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Heaters and heating elements.

ACROLAB LTD LTD 1 Laron-type dwarfism 2 Leukotriene D 3 Long-term depression, see there 4. Long-term disability .

Isobar isobar (ī`səbär') or isobaric line (ī'səbăr`ĭk), line drawn on a weather map through points of equal atmospheric pressure.  heat pipes and isoplatens for optimizing thermoset A polymer-based liquid or powder that becomes solid when heated, placed under pressure, treated with a chemical or via radiation. The curing process creates a chemical bond that, unlike a thermoplastic, prevents the material from being remelted. See thermoplastic.  and rubber molding. Isobars See Isopiestic , together with steam, water, or electric heaters allow even heat distribution over core and cavity surfaces for faster cycle times and uniform curing.

AKINSUN HEAT CO., INC inc - /ink/ increment, i.e. increase by one. Especially used by assembly programmers, as many assembly languages have an "inc" mnemonic.

Antonym: dec.

Heating elements, specializing in high-watt-density swaged cartridge heaters, electric infrared quartz radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, resistance coil (Elec.) a coil of wire introduced into an electric circuit to increase the resistance.

See also: Resistance
 heaters, thermocouples, temperature controls and accessories.


Flameless catalytic gas heaters for sheet- and roll-fed thermoformers. Systems convert propane or natural gas to longwave infrared energy in a flameless oxidation process, which can cut energy costs up to 80% when replacing electric IR elements. Presence of a platinum catalyst allows reaction to occur below the gas flame point. Heater surface temperatures range from 450-900 F.

 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.

Electric panel-type heaters for thermoforming, powder coating Powder coating is a type of dry coating, which is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension , and paint curing. Fiberglass face emits heat across entire surface uniformly. Production series model available with a plain fiberglass face. Industrial and UL-approved Thermazone series has a stainless-steel grid on the face to concentrate heat and insulate from natural convective air currents. Units have a maximum operating temperature of 1000 F. Heater surface area ranges from 12 x 12 to 12 x 60 in.


Distributes ceramic and quartz infrared emmiters from Ceramicx Ireland. Support products and services include high-temperature wire, tape, terminal blocks and insulators; partial or complete oven rebuilding; custom machine-shop work for heat-process equipment; turnkey custom oven manufacturing; and control systems.


Direct gas-fired heating equipment and evaporative coolers. Make-up air heaters from 4000 to 50,000 cfm with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) The functions performed when pulling data out of one database and placing it into another of a different type. ETL is used to migrate data, often from relational databases into decision support systems.  listing. Evaporative cooling Evaporative cooling is a physical phenomenon in which evaporation of a liquid, typically into surrounding air, cools an object or a liquid in contact with it. Latent heat describes the amount of heat that is needed to evaporate the liquid; this heat comes from the liquid itself and  delivers an effective temperature to 80 F. Reducing ambient temperature Outside temperature at any given altitude, preferably expressed in degrees centigrade.  around injection molds reduces sweat. A 40,000-cfm cooler has 50-ft throw in four directions.


Electric ovens for laboratory and production use to meet ASTM ASTM
American Society for Testing and Materials
 and UL specifications. Also temperature/humidity, freezers, and temperature-cycling chambers for environmental testing.


High-temperature, custom fit, fiberglass heating jackets for extruder barrels and transfer lines available with optional coated fabrics to protect against dripping and drool. Voltages available up to 480 v, wattage wattage

the output or consumption of an electric device expressed in watts.
 up to 12 w/[in..sup.2], and exposure temperatures up to 1000 [degrees] F. Also heat trace cable, silicone rubber Noun 1. silicone rubber - made from silicone elastomers; retains flexibility resilience and tensile strength over a wide temperature range
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
 pads, drum heaters, and high temperature heating tapes.


Electric and gas infrared ovens, dryers, and heaters. Type C fused quartz fused quartz
See quartz glass.
, flat panel, Type FB flat quartz infrared heaters, gas catalytic panel heaters, high intensity heaters, and Unitube tubular quartz infrared heaters provide peak efficiencies by matching emissive e·mis·sive  
Having the power or tendency to emit matter or energy; emitting.
 wavelengths of heating elements to absorption wavelengths of product (Selective Wavelength Method). Typical systems include profile heating for orienting, annealing annealing (ənēl`ĭng), process in which glass, metals, and other materials are treated to render them less brittle and more workable. , laminating and stretching PET, PE and PP film; heating standard and glass-reinforced thermoplastic A polymer material that turns to liquid when heated and becomes solid when cooled. There are more than 40 types of thermoplastics, including acrylic, polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyethylene.  sheets for forming; and drying and curing coatings.

