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Personal Accident and Health Insurance in India, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018. Oct 20, 2014 836
Heart Health Benefits from Regular Visits to a Massage Therapist. Oct 20, 2014 782
Health Insurance Companies Now Spending $55 Million Vs. Prop 45, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Oct 20, 2014 595
Fresno Bee Endorses Yes On Prop 45, Says: Ballot Initiative Will Rein In Health Insurance Premiums, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Oct 17, 2014 605
Mandatory Health Insurance Fund annually allocates some 200 mln som to provide insured citizens with medicines. Oct 17, 2014 186
FirstCare Health Plans opens new enrollment center in Lubbock. Oct 17, 2014 460
Morocco : Morocco, EU Sign 50 Million Financing Agreement For Government Medical Coverage Reform Policy. Oct 17, 2014 198
Recruitment of technical support for the maintenance of the applications of economic benefits and health benefits in sap environment. Oct 17, 2014 109
Belgium : Commission finds Slovak system of compulsory health insurance involves no state aid. Oct 16, 2014 407
Covered California Launches Renewal For More Than 1.1 Million Enrollees And Announces New Initiatives For Next Open-Enrollment Period. Oct 16, 2014 2052
YES on 45: HealthNet Contributes $5 Million to Deceptive and Misleading No on 45 Campaign Using Actor as Phony Hardware Store Owner in TV Ads. Oct 16, 2014 825
Kaiser Permanente's California Health Plans Rated Highest for Quality for Seventh Consecutive Year. Oct 16, 2014 791
Survey: Two-thirds Of Those Insured Via Obamacare Will Change Healthcare Plans In 2015. Oct 14, 2014 453
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Launches Health Insurance Guide for Individuals with MS. Oct 14, 2014 541
Poll: Insured are losing faith; Health coverage seen lacking while up-front costs are high. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo; Agiesta, Jennifer Oct 14, 2014 855
Philippines : 6M seniors soon to have lifetime health insurance. Oct 11, 2014 384
LionShare Insurance Group to Release New Health Insurance Commercial November 1st in Sarasota, Florida. Oct 10, 2014 207
Florida Atlantic University Poll Finds One in Five Hispanic Women without Health Insurance. Survey Oct 9, 2014 734
Consumers Launch New Yes on 45 Street Art Campaign - Asks San Franciscans: "Health Insurance Rates Killing You?" Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Oct 9, 2014 1076
Health benefits cut for part-timers at Wal-Mart; Move aims to control costs; 30,000 affected. D'Innocenzio, Anne Oct 8, 2014 469
In U.S., Uninsured Rate Holds at 13.4%; As open enrollment looms, uninsured rates unchanged across age groups. Survey Oct 8, 2014 1363
Wal-Mart to sell health insurance; Retailer tries to deal with sluggish sales of basics. D'Innocenzio, Anne Oct 7, 2014 567
United States : Walmart Works with to Introduce Comprehensive Health Insurance Program. Oct 7, 2014 388
More than 1.2 Million Employees, Retirees and Their Families Expected to Choose Health Benefits through Aon's Suite of Private Exchange Solutions. Oct 7, 2014 1173
Majority of NYC Boomers making smarter health choices and say 'best times are ahead'. Oct 7, 2014 989
Most Employers Reject Private Exchanges According to NBCH and Benz Communications Survey. Oct 7, 2014 1055
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Prime Therapeutics Study Demonstrates Health Benefits and Cost Savings of Pharmacy Benefit Integration within Insurance Plans. Oct 6, 2014 852
Recruitment of health insurance and medical assistance to the staff of the provincial government of cadiz. Oct 3, 2014 180
Provision of Assisting The Health Insurance Authority in Preparing a Consumer Information Campaign. Oct 3, 2014 175
Another Geisinger Health Plan Study Demonstrates Cost Effectiveness of AMC Health's Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Oct 2, 2014 1384
New Interactive Book Confirms 5 Health Benefits to Soaking in Warm Water. Oct 1, 2014 722
Census Bureau News: Your Household Finances and Health Insurance, Live on C-SPAN's "America by the Numbers" Segment of "Washington Journal". Oct 1, 2014 230
First Yes On Prop 45 Advertisement Shows Real Nurses Exposing Plight Of Real Patients In Hands Of Price-gouging, Penny-pinching Health Insurance Companies, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Oct 1, 2014 784
CDHPs still doing well. Mayer, Kathryn Oct 1, 2014 164
5 Steps to building your critical illness business: voluntary benefits are increasingly becoming part of the fabric of a total employee compensation package, and few benefits are as timely and necessary as critical illness insurance. Shestack, Robert Oct 1, 2014 2020
U.S. life/health--2013 assets distribution. Statistical table Oct 1, 2014 1004
Bloom Health Announces New Private Exchange Platform Solution Offering Two Top Minnesota Health Plans. Sep 30, 2014 514
New Health Insurance Company Prop 45 TV Ads Make False Claims About Protecting Small Businesses That Faced $250 Million In Unreasonable Rate Hikes, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Sep 30, 2014 897
