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Help by the hundreds: Elder Services applauds.

Byline: Lisa D. Welsh

WEST BOYLSTON - Elder Services of Worcester Area Inc. recognized more than 350 volunteers yesterday at the Manor Restaurant. Honored were its board of directors, senior companion volunteers, nutrition and money management volunteers, Meals on Wheels n. 1. A program that delivers hot meals to persons, such as the elderly or disabled, who are confined to their homes and unable to cook for themselves; also, the meals thus delivered. Such programs are usually conducted by governmental or charitable organizations.  drivers and nutrition program volunteers.

In May 2006, the organization assumed sponsorship of the nutrition and money management programs from the Age Center of Worcester Area Inc., averting disruption of services to area seniors. In celebration of its inaugural year of managing these programs, Elder Services provided dinner, awards and entertainment for its volunteers, most of whom are seniors themselves. Elder Services of Worcester is a private, nonprofit corporation nonprofit corporation n. an organization incorporated under state laws and approved by both the state's Secretary of State and its taxing authority as operating for educational, charitable, social, religious, civic or humanitarian purposes.  and one of a network of 27 Home Care corporations across the state that coordinates community-based services for seniors.


Board of Directors: Paul Bowler, president; Sister Marie Therese Martin, vice president; Linda Cragin, treasurer; John Staples assistant treasurer; Karl Gumpright, secretary; Emmanuel Asia, Anne Bourgeois, Gloria Castriotta, Thomas Cullinane, Ray D'Aiuto, Deborah Fins, Linda Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Gaidanowicz, Betty Hamilton Betty Hamilton (1904 - 1994) was a British Trotskyist.

Born Berthe Dutoit in the Valais area of French Switzerland, the daughter of a socialist engineer, Hamilton moved to Paris as a young woman.
, George Heeley, Philip Heywood*, Rosemarie Highlands, Chet Jakubiak, Carol LaPrade, Lauren Mack, Thomas Manning, Raymond Mantyla, Edward McCarthy
''This article is about the former L.A. Police Chief. For the former Archbishop of Miami, Florida, see Edward Anthony McCarthy.

Edward McCarthy was the sixth Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department and had one of the shortest commands of any
*, Judith O'Connor, Charles O'Neill Charles O'Neill (March 21, 1821 – November 25, 1893) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania during the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

O'Neill was born in Philadelphia.
*, Yung Phan, Cheryl Pope, Walter Rice, Natalie Sokol, Margos Stone and Tara Tokarz-Egan. (*) designates honorary position.

Services Committee: John Belding, Dolores Dolores (or Delores) was a common given name (until the 1960s in the USA); it is cognate with the English word "dolorous" (meaning sorrowful) and equivalent in meaning.  Buckley, Barbara Girouard, Elaine Grady, Dorothy Page Dorothy G. Page (died November 16, 1989) was best known as "Mother of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race", the 1,049-mile (about 1,600 km) dog sled race across the U.S. state of Alaska.

Page moved from New Mexico to Alaska in 1960.
, Carol Premo, Angela Rocheleau and Elaine Sullivan.

Finance Committee: Eugene Dodd.

SHINE: Myles Hayes.

Money Management, Advisory Committee: Nancy Johnson Nancy Lee Johnson (born January 5 1935, Chicago, Illinois) is an American politician.

Johnson was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1983 to 2007, representing first the 6th district and later the 5th District of Connecticut following the
, Dawn King, Robert MacAllister, Louise McGrath, Paula Smith and Caroline Sullivan.

Volunteers: Mary Arsenault, Anne Barnes, Christine Brown Christine Brown is a politician and current municipal councillor in St. Albert, Alberta. She holds a Master's in Economics and teaches the subject at Grant MacEwan College.[1] She also runs an economic consultancy, CMB Consulting. , Brenda Cotto, Cheryl Courtemanch, David Covino, Kathleen Dalianis, Daryl Diamond, Irmine Farmerie, Nancy Gallagher, Lissett Gines, Ann Goodrow, Maureen Halley, Sheldon Hampton, Lisa Henderson, Dorothy Hutchins, Amy Katz, Fran Keddy, Edward Kennedy, Jennifer Klunk, Virginia LaPan, Robert MacAllister, Margaret Misilo, Robert Moylan, Tania
  • Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider, communist revolutionary
  • Tania (queen)
  • Tania was an alias of Patricia Hearst
  • Tania Borealis and Tania Australis, stars in the constellation Ursa Major
  • Tania Emery, actress
  • Tania Lacy, comedian
  • Tania Libertad, singer
 Sanborn, Denise Smyth, Ann Stamm, Debra Walsh and Maggie Woodward.