Heater configurations include multizone modules, optical pyrometer Noun 1. optical pyrometer - a pyrometer that uses the color of the light emitted by a hot object

pyrometer - a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures
 site holes, closed-loop control, custom shapes and sizes, and protective serf-cleaning faces. Prewired/prepiped assemblies to retrofit existing equipment.

Conveyorized systems, indexing systems, and stationary drawer systems heat reinforced composites and other plastics prior to stamp-forming and include optical pyrometers, multizone beater beat·er  
1. One that beats, especially a device for beating: a carpet beater.

2. A person who drives wild game from under cover for a hunter.
 banks, and computerized serf-teaching controls.


In-stock and custom-engineered Heatflo heating products include high-temperature and high-watt-density swaged cartridge heaters with long life and resistance to shock and vibration. Available in lead-wire and mounting configurations.

Mica, ceramic, and mineral-oxide insulated band and nozzle heaters in one- and two-piece construction with several clamping and termination options for temperatures to 1500 F.

Cast-aluminum and aluminum-bronze heaters and barrel heaters in a wide range of diameters and lengths for air- and fluid-cooling applications. Available pre-engineered in square, round, or rectangular plate configurations.

Radiant-heater styles include straight, hairpin hairpin

a secondary structure that occurs in single-strand RNA during protein synthesis in which the strand turns back on itself. The structure is the result of base pairing and hydrogen bond formation.
, quartz, infrared, oven sections, ceramic and wide-area panels, and reflectors.


Electric immersion heaters from 500 w to 36 kw available in stainless-steel, titanium, and quartz. Temperature controllers range from simple nonindicating type to digital with PID (1) (Process IDentifier) A temporary number assigned by the operating system to a process or service.

(2) (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) The most common control methodology in process control.


Microwave and radio-frequency (electromagnetic wave See spectrum.
Electromagnetic wave

A disturbance, produced by the acceleration or oscillation of an electric charge, which has the characteristic time and spatial relations associated with progressive wave motion.
 energy) heating utilize magnetron magnetron (măg`nĭtrŏn'), vacuum tube oscillator (see electron tube) that generates high-power electromagnetic signals in the microwave frequency range.  systems with on/off time-proportioning control or amplitude modulation. Meet safety standards and FCC (1) (Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC, The U.S. government agency that regulates interstate and international communications including wire, cable, radio, TV and satellite. The FCC was created under the U.S.  regulations.

In amplitude modulation, current power is adjusted to control instantaneous magnetron output. Remote sensors measure material temperature within microwave chamber or RF electrode arrangement and modulate magnetron power output to maintain temperature control.

For materials with minimal direct microwave and RF heating response, "susceptor sus·cep·tor  
A metallic patch attached to microwaveable packages of food in which radiant energy produced in the patch by microwaves helps cook the food, often by browning its surface.
" additives convert EMW EMW Electromagnetic Wave
EMW Ericsson Microwave Systems
EMW Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare
EMW Eisenach Motoren Werke
EMW Electromagnetic Warfare
EMW Early Morning Wakening (aka terminal insomnia)
EMW Engineer Mine Warfare
 energy to heat within the body of the material. RF energy and special susceptor additives can be used to yield advantages over microwave.


Heaters and heating elements include band heaters, thermocouple cartridge heaters, and square-coil nozzle heaters.

Band heaters in six styles with operating temperatures to 900 F, I.D.s from 3/4 to 8 in., and wattages from 75 to 950 in 120- and 240-v models.

Cartridge heaters in conventional and high-watt-density configurations with operating temperatures to 450 F and 120- and 240-v models.

Conventional heaters in diam. from 1/4 to 3/4 in., lengths from 2 to 16 in., and wattages from 40 to 1250. High-watt-density units in 1/4- to 3/4-in. diam., lengths from 1 to 14 in., and wattages from 100 to 2200.

