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Hills Bros. introduces new beverage system to U.S.; Coffee, cappuccino and espresso from one machine.

Hills Bros. introduces new beverage system to U.S.

The foodservice division of Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc. is rolling out "a new generation of beverage machines" which is expected to increase the speed and decrease the cost of offering hot gourmet beverages.

Marketed as Cafe Ristretto System 24, the Colombia Two Cappuccino machine, manufactured by Scanomat of Denmark and distributed exclusively by Hills Bros. in the U.S., is a fully automatic cappuccino machine which also serves hot water for tea, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cafe au lait, hot chocolate and other heated beverage specialties in record time.

The revolutionary machine, which has been tested in Europe for the past six years, can produce a cup of coffee in one second and a full pot in 10 seconds. As for the more elaborate varieties, like espresso and cappuccino, there's no more waiting for the waitress to load the coffee, compress it, brew it and then add the steamed milk. With the new machine it's all automatic and just takes the push of a button and six quick seconds.

In addition to the time-saving benefits, the machine offers a myriad of other coffee advantages including: no special training (just buttons to push), no filters (or other costly materials), no waste (don't have to brew a full pot to serve one customer) and minimal cleaning (fully automatic).

According to Doug McKanna, director of business operations for Hills Bros.' foodservice division, "there is nothing else like it in existence." The machine can be adjusted for different "taste profiles," can be set up for use by the restaurant staff or as a self-service machine for customer access, and can produce a wide range of coffee drinks which, McKanna points out, "can add selections to the menu, as well as profits to the cash register."

Sophisticated Tasks

"People's tastes have become much more sophisticated in recent years and foodservice businesses must diversify their beverage menu to accommodate these trends," McKanna explains. "Before this machine, however, adding specialty coffee drinks and other gourmet beverages was both labor-intensive and expensive, not to mention time-consuming for the staff."

Not only does the new machine make waiter's job easier, but it can be equipped with a credit card system which monitors the coffee sales of up to 300 different waiters. The "waiter credit card" registers all purchases - cups, pots and turnover - for each waiter and keeps track of the daily, monthly and annual purchases so that management can keep track of profits.

The machine, which made its U.S. debut at the National Restaurant Show held in Chicago, has recently been placed by Hills Bros. in key, high-volume locations as part of a test program. The machines can currently be found in the headquarter offices of Royal Caribbean Lines, the premier ski resorts of Vail (CO), Snowbird (VT) and Mammoth Mountain (CA), ARA/Hearst Castle in San Simeon, Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco, the Oakland International Airport and at select restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area. McKanna considers the machines a valuable investment to any foodservice location that has output in excess of 100,000 cups of coffee per year.

Custom Line

To cater to its potential clients' needs, Hills Bros. has developed a customized line of coffee products known as Cafe Ristretto which will be sold as a "system." Colombian Royal Ren, Espresso Italia, Chocolate Danish, decaffeinated Filtre and Cappuccino Topping are the products specially-designed by Hills Bros. to complement the Colombia Two machines.

For more information, contact: Hills Bros Coffee, Inc., P.O. Box 7449, San Francisco, CA 94120.

PHOTO : Hills Bros. is marketing the Cafe Ristretto System.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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