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When boys ask me out, I always say no. It's because I don't like anyone that much and don't need all that drama in my life. My friends think I should start dating so they always make fun of me about it, which makes me feel awkward and upset. How can I let the boys down in a way that won't hurt their feelings?

Dear Heartbreaker heart·break·er  
1. One that causes sorrow, grief, or disappointment: "one young and chaste, the other a dissolute heartbreaker of 48; one prim, the other passionate" 

It's perfectly OK to say a sweet, "No, but thank you anyway," with zero explanation, or, "Thanks, but I don't want to date anyone right now." If you're not comfortable being so direct, you can let a guy down gently and tell him that your parents won't let you date. No need to swear off to make a solemn vow, or a serious resolution, to abstain from something; as, to swear off smoking s>.
- Miss Edgeworth.

See also: Swear
 boys forever, but it's admirable ad·mi·ra·ble  
Deserving admiration.

admi·ra·ble·ness n.

 that you listen to your heart rather than to other girls' opinions. When friends jeer or push, remind yourself that their immaturity im·ma·ture  
1. Not fully grown or developed. See Synonyms at young.

2. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity: silly, immature behavior.
 is their problem and not yours.
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Title Annotation:DEAR CAROL
Author:Weston, Carol
Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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