Square-coil nozzle heaters feature watt density to 106 watts/[in..sup.2] and operating temperatures to 1200 F. A 0.750-in. I.D. version available with and without thermocouple in 125 and 250 w, and 0.875-in. I.D. version in 125 or 250 w.

Two versions of 240-v high-watt-density thermocouple cartridge heaters for high-temperature applications to 1500 F. One has 3/8-in. diam., lengths from 1 3/4 to 8 in., and 200 to 775 w. The other has 1/2-in. diam., lengths from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 in., and 420 to 975 w.

Also a line of conventional and thermocouple cartridge, square-coil, and rectangular heaters for internally and externally heated runnerless molding systems. (See also Hot-Runner Components and Systems.)


Watt-Flex split-sheath cartridge heaters with continuous coil reportedly give uniform temperature profile, often eliminating need for distributed wattage. Because unit has no coil segments and cold spots of conventional heaters, it is suitable for package and bag sealing bars. Hot-tip feature, accomplished by passing the coil across the tip of the heater, improves performance of sheet extrusion die or hotrunner gate probe by putting more responsive heat in the lip of the die or tip of the probe. Independent, bilateral expansion of the two legs effects contact of both sides of the sheath to a bore, providing better heat transfer and consequently a cooler-running coil. As heater is de-energized, it contracts, making heater removal easier and eliminating bore seizure. Grooved heaters externally accommodate needle-type thermocouples, which monitor process temperature, not internal coil temperature. Design allows independent replacement of thermocouple or heater.


Custom and standard heater products for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, packaging, and thermoforming. Mica and ceramic heater bands, cartridge heaters, mica and ceramic strip heaters, and immersion heaters in stock. Specializes in large die-head heaters for pipe and conduit, and also wrap-around mica-insulated drum heaters for specialty products such as polymers and oils.


Laboratory, batch, and continuous ovens used in a variety of applications, including annealing. Also temperature/humidity and temperature cycling chambers for environmental simulation testing.


Electrically heated, high-pressure (5000 psi) and high-temperature (650 F) flexible hose, tubing and pipe. Applications include coextrusion, striping Interleaving or multiplexing data to increase speed. See disk striping.

striping - data striping
, melt-pipe replacement, quick extruder connection, and general product transfer and viscosity control.


Standard and customized cast-in heaters for extrusion equipment in aluminum, bronze, or iron provide continuous operating temperatures to 1100 F. Water- or aircooled constructions available as standard. Mounting configurations available in bolt-on or strap-on designs. Wide variety of termination options for electrical heating and cooling-tube elements.


Electrical heating elements include mica bands, nozzle heaters, mica strips, rectangular mica heaters, cartridge heaters, and bolt heaters.


Swaged Hi-Temp cartridge heaters for fast heat transfer, high operating temperatures, shock resistance, and long life. Also available in standard, square and hole-punch design.

Better Band band heaters for superior heat transfer available in a sealed Better Band to protect against contamination. Economical mica bands with many termination options and extruded or cast aluminum. Also ceramic and Value band heaters. All band heaters available in a variety of diameters and terminations.

Strip heaters designed for efficient heat transfer and easy installation. Ultima strip heaters are capable of operating temperatures of 1200 F. Better strips, Sealed Better strips, and tinned strip heaters in many sizes and termination styles.

Tubular heaters are custom-made in various lengths, sizes, and configurations.


Electric infrared ovens used for preheating material prior to forming.


Complete line of electric heating elements and related accessories. Products include Starflex band heater, which is an extruded aluminum band using refractory insulated tubular heating elements. Low-expansion clamping band provides snug barrel fit and assures heat transfer to maximum heater temperatures of 600 F. Mica band heaters also supplied. Both products are commonly used for injection molding and extrusion barrels, heads and dies. Starflex strip and mica strip also used in molds, platens and dies. Tubular heating elements manufactured in diam. of 0.200, 0.260, 0.315, and 0.430 for thermoforming applications.

Firebrand fire·brand  
1. A person who stirs up trouble or kindles a revolt.

2. A piece of burning wood.

 high-watt-density cartridge and standard low-watt-density cartridge heaters. Screwplug and flange flange (flanj) a projecting border or edge; in dentistry, that part of the denture base which extends from around the embedded teeth to the border of the denture.

 heaters provided for liquid applications along with circulation heaters. All heaters can be provided in standard sizes, as well as custom designed.