Why even some physical activity provides a greater health benefit. Sep 29, 2014 437
Small businesses are helping workers buy health plans. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Sep 28, 2014 635
United States : Nearly One in Four Employers Say Private Health Insurance Exchanges Could Provide a Viable Alternative for Full-Time Active Employees in 2016. Sep 26, 2014 161
White Paper From DST Health Solutions Assesses Opportunities In Emerging "Dual-Eligible" Healthcare Market. Sep 25, 2014 806
Introducing the first ever employer-sponsored wellness initiative for kids: Brussels + Muscles by Be Colorado. Sep 24, 2014 500
Annual Survey of Americans' Views on Health Care and the ACA Finds Nearly Half of Remaining Uninsured are Unaware of the Individual Mandate or of the Exchanges. Sep 23, 2014 1572
United States : FirstEnergy to stop subsidizing HEALTH CARE BENEFITS. Sep 23, 2014 108
Lubbock Chamber and FirstCare Health Plans Unveil Private Market Alternatives to the Federal Health Care Marketplace. Sep 22, 2014 757
San Jose Mercury-News, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune Endorse Yes On Prop 45, Say: Ballot Initiative Would Bring Prop 103 Savings To Health Insurance, according to Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Sep 20, 2014 473
Group insurance health care. Sep 20, 2014 169
Census Bureau's American Community Survey Provides New State and Local Income, Poverty, Health Insurance Statistics. Sep 18, 2014 2360
Employee health insurance. Sep 16, 2014 143
More Than 144,000 Pennsylvania Children Remain Uninsured. Sep 16, 2014 624
Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2013. Sep 16, 2014 3029
Texas Still Tops List of Highest Uninsured Rates. Sep 16, 2014 568
Health Coverage Not Clearly Related to Mortality, according to Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. Sep 15, 2014 466
Covered up: Obamacare and the insured. Suderman, Peter Brief article Sep 12, 2014 280
United States : FLORIDA obtains health insurance grants. Sep 11, 2014 137
Consumer Watchdog To Regulator: Health Insurance Companies Cannot Illegally Hide From Voters In No On 45 Ads Bankrolled with Their $37 Million. Sep 11, 2014 595
Picwell Launches First Predictive Recommendation Engine for Health Plan Selection. Sep 10, 2014 667
CENSUS BUREAU MEDIA ADVISORY: Census Bureau to Announce Findings for 2013 Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage. Financial report Sep 10, 2014 438
Census Bureau to Host Webinar on American Community Survey Statistics and Health Insurance Measures (resend). Sep 10, 2014 821
India : VISHNU MANCHU unveils rural health scheme. Sep 9, 2014 118
NJHA's Health Insurance Counselors Help Laid-off Casino Workers Sign Up for Coverage. Sep 8, 2014 452
Automated Enrollment Solution for the Health Insurance Marketplace Program. Sep 8, 2014 121
Census Bureau to Host Webinar on American Community Survey Statistics and Health Insurance Measures. Sep 5, 2014 540
Hometown Health Plan Publishes Uplifting Life Lessons From St. Louis Seniors. Sep 5, 2014 565
India : CIGNA TTK HEALTH INSURANCE expands network. Sep 5, 2014 167
United States : COBRA Enrollees May Be Able to Save Thousands of Dollars by Buying Individual Health Insurance on Their Own. Sep 4, 2014 353
COB Smart Expands Nationwide to Identify Overlap in Health Insurance Benefits. Sep 4, 2014 538
United States : ARRAY HEALTH to make purchase of health insurance easier for consumers. Sep 3, 2014 225
IRS sets max fines for health coverage refusal. Cook, Dan Sep 1, 2014 203
Health insurance sign ups boost customer contact, maybe business: too early to diagnose if uptick caused by insured or growth. McDaniels, Nevonne Sep 1, 2014 1534
Tax forms are new challenge for Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo Sep 1, 2014 795
An essential school supply: the IHP: discussing an individualized healthcare plan (IHP) with your child's school nurse is one way you can prepare for the school year and make sure their special needs are addressed accordingly. Kortsha, Monica Sep 1, 2014 1067
U.S. life/health--2013 group life issued: ranked by 2013 group life business issued. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 396
U.S. life/health--2013 group life in force: ranked by 2013 group life business in force. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 404
U.S. life/health--2013 ordinary life issued: ranked by 2013 ordinary life business issued. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 403
U.S. life/health--2013 ordinary life in force: ranke by 2013 ordinary life business in force. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 410
U.S. life/health--2013 term life issued: ranked by 2013 term life business issued. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 405
U.S. life/health--2013 term life in force: ranked by 2013 term life business in force. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 407
U.S. life/health--2013 credit life issued: ranked by 2013 credit life business issued. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 414
U.S. life/health--2013 credit life in force: ranked by 2013