Senior Companion Program Volunteers: Joe Andrews, Fran Anyon, Mabel Babbitt, Stephanie Bellione, Emma Burnett, Ruth Clay, Juana Colon, Adele Dadah, Lillian Dangredo, Moyna Pat Ermshausen, Connie Ferrazano, Violet Fiore, Irene Geller, Margarita Gonzalez, Ramon Gonzalez, Yvonne Hart, Sem Kalnitsky, Paul Maranda, Mary McCrory, Vladimir Pekelm Ramona Perez, Donald Polson, Mary Rotolo and Mary Ann Rutkowski.

Nutrition Program, Auburn: Margaret Adams, Donald Aker, Albert Bissonnette, Phyllis Bissonnette, Anne Brooks, Shirley Cantwell, Betty Carpenter, John Carpenter, Derek Catrambone, Irene Coderre, Betty Connolly, Carol Coulombe, Jean Currie, Linda Dunn, Richard Dunn Richard Dunn (born January 19 1945) is an English boxer who unsuccessfully fought Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight title in 1976. Ali knocked Dunn out in the fifth round and this was the last knockout he ever scored. , Donald Fitzpatrick, Toni Fitzpatrick, Patti Furmanick, Beverly Geddis, Robert Geddis, Betsy Giles, Ed Giles, Harold Gionet, Nancy Greenberg, Nancy Gullberg, Roy Hanson, Lauren Hibbard, Theresa Karns, Richard LaPrade, Ken Larraviee, Joan Leary, Catherine Malpass, Lisa Marthins, Jay Maruca, Lisa McIellan, Norma Morgan, Irene Morrow, Richard Morrow, Gina Murphy, Ken Murphy, Nathan Murphy, Janet Myra. Maurice Myra, Ashely Oroyan, Joyce Plante, Jean Price, Lezlie Prindle, Susan Racine, Barbra Record, Gillian Simons, Ray Twarowski, The Bridge of Northboro, HMEA Sutton and Seven Hills Foundation.

Nutrition Program, Barre: Nina Belanger, Theola Benedict, Raymond Castriotta, Joan Cirelli., Chrissy Devine, Virginia Dugan, Sandra Fritscher, Burton Frost, Peg Frost, Pauline Gifford, Andrea Goodwin, Victoria King, Jean Landry Jean Landry is the name of:
  • Jean Landry (1826-1865), a physician and medical researched from France, responsible for discovering Guillain-Barré syndrome.
  • Jean Landry (1948-), a politician from Quebec, Canada.
, Bruce Lloyd, Frank Mercik, Margaret Newell, Richard Newell, Irene O'Connor, Gerry Perry Gerry Perry (born July 17, 1930) was a defensive lineman and placekicker in the National Football League. , Ruth Perry Ruth Sando Fahnbulleh Perry (born 1939) was leader of Liberia from 3 September 1996 until 2 August 1997 as chairwoman of the Council of State, which governed Liberia following the overthrow and murder of former head of state Samuel K. , Anne Plante, Anna Robinson, Gordon Robinson, Darlene Shotos, Franny Simeone, Shirley Smith Shirley Smith is a Democratic member of the Ohio Senate, representing the 21st District since 2007. Previously she was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1998 through 2006. , Virginia Unitis, David Ward, Mary Yankus and Sue Young.

Bet Shalom: Florence Blatt, Alberta Chase, Elaine Cohen cohen
 or kohen

(Hebrew: “priest”) Jewish priest descended from Zadok (a descendant of Aaron), priest at the First Temple of Jerusalem. The biblical priesthood was hereditary and male.
, Bea Comen, Glory Goldman, Joy Goodwin, William Granoff, Florence Johnson, Lillian Katzenson, Esther Pessin, Kathy Pulda, Natalee Rosenkrantz, Patricia Roy, Edith Shuster, Isabelle Sreiberg, Morton Sreiberg, Reva Thomashow, Blossom Zabarsky and Joseph Zarr.

Nutrition Program, Boylston: Connie Beleckis, Marge Brigham, Astrid Cronin, Herb Cronin, Harry Durning, Ginnie Felch, Carolyn Hagberg, William Hagberg, Isabel Jones, Bill Kennedy, Flora Kennedy, Helen Lorentzen, Lillian Luksis, Edith MacDonald, Carol Nicholas, Paul Nugent, Terry Nugent, Anna Pitro, Marlene Reardon, Richard Reardon, Esther Schonberg, Mary Seed, Cheryl Sherman, Shirley Slack, Bruce Symonds, Irene Symonds and Rose Zammitti.