Infrared and engineered air systems for extrusion of profiles, film, hose, and medical and automotive tubing. Applications include heat-shrinking, sintering sintering, process of forming objects from a metal powder by heating the powder at a temperature below its melting point. In the production of small metal objects it is often not practical to cast them. , curing, heating, drying and fusing. Precise temperature control. Ovens can be configured vertically or horizontally.


Custom-designed heating elements include MAX2000 high-temperature and high-watt-density band and strip heaters, which are a combination of inorganic mica insulating materials designed to increase heater life and durability. Ceramax ceramic insulated heaters offer higher operating temperatures (1600 F) with longer service life at lower energy costs.

Patented nonstick non·stick  
Permitting easy removal of adherent food particles: a frying pan with a nonstick surface.

 cartridge heater eliminates need to apply release agents before installation, eliminates downtime, and reduces damage to equipment and tools, says company. Cartridges are standard sizes, needing no special boring.

Lightweight Heatflex flexible heaters insulated with materials such as silicone rubber and polyimide Pronounced "poly-ih-mid." A type of plastic (a synthetic polymeric resin) originally developed by DuPont that is very durable, easy to machine and can handle very high temperatures. Polyimide is also highly insulative and does not contaminate its surroundings (does not outgas).  available in a variety of shapes and sizes for processes where heater operates below 500 F.

Also cast-in aluminum and bronze heaters with integral cooling tubes (also air cooling).

Specializes in heaters to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. The term initially referred to the company that made the products (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to refer to the organization that buys the products and  specifications or for OEM replacement parts. ISO (1) See ISO speed.

(2) (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, An organization that sets international standards, founded in 1946. The U.S. member body is ANSI.
 9001 registered.


High-watt-density cartridge heaters in standard sizes from 1/8 in. to 1 in. diam. Centerless ground sheath provides diameter tolerances of [+ or -]0.0008 in. Mediumwatt and low-watt density cartridge heaters for less demanding applications to 38 mm diam. in all exit configurations, with or without Imbuilt thermocouple.

Coil heaters in flat, square, 0.13 round, and mini and maxi designs. Available in straight lengths for custom forming. Maxi or cast heaters available for high-performance applications. Flat, square, 0.13 and maxi available with or without Imbuilt thermocouple.

Band heaters in mica and ceramic styles, plastic-proof construction and high-performance European-style bands. Standard exit variations and lock-up configurations provided.


Precision electric heating elements include cartridge, tubular, air process, immersion, strip and finned finned  
Having a fin, fins, or finlike parts. Often used in combination: single-finned; multifinned. 
 strip, band, foil, flexible Glasrope and ceramic heaters for a wide variety of applications.

IMS (1) See IP Multimedia Subsystem.

(2) (Information Management System) An early IBM hierarchical DBMS for IBM mainframes. IMS was widely implemented throughout the 1970s under MVS and continues to be used under z/OS.

Range of heater bands from standard mica-core to low-profile keylock; and from super-high-watt-density to plastic-proof and expandable ceramic-insulated types. Also metric-size, mica-core bands.

Standard and built-in thermocouple cartridge heaters, heater and thermocouple wire, and other accessories for heater connection and use.

Bargain Basics Div. stocks common sizes of 120- and 240-v cartridge heaters, which feature an alloy outer sheath, ceramic core, and 24-in. internally connected leads. (See ad p. 283.)


Replacement band heaters for injection molding and extrusion in stock or custom designed include cylindrical, flat, and rectangular types. Also air-cooled and water-cooled heaters for extrusion.

Also cross-head heaters and ovens for wire and cable, cartridge heaters for various applications including molds and dies, tubular heaters for specialized air heating, radiant heaters for thermoforming, and cartridge and coil heaters for hot-runner mold systems.


Salamander salamander, an amphibian of the order Urodela, or Caudata. Salamanders have tails and small, weak limbs; superficially they resemble the unrelated lizards (which are reptiles), but they are easily distinguished by their lack of scales and claws, and by their moist,  Bold ceramic infrared heaters have cast-in thermocouple well (spring-load thermocouple optional), one-piece clip for easy installation, and temperature-indicating decal or full color element to identify element failure. Special large-trough elements provide uniform watt density over a large area. Three of these oversized o·ver·size  
1. A size that is larger than usual.

