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High-performance computer architecture; proceedings. (CD-ROM included).



High-performance computer architecture; proceedings. (CD-ROM CD-ROM: see compact disc.
 in full compact disc read-only memory

Type of computer storage medium that is read optically (e.g., by a laser).

International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture, HPCA-11 (11th: 2005: San Francisco San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden , CA)

Computer Society Press, [c]363

420 p.

$125.00 (pa)

The proceedings of the February 2005 symposium consists of 28 regular papers on processor architecture, thermal considerations, communication architectures, energy and power, memory system issues, evaluation methodologies, software debugging support, and multithreading Multitasking within a single program. It allows multiple streams of execution to take place concurrently within the same program, each stream processing a different transaction or message. , and five short papers from industry. Topics include checkpointed early load retirement, the limits of leakage power reduction in caches, a performance comparison of DRAM memory system optimizations for SMT (1) (Surface Mount Technology) See surface mount.

(2) (Station ManagemenT) An FDDI network management protocol that provides direct management. Only one node requires the software.

SMT - Station Management
 processors, and security enhancement to symmetric shared memory (1) Using part of main memory to support a low-cost display circuit that does not have its own memory. See shared video memory.

(2) The common memory in a symmetric multiprocessing system that is available to all CPUs. See SMP.

 multiprocessors. No subject index is provided in the book, but the papers are searchable on the CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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