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High Growth Areas in the U.S. Sleep Apnea Diagnostics to Include the Clinical PSG and Screening Devices Segment.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: U.S. Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Devices Markets to their offering.

This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled U.S. Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Devices Markets provides comprehensive analysis of market drivers, restraints, challenges, and trends. Moreover, analysis of market share, competitive structure, revenue forecasts, and products is included. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets/applications/technologies: Clinical PSG, Ambulatory PSG, Screening Devices.

Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this analysis:

- Clinical PSG

- Ambulatory PSG

- Screening Devices


The following technologies are covered in this research:

- +16 channels, attended studies

- +16 channels, unattended studies

- Less than 12 channels, sleep screening

Market Overview

Tremendous growth opportunities exist in the U.S. Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Devices Market. High growth areas are expected to include the Clinical PSG and Screening Devices segment. Growing awareness of sleep apnea and its correlation with congestive heart failure and hypertension and also the rapid growth of obesity in the U.S. would provide plenty of testing opportunity to keep the current sleep facilities working at their full capacity. Cardiologist, Neurologist, and Dentist would be more interested in OSA testing. The relationship between OSA and Cardiac and Mental Health drives the Cardiologist and Neurologist to refer more patients for sleep studies. Dentists most likely would be interested in the less expensive screening devices for detecting of sleep apnea and titration of oral prosthesis.

The U.S. Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Devices Market is expected to enjoy a rapid growth in the next few years. In 2005 this market generated over $85 million in revenues and is expected to reach $135 million by 2012 with a compound growth rate of 6.5%.

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Source: Frost & Sullivan
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Date:Jan 24, 2007
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