2. An oversize article or object.

adj. o·ver·size also o·ver·sized
Larger in size than usual or necessary.
 elements fit together to form a 12 x 12 in. CRP C-reactive protein (CRP)
A protein present in blood serum in various abnormal states, like inflammation.

Mentioned in: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

CRP, See C-reactive protein.
 panel of aluminized steel, prewired and fully insulated. Distributed by MOR MOR

MOR adj abbr (MUS) (= middle-of-the-road) → para el gran público

MOR adj abbr (Mus) (=
 Electric Heating Associates Inc.


Flameless infrared catalytic heaters fed by natural gas reportedly reduce energy costs up to 80% vs. electric heaters in thermoforming. Gas-Cat heaters operate at lower temperature than electric units. CGA (Color/Graphics Adapter) The first video display standard for the IBM PC. This low-resolution system was superseded by EGA and then VGA. CGA required a digital RGB Color Display monitor. See PC display modes.

CGA - Color Graphics Adapter
 and FM approved.


Vulcatherm ceramic and quartz infrared emitters from Vulcan in the U.K. come in a range of sizes and shapes, 751000 w, 120 v to 480 v. Also embedded thermocouples, reflectors or mounting devices, and ceramic terminal blocks.


Insulated soft-sided ceramic heater bands, custom-designed insulated heater blankets and custom-designed insulation blankets for barrels, molds, and dies. Modular insulation blankets use high-temperature cloths and nonstick outer covers.


Heating elements offered by Italian manufacturers.


Heatube line of tubular electric heaters for applications, which include curing, drying, preheating, finishing, and thermoforming. Heaters are protected from moisture and contaminants by a metal sheath of various alloys. Watt density is determined by customer's specifications. Sheath diam. available in 0.200, 0.260, 0.315, 0.375, 0.430, and 0.475 in., and lengths to 200 in. Maximum sheath temperature should not exceed 1500 F. Heatube line includes designs suitable for aluminum extrusion, circulation, immersion, air-duct, round flange and vacuum forming applications.


Full line of unit heaters, duct furnaces, make-up air units, air turnover units, and other heating products.


Heating elements include mica and high-heat mineral-insulated nozzle bands, cartridge heaters, mica and ceramic barrel heaters.


Noren Thermal Pin heat conductors (similar to heat pipes) transfer heat quickly and uniformly from one part of a mold to another. Commonly used to extract heat for mold cooling, but also to transfer heat into hard-to-reach mold areas in thermoset molding. Units cool cores and molds faster than water to reduce cycle time and draw heat from the plastic, transferring it to water channels or to the mold base. Uniform heat transfer eliminates hot spots hot spots

acute moist dermatitis.
 pulling. Only one water line is required. Thermal Pins eliminate scale and plugging of small-diameter water channels going into the core, reducing maintenance, and can isolate old or damaged mold components from the coolant coolant (kōō´lnt),
 when seepage or leak problems occur. In blow molding, the hollow unit uniformly cools the end of the blow pin and evenly cools necks of blow molded bottles. More than 350 sizes stocked. (See data sheet p. 245.)


Mighty Watt and Mighty Watt Plus cartridge heaters. Mighty Watt Plus allows thousands of combinations of size, rating, and lead configurations shipped from stock. SST SST: see airplane.  and QST QST Quebec Sales Tax
QST Quiet System Technology (Intel chipset feature)
QST Queens of the Stone Age (band)
QST Quick Start Tutorial (filetype) 
 split-sheath insertion heaters provide improved conductive heat conductive heat
Heat transmitted to the body by direct contact, as by an electric pad.
 transfer and are easily removed from worn or poorly drilled holes.

Band heaters include Mighty Miser ceramic, Mighty-Tuff high-temperature, Aluma-Flex aluminum, and mica types. Replacement heaters for injection, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, and auxiliary equipment shipped from stock.

Also resin dryer and mold-temperature control heaters; and metal sheath, ceramic, flat-panel and quartz-tube infrared heaters for radiant process heating.


