Take stroll through countryside to step back into history hidden in beautiful Welsh landscape; FARMERS JOIN WITH HISTORIAN TO GIVE PEOPLE CHANCE TO TAKE LOOK AT PAST. Apr 2, 2013 595
From the archives: Florence, celebrated as the cradle of the Renaissance in a show at the Palazzo Strozzi, has been lauded over the centuries by historians from Vasari to Berenson. The latter's partisan influence was noted by Alexander Watt in January 1950. O'Byrne, Robert Essay Apr 1, 2013 767
Remarks on Friedman medal. Moore, Deborah Dash Speech Apr 1, 2013 1772
You can take our lives..but you can keep your historical accuracy; EXPERT SAYS BRAVEHEART MYTHS HAVE TAKEN OVER; Historian says Wallace facts beat fiction. Mar 24, 2013 1203
Last member of Hillary, Tenzing's team to climb Mt. Everest dies at 89. Obituary Mar 23, 2013 170
War and presidential greatness. Henderson, David R.; Gochenour, Zachary Report Mar 22, 2013 4565
Reconsidering Gabriel Kolko: a half-century perspective. Bradley, Robert L., Jr.; Donway, Roger Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 7523
Building the Mexican state: the notion of citizenship: an interview with Claudio Lomnitz and Pablo Piccato. Interview Mar 22, 2013 3059
Historian corner. Johnson, Peter W. Mar 22, 2013 436
The city of the dead. Mar 21, 2013 710
UK naval historian warns Royal Navy now 'too small' to protect country. Mar 19, 2013 195
An Englishman's castle is a tourist attraction; BUSINESSMAN PAYS FOR VISITOR CENTRE AT 14TH CENTURY SITE AMATEUR HISTORIAN HAS SPENT PS30,000 RESTORING. Mar 18, 2013 469
The oriental other: Soliman the magnificent in Kyd's Soliman and Perseda. Al-Olaqi, Fahd Mohammed Taleb Mar 1, 2013 8705
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian to deliver keynote address at 2013 Annual Meeting. Mar 1, 2013 641
For the record: Doris Kearns Goodwin. Interview Mar 1, 2013 1240
Discussing the prospects of European democracy with Alexis de Tocqueville/Bendraujant su Alexiu de tocqueville'iu europos demokratijos perspektyvu klausimu. Eidukiene, Dalia Mar 1, 2013 3235
All the single ladies. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 28, 2013 102
Story of midfielder Simon uncovered; Town historian's amazing knowledge. Feb 27, 2013 619
Pope's Resignation Marks New Episode in Fight against Church's Gerontocracy - Bulgarian Historian. Feb 11, 2013 309
Information is vital for future generations of historians. Feb 5, 2013 326
Vatican newspaper compares marriage equality to communism. Speciale, Alessandro Jan 18, 2013 1025
History of dieting in spotlight; From tapeworms and arsenic pills to electric shocks and excessive chewing, our obsession with weight-loss is nothing new. KAREN WILSON speaks to historian and author Louise Foxcroft, who is hosting a talk in Newcastle this month on the history of dieting; Our obsession with diets is nothing new, as history shows us. Jan 17, 2013 2153
In the future, historians will look at trickle down economics the way we look at witch burning and Sinclair C5s. Jan 13, 2013 817
Martin's tonic of tunes still a Cure worth seeking out; YOUR nostalgia MUSIC historian Pete Clemons, from Keresley, looks back at the career of Martin Cure and the various bands he has played in. Jan 7, 2013 1192
Bulgaria Offers World's Most Expensive Citizenship - Historian. Jan 7, 2013 198
Noted Historian, Lincoln Author Harold Holzer to Kick-off State Museum's Emancipation Proclamation Exhibit. Jan 3, 2013 604
Historian Urges Bulgarian Govt Be Quick, Generous with Citizenship. Jan 3, 2013 293
What can Swiss teach us about public transport? HISTORIAN COMPARES TWO MOUNTAINOUS COUNTRIES. Jan 1, 2013 770
A reassessment of the place of shamanism in the origins of Chinese theater. Llamas, Regina Essay Jan 1, 2013 11605
Heroes of the Rohilla wreck; Following the 150th anniversary of Tynemouth's RNLI, author and historian COLIN BRITTAIN looks back at one of the most harrowing and renowned North East lifeboat rescues, during which the gallant efforts of lifeboat crews helped save some of the 145 people who survived the wrecking of a hospital ship. Dec 17, 2012 1654
Code on dead WWII pigeon finally cracked. Dec 16, 2012 219
Historian Amin passes away. Dec 16, 2012 122
City has declared'war on conservation', claim excluded historians. Dec 13, 2012 654
It would be appalling to concentrate on Dylan's Historian hits out at latest death poet biopic. Dec 11, 2012 690
Arab Spring, Israeli Winter: Martin van Creveld on what the Muslim uprisings mean for Israel. Lind, William S. Interview Dec 1, 2012 833
Amendments to Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Act: hearing before the subcommittee on Census and Population of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives, One hundredth Congress, first session on H.R. 2309, July 7, 1987. Van Sertima, Ivan Dec 1, 2012 4421
Jiving away at the Gaumont; YOUR nostalgia MUSIC historian Pete Clemons looks back to when the Gaumont cinema played a major part in the rising rock 'n' roll scene in Coventry. Pete, from Keresley, charts the history of the popular venue, which played host to big name stars including Bill Haley, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. Nov 26, 2012 1064
Seasons in the sun cut short for Indian Summer; YOUR nostalgia CONCLUDING the two-part story of Coventry band Indian Summer, music historian Pete Clemons, from Keresley, picks up from last week as the group prepare to release their first and only album in 1971. Nov 26, 2012 1088