Centro Las Americas: Viviana Ayala, Manuel Cardenas, Genoveva Cardona, Anita Castillo, Maria Guenero, Milagros InFante in·fan·te  
A son of a Spanish or Portuguese king other than the heir to the throne.

[Spanish and Portuguese, both from Latin
, Walter Ordenana and Elizabeth Schnare.

Nutrition Program, Grafton: Roberta Adams, Marshall Atchue, Theresa Bertone, Yolanda Campo, Christian Cancelli, Cleo Carney, Carol Cerasoli, Ron Cerasoli, Marion Chartier, Betty Coleman, Reynaldo Cruz, Rachel David, Donald Dennis, Helen Desimone, Kellie Desrosiers, Noel Dowd, Jean Drago, Stephanie Egan, Marge Erickson, Jacqueline Hayes, Christine Johnson, Krista Kiley, HMEA Sutton, T.J. Larocque, Judith Marek, Susan McElligott, Barbara McLellan, June Merrick, Alice Miller, Dorothy Mosakowski, Kelley Padgett, Dr. Kimberley Parente, Arlene Provost, Bob Reed, Florence Russell, Jackie Sommers, Ron Stella, Susan Trainor, Sherri Underhill and Jean Vosburgh.

Nutrition Program, Hardwick: Timothy Bancroft, Amy Corcoran, Amber Duval, Normand Gaumond, Joyce Lam, Joanne Logan, Ruth Mattson, Joseph Nolin, Connie Roberts, Penny White-Gaumond and Pamela White.

Nutrition Program, Holden: Doreen Amaral, S. Jane Arntz, Ed Berube, Edie Berube, Roger Berube, Robert Black, Terry Black, Karin Brewer, Bernice Charbonneau, Rosalie Corcoran, Joseph Dresley, Jane English, Gilman Field, Arnold Hall, Alan Havens, Mary Horstman, Wayne Howard, Hazel Hughes, Zofia Jensen, Lois Johansen, William Johansen, Joy Keskula, Beulah Kronoff, Barbara Lohnes, Claude Lohnes, Mary Manahan, Chip Marshall, Vickie Murray, Mary Lou Navickus, Barbara Olson, Roland Olson, Bud Parker, Barbara Pearson, Irene Pearson, Karen Schell, Valeda Schumucki, Louise Soldani, Joan Swenson, Constance Waite, Winifred Weston and Gordon White.

Nutrition Program, Leicester: Francis Bachand, Lorraine Barlow, Robert Barlow, Geraldine Bordage, Eva Brennan, Norman Croft, Ann Cutting, Irene Dube, Bea Greenway, Dona Jacques, Joan Kenney, Doreen Kupstas, Gerald Jacques, Lucille Jacques, Normand Lachapelle, Nancy Lamb, Larry Lewis, Lorraine Monette, Peter Morgan, Gene O'Brien, Albertine Paradise, Alfred Ramos, Sr., Ruby Reilly, Lodie Richard, Helen Russell, Elie Skagerlind, Agnes St. Martin, Larry St. Martin, Sharon Tebo, Edward Thebodo, Lenora Thebodo, Joanne Williamson, Marge Williamson and Robert Wright.

Nutrition Program, Marble Street Apartments: Maria Flores, Maria Martinez, Manuel Ortiz, Minerva Ortiz and Luz Torres.

Nutrition Program, Millbury: Carol Army, Jeanne Augustine, Corrine Belisle, Lionel Bernard, April Bickel, Wanda Bien, Aggie Boire, Christine Bott bott  
Variant of bot1.
, Bertha Campbell, Patricia Cooney, Angela Croteau, Eva Donovan, Bob Dwinell, Gertrude Ellis, James Fitzpatrick, Judith Fitzpatrick, Fran Frederico, Harold George, Julia Goodwin, Louise Green, Lillian Gremo, Ferol Hagstrom, Evelyn Hamilton, Mary Krumsiek, Edna LaPan, Patricia Lavallee, Lena MacInnis, Pat Metivier, Martha Moore, William Moore, Irene Morris, Angie Pelkey, Barbara Phenix, Jerry Rajotte, Barbara Remillard, Phyllis Scully, Gloria Senecal, James Stewart, Sandra Stimpson, Beverly Stockwell, Paul Surrette, Janice Trongone, Charles Wincer and Mary Wincer.