Heating cables and strip, cartridge, tubular electric, immersion, and band heaters, as well as laboratory and specialty units. Accessories include thermocouple, RTD RTD returned to duty (US DoD)
RTD Rated
RTD Ready to Drink
RTD Richmond Times-Dispatch
RTD Regional Transportation District
RTD Research, Technological Development
RTD Research and Technology Development
RTD Real-Time Data
, and thermistor Thermistor

An electrical resistor with a relatively large negative temperature coefficient of resistance. Thermistors are useful for measuring temperature and gas flow or wind velocity.
 sensors, along with associated wire, connectors and hardware. Also heating-system instrumentation such as controllers, meters, and computer interfaces. Line of ovens, and ceramic and other oven heating elements can be used as replacement components or to construct customized ovens.


Ceramic and mica heater bands and strips; and cartridge, channel, ceramic air-cooled, east-aluminum (liquid and air-cooled) ceramic-fiber, radiant-panel, and roller heaters. Heater accessories, instruments, controls, and thermocouples. Stocks mica bands and cartridges. Also custom products.


Straight or preformed tubular heating elements, and swaged high-watt-density cartridge heaters with high-temperature leads supplied with or without thermocouples.

Patented plate heaters for hot manifolds with replaceable tubular heating elements pressed into slots and held in place by staked heater covers.


Range of high-temperature air and infrared ceramic heaters, controls, blowers, complete systems, and accessories. Air heaters reach temperatures to 1600 F. Hot-air system employs heater and control technology that cuts back power if the element gets too hot.

Infrared ceramic heaters with watt densities to 40 w/[in..sup.2] can be operated at surface temperatures to 750 F and last over 5000 hr. Glaze coating on heater surface changes color as it approaches operating temperature.


UltraThin ul·tra·thin  
Very thin.
 heater band constructed of high-temperature materials. Thin ceramic insulators inside result in low-mass construction, which improves control response and minimizes temperature lag and overshoot o·ver·shoot
A change from steady state in response to a sudden change in some factor, as in electric potential or polarity when a cell or tissue is stimulated.
. Backside thermal insulation minimizes heat loss and lowers sheath temperature. Heater element is computer-designed for maximum wire size. Available in diam. from 3 to 14 1/2 in. and widths from 1 to 10 in. (See ad p. 220.)


Infrared heaters, heaters and controls, and oven systems for various applications. Products include annealing ovens (stress relief) for injection and blow molded parts for PC and other materials, heaters for preheating plastic prior to thermoforming, dry or cure heaters and ovens for plastic adhesive set-up or bonding, and plastics-related heat processing.


Single and twin quartz tube infrared (IR) emitters and oven hardware. Quartz-tube IR emitters available in standard and fast responding models. Each single- and twin-tube IR emitter can be built to operate in either a horizontal or vertical plane. Optional integral gold reflector reflector: see telescope.  is cured onto the quartz tube, never needs cleaning, and assists in directing the emitter's IR energy to the substrate.


Heat-processing equipment, heaters, and ovens for processes such as annealing of molded parts; relieving stresses in welded and fabricated parts; heating of reinforced plastics for lamination lamination

a laminar structure or arrangement.
, hot-stamping, etc.; preheating of fibers prior to pultrusion Pultrusion is a continuous process of manufacturing of composite materials with constant cross-section whereby reinforcing fibers are pulled through a resin, possibly followed by a separate preforming system, and into a heated die, where the resin undergoes polymerization. ; and drying/curing of coatings and inks on film, sheet, etc. Specializes in annealing of 5-gal water bottles.

RAMA Rama, in the Bible
Rama (rā`mə), variant of Ramah.
Rama, in the Ramayana
Rama, hero: see Ramayana.

Major Hindu deity.

Cartridge heaters in Incoloy sheath for temperatures to 1600 F, as well as stainless-steel for a more moderate temperature range of 1200 F. Coiled nozzle heater features 1000% more surface contact, high temperature connection, integrated thermocouple and proportioned profile heating.

Rama Flex heater provides moderate heat and even distribution on irregular and smooth surfaces. Rama Band and Rama Strip heaters are computer-designed and verified. Tubular healing elements constructed from high-quality materials to meet stringent application requirements. (See also Hot-Runner Components and Systems.)