Historians try to dig out details of America's earliest Muslims. Nov 22, 2012 782
Historians respond. Rogoff, Leonard Nov 17, 2012 1482
Call for historians to write the UAE's story. Nov 13, 2012 285
Fred 'was an example to all of the virtues of never giving up' Historian Dr Martin Johnes, of Swansea University, explains why Cardiff City's FA Cup winning-skipper Fred Keenor resonated so strongly with Bluebirds supporters. Nov 12, 2012 354
THE STONES STAND STILL ..BUT WHY? THE UNEXPLAINED STANDING STONES; Historians argue about their purpose but majestic monuments are reminders of our prehistoric past. Nov 11, 2012 567
Historian needs help with fallen soldiers' photo wall. Nov 9, 2012 222
I'll take on MoD to bring these pictures back to Flintshire Historian Colin Barber with copies of the paintings he's trying to bring home; HISTORY BUFF'S BATTLE OVER RAF AIRBASE ART. Nov 9, 2012 580
Historian to Reveal Columbus Identity at Chicago's Copernicus Center. Nov 9, 2012 758
Does headless spirit of the last Prince of Wales stalk the Hall? Historian Brian Lee examines Llanrumney Hall's links to a Welsh legend. Nov 6, 2012 301
Historian really shows her metal. Nov 5, 2012 145
Macedonia Proposes to Bulgaria 'Historians Summit'. Nov 4, 2012 270
Historians blamed for failing in national duty. Nov 3, 2012 581
Tributes to region historian Dr Robert. Nov 2, 2012 367
Tributes to conservationist and historian. Obituary Nov 1, 2012 365
Grand Chief Konrad Sioui honours Kiowarini. White, Marie Nov 1, 2012 983
GNA president-elect, historian recognized by Emory School of Nursing. Nov 1, 2012 207
Spanish Embassy and Cervantes Institute pay tribute to historian Afif Turk. Oct 30, 2012 352
When jazz and blues ruled at the Mercer's; YOUR nostalgia MUSIC historian Pete Clemons, from Keresley, this week looks back at the live music years of Coventry pub The Mercer's Arms. Oct 29, 2012 1101
Ancient skeleton sheds light on Welsh history; BURIAL FIND OFFERS HISTORIANS CLUES ABOUT LIFE IN MIDDLE AGES. Oct 25, 2012 1009
Build city around restored cathedral; HISTORIAN'S MESSAGE TO PLANNERS. Oct 18, 2012 385
Historian Reveals Manchester United and City Considered Merging. Oct 14, 2012 340
Richmond Fed Hires Historian for Centennial Research. Oct 11, 2012 500
Beano Cook Dies, Legendary Pittsburgh Sports Figure Dead At Age 81. Obituary Oct 11, 2012 372
That's entertainment! THE FAMOUS FACES TO HAVE PLAYED COVENTRY THEATRE DURING ITS HEYDAY YOUR nostalgia MUSIC historian Pete Clemons, from Keresley, this week looks back on the history and halcyon years of Coventry Theatre. Oct 8, 2012 1582
Eric Hobsbawm; Obituary. Obituary Oct 4, 2012 444
Tributes to top historian. Oct 2, 2012 207
'God's Plot'? ? No, it's not; South Wales historian JEFF CHILDS has just published his authoritative book on the history of Roath, Splott and Adamsdown. Here, he details the origins of Splott - much loved but much changed over the past couple of centuries. Oct 2, 2012 1256
Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies aged 95: daughter. Oct 1, 2012 233
Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies aged 95. Oct 1, 2012 224
Great Britain and its geostrategic interest in the Down Danube--Black Sea area (1930-1939). Cirstea, Marusia Report Oct 1, 2012 2603
Borderland conditions between the united states and Mexico: a conversation between Rachel St. John and Natalia Mendoza. Interview Sep 22, 2012 4177
Richardson, Elizabeth Anne UE: 2 March 1931-30 March 2012. McBride, Robert Collins "Bob" In memoriam Sep 22, 2012 973
Emmet Larkin, 1927-2012. McCaffrey, Lawrence J. Obituary Sep 22, 2012 1885
Emmet's Larkin Saga. Lowery, Robert G. Sep 22, 2012 1154
A Night at the Ballpark. Casway, Jerrold Essay Sep 22, 2012 587
Eminent historian: Emmet Larkin. Brillman, M.L. Biography Sep 22, 2012 507
History. Report Sep 22, 2012 3910
Bohemian Bolsheviks after World War II: a minority within a minority. Wald, Alan Essay Sep 22, 2012 12693
The turn to the South: the influence of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's Southern studies. Moltke-Hansen, David Essay Sep 22, 2012 7205
At the threshold of the plantation household: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Southern women's history. Edwards, Laura F. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 4592
The plantation household revisited: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's contribution to Southern history. Wyatt-Brown, Bertram Essay Sep 22, 2012 8371
Albanian Historians appalled by the celebration of the Kumanovo Battle. Sep 21, 2012 109
TV historian turns focus on medieval monarchy. Sep 18, 2012 231
Perry picks CC instructor as Texas historian. Sep 17, 2012 114
Town historian helps Hugh. Sep 12, 2012 172
Message from Dr. David Martin: executive director of Georgia council on economic education & network historian. Sep 10, 2012 268
Verbatim. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 157
Why I write about Ibadan: an interview with Professor Toyin Falola by Tokunbo Olajide. Olajide, Tokunbo Interview Sep 1, 2012 3234
"The Haitian turn": an appraisal of recent literary and historiographical works on the Haitian Revolution. Joseph, Celucien L. Essay Sep 1, 2012 8096
Dead heads rejoice. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 122

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