Nutrition Program, Mount Carmel: Gladys Bello, Val Burchill, Connie Coffoni, Eileen D'Elia, Rita Federico, Irene Giarusso, Clara Merola, Mary Riccardi and Josephine Roy.

Nutrition Program, Oakham: Helen Bechan, Shirley Bunarowski, Byron Carpenter Jr., Alice Connor, Pauline Dwelly, Phyllis Phoenix, Frances Salminen and Natalie Sokol.

Nutrition Program, Paxton: Tom Crutcher: Jeanne DeMarken, Millie Grensavitch, Gene Martel, Hazel Martel, Stanley Miller, Richard Palmer, Jean Paquin, Mary Savage, Alan Stanhope stan·hope  
A light, open, horse-drawn carriage with one seat and two or four wheels.

[After the Reverend Fitzroy Stanhope (1787-1864), British clergyman.]

Noun 1.
, Nancy Stanhope, Suzanne Tatro and Helen Wierzbicki.

Nutrition Program, Rutland: Lucille Bailey, Bob Bolduc, Phyllis Bolduc, Ed Buck, Nancy Burbank, Mildred Cooney, Nelson Calkins, Donald Carlson, Jeanine Carlson, Rita Cerrone, John Durning, Janet LaPorte. Barbara Lester, Ann Mathews, John Smith * in memorium, Rosalie Spindler, Marge Taipale, Cile Tod and Betty Wilson.

Nutrition Program, Shrewsbury: Michael Alex, Denise Bachand, Jeanette Bedell Bedell could refer to

A person:
  • The conventional spelling for the role of bedel at the University of Cambridge.
  • Frederick Bedell, cofounder of Physical Review, the first American journal of physics.
, Beth Berthiaume, Barbara Chevrefils, Roger Faucher, Jerry Golden, Shirley Golden, CeCile Haire, Theresa Haire, Susan Hallock, Loretta Henry, Carmella Iacano, Ted Mellen, Helen Nobiletti, Susan Pappas, Ruth Runvik, Anthony Smolskis, Betty Viscera viscera /vis·ce·ra/ (vis´er-ah) plural of viscus.

1. The soft internal organs of the body, especially those contained within the abdominal and thoracic cavities.
 and Peggy Wright.

Nutrition Program, West Boylston: Irma Aharonian, George Aziz, Bernie Been, Bob Brochu, Tina Buono, Ed Cairns Cairns, city (1991 pop. 64,463), Queensland, NE Australia, on Trinity Bay. It is a principal sugar port of Australia; lumber and other agricultural products are also exported. The city's proximity to the Great Barrier Reef has made it a tourist center. , Marcia Cairns, Wilma Call, Cathy Gordon, Grace Griffith, Paul Henault, Kama Jayne, Sonia Johnson, Diana La Comfora, Nancy Lucier, Barbara Mard, Nancy McLaughin, Fran McHugh, Jan Myers, Ed Philbin and Bonnie Yasick.

Nutrition Program, Worcester: Sue Adjami, Sue Arraje, Victoria Augustine, Lea Augustus, Theresa Babineau, Mary Berthiume, Pat Brunelle, Phil Brunelle, Peggy Burns, Eleanor Carmody, Josephine Dusak, Lucy Eramo, Sue Graves, Barbara King, Wanda Labak, Albert LaPrade, Bob Mahoney, Alice Moore, Viola Nachorski, Ida Trzcinski, Ann Walsh, Marion Warren and Community Skills Center students.

Entertainers: Lee Bartlett and the Big Band.

Office Volunteers: Pauline Agazarian, Lucy Angelico, Virginia Atwood, Victoria Augustine, Joan Balk balk

the action of a horse when it refuses to obey a command to which it usually responds. See also jibbing.
, Vi Boosahda, Margaret George, Rose Haffty, Clara Kisiel, Ellen Maher, Miriam Markarian, Virginia Mason, Vivian Murphy, Catherine Smalley, Janet Wilson, Sally Yagjian, Kathy King -job coach, Erica Dockery, Adam Maddox, Kristen Karpowicz, Aaron Linn linn  
n. Scots
1. A waterfall.

2. A steep ravine.

[Scottish Gaelic linne, pool, waterfall.]
 and Worcester South High School students.

Meals on Wheels, Worcester: Joe Conroy, Mark Leto and Mercy Centre, Community-Based Day Services.
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