Line of modular infrared heating devices (SpotIR, LineIR, StripIR, PanelIR, ChambIR, Hi-TempIR, and SimulateIR) produce heat flux densities (-3 watts/[in.sup.2] to over 900 watts/[in.sup.2]) and radiation geometries (from 0.25 in. diam. spots to areas as large as 38 x 144 in.). Some heaters can heat targets to over 2000 F in seconds. Also ControlIR series SCR (Sequence Control Register) See program counter.  power controllers for heaters offer integrated heating systems.


Coiled coaxial electric heaters for injection molding offer unit to unit interchangeability ([+ or -]2% of nominal resistance tolerance) and are most often used to heat hotrunner nozzles and sprues. Heaters with axial or twin-screw clamps in stock for quick delivery. Most any combination of power, voltage and length can be specified. Distributed power along the length of heater element is available as well as custom profile coiling. Quick, small quantity custom builds available as well as continuous-run production of large quantifies. Heater element diameters of less than 0.060 in. are standard, with diameters as small as 0.040. New Slim Line heaters in low profile, and slip-on configuration.


Thermoforming machinery supplier offers its own quartz-tube infrared heater panels. Elements are completely enclosed on sides and back with galvanized gal·va·nize  
tr.v. gal·va·nized, gal·va·niz·ing, gal·va·niz·es
1. To stimulate or shock with an electric current.

 casing; 2-in. ceramic-fiber insulation is placed directly behind the quartz tubes. Thus, all energy is reportedly radiated toward the sheet. Elements range from 8 x 24 in. with one zone to 24 x 24 in. with nine tubes divisible DIVISIBLE. The susceptibility of being divided.
     2. A contract cannot, in general, be divided in such a manner that an action may be brought, or a right accrue, on a part of it. 2 Penna. R. 454.
 into one, two, or three zones. Tubes can be replaced individually.


Panel and tubular electric infrared heaters for thermoforming, screen printing, and paint curing. F-Series panel heaters have durable high-temperature quartz-composite emitter. G-Series panels have black high-temperature glass emitter. Both reach temperatures to 1800 F and do not need external reflectors. T-Series is a fast-response quartz-tube heater for up to 1800 F with internal reflector that will not degrade with time. M-Series panel-type heaters have either hard-coated aluminum or porcelainized steel face.


Burn-off ovens for heat-cleaning screws, dies, molds, mixers, fixtures, tooling and rejects ensure that parts are not overheated o·ver·heat  
v. o·ver·heat·ed, o·ver·heat·ing, o·ver·heats
1. To heat too much.

2. To cause to become excited, agitated, or overstimulated.

. Ovens operate at low cost and fast processing time with no chemicals, wire brushes, or torches. Used for thermoforming, baking, preheating, and drying at temperature ranges to 500 F, 650 F, 750 F, or 850 F.


Electric heating elements, thermocouples, RTDs, temperature controls, and related accessories for injection molding, extrusion, and auxiliary applications. High-density (swaged) and low-density cartridge heaters for hot-runners and compression and injection molds, as well as for extrusion dies and welding equipment. Hi-density cartridge heater Terminator Lead Conversion Program guarantees 24-48 hr shipping on 26 custom terminations from 65,000+ in-stock high-density cartridge heaters in over 1000 standard sizes and electrical ratings.

Cast-in aluminum or bronze heater/cooler units, Mi-Plus mineral insulated band, Duraband mica band, ceramic insulated band, aluminum channel Maxiband, and tubular nozzle band heaters for injection molding and extruder barrels, heads, and dies. Mica, Maxistrip, and channel strip heaters for molds, platens, and dies. Tubular heating elements and E-Mitter ceramic infrared heaters for thermoforming.

Standard and mineral-insulated thermocouples, melt-bolt thermocouples, RTDs, protection tubes, thermocouple and extension wire. Melt pressure transducers and gauges.

Complete line of screw plug and flanged-immersion, and circulation heaters for liquid-temperature controllers used in mold-temperature regulation, as well as heavy-duty ASA-rated flanged-immersion and circulation heaters with power/temperature control panels. Available from stock or custom engineered/manufactures. Many products UL/CSA certified. (See ad p. 248-Tab.)


Quartz-tube infrared emitter systems used for curing and drying applications in metal finishing, thermoforming, and paper markets. Infrared energy sources available as gas or electric infrared.


