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High performance computing and grids in action.


High performance computing and grids in action.

Ed. by Lucio Grandinetti.

IOS (1) (Internetwork Operating System) An operating system from Cisco that is the primary control program used in its routers. IOS is widely used and robust system software that supports the common functions of all products under Cisco's CiscoFusion architecture.  Press


527 pages



Advances in parallel computing Solving a problem with multiple computers or computers made up of multiple processors. It is an umbrella term for a variety of architectures, including symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), clusters of SMP systems, massively parallel processors (MPPs) and grid computing. ; v.16


Selected from those presented at the 2006 International Advanced Research Workshop on High Performance Computing and Grids held in Cetraro, Italy, these 25 papers cover systems and solutions for advanced distributed computing (1) The use of multiple computers networked throughout a wide geographical area, or the world via the Internet, in order to solve a single problem. See grid computing.

(2) The use of multiple computers in an enterprise rather than one centralized system.
 and for high performance computing and networking, grid fundamentals, grid technology, and applications. Topics include mixed precision floating point hardware in scientific computations, a model for the design and programming of multi-cores, maps of scientific workflows, infrastructures for urgent computing, network communication as a service-oriented capability, infrastructure for e-science applications, e-science portals, a new brokering ad scheduling solution, challenges of scale scheduling based on service level agreements, TeraGrid as an enabler of new types of applications, the Providence Data Model and a bioinformatics case, cyber (1) From "cybernetics," it is a prefix attached to everyday words to add a computer, electronic or online connotation. The term is similar to "virtual," but the latter is used more frequently. See virtual.  infrastructure and Web 2.0, point-to-point semantic grid The Semantic Grid refers to an approach to Grid computing in which information, computing resources and services are described in standard ways that can be processed by computer.  resource discovery, and data integration. Applications vary from workflow to gaming, visuals and weather prediction.

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