Infrared process heaters from elements to total systems and controllers. Heaters can be utilized over a wide temperature range with an accuracy of 2 [degrees] F. Efficient conversion of energy to infrared, 1-9 micron wavelength, temperature to 2500 F, heating time of 8 sec. through 4 min. Modules are compact, durable, easy to install, simple to operate and maintain. Standard and custom sizes available. Units are easy to maintain and withstand the shock of water splash, no scaling, or warping. Suitable for processes requiring clean room conditions and no environmental contamination. Engineering services and custom design available.


Industrial electric heating elements include cast-in aluminum or bronze band heaters and die heaters; thermastrip, mica, ceramic and nozzle band heaters; ceramic infrared heaters; tubular elements; strip, cartridge, radiant, immersion, silicone rubber, and drum heaters; and thermocouples.


Coil and mini-coil heaters for hot-runner applications feature mini-coil design in diam. of 1/2 to 1 in. and lengths from 3/4 to 4 in. Power ranges from 125 to 600 w at 240 v. Hermetic hermetic /her·met·ic/ (her-met´ik) impervious to air.

her·met·ic or her·met·i·cal
Completely sealed, especially against the escape or entry of air.
 construction for long life in adverse conditions. Low-profile axial clamp with auto-locking features allows easy installation inside smallest nozzle cavities. Available with standard Allenhead screw clamps. Standard flexible leads available in any length to allow bending to 0.1-in. radius in up to 900 F environment.

VALAD VALAD Voice Activated Logistics Anchor Desk  ELECTRIC HEATING CORP.

Hot plates in sizes from 6 x 12 to 36 x 36 in. All hot plates are fabricated from stainless steel stainless steel: see steel.
stainless steel

Any of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10–30% chromium. The presence of chromium, together with low carbon content, gives remarkable resistance to corrosion and heat.
 cabinet with a 1/2 in. top plate with a machined aluminum surface. All units are ANSI (American National Standards Institute, New York, A membership organization founded in 1918 that coordinates the development of U.S. voluntary national standards in both the private and public sectors. It is the U.S. member body to ISO and IEC.  ETL UL 499 approved.


Flameless catalytic gas heating systems for both roll- and sheet-fed thermoformers use long-wave infrared energy to reduce operating costs and enhance control and uniformity of process. Systems catalytically oxidize oxidize /ox·i·dize/ (ok´si-diz) to cause to combine with oxygen or to remove hydrogen.

1. To combine with oxygen; change into an oxide.

 propane or natural gas. Manual and new touchscreen gas-pulse electronic control of pressure in individual zones.


Thunderbolt line includes cartridge heaters, band heaters, cast-in heaters, immersion heaters, and strip and tubular heaters. In-stock and custom-engineered products.


Band and strip heaters, tubular metal-sheath elements, immersion heaters, flanged a. 1. Having a flange or flanges; as, a flanged wheel s>.  immersion heaters, and heat-transfer systems with integral cooling. Also forced-air duct heaters and thermal-sealing hot plates.


Flanged, screw plug, circulation and over-the-side heaters for new applications and replacement needs. Flanges in steel or stainless steel with ratings from 150 to 1200 psi. Screw plugs in steel, stainless steel, stainless,
n a steel that contains a minimum of 12% chromium and approximately 0.5% carbon to resist corrosion.
 steel, or bronze. Terminal enclosure options include standard, weather-resistant, explosion-resistant, and high-temperature extended heads for use in high-temperature applications to reduce ambient temperature inside wiring enclosures. Heating elements of 321 or 316L stainless steel, steel, or Incoloy can be brazed or welded to flange.


Swaged Firerod cartridge heater with high-temperature and high-watt-density capabilities. Lead Adaptor program with patented lead connection technique permits same-day shipment on over 150,000 variations of Firerod.

Band heaters include MI Band, a high-temperature (1600[degrees] F max.) unit with a special mineral insulation that provides long heater life; and ThinBand heater featuring a flexible design for easy installation and replacement on barrel and fast heat-up and cool-down. ThinBand heaters available with Quick Clamp for easy installation. Spring loading maintains contact with barrel as heater expands on startup.

Also radiant heaters, quartz tubular elements, strip heaters, ceramic fiber heaters, cable and nozzle heaters, cast-in heaters, flexible heaters, multicell heaters, tubular heaters, immersion heaters, and circulation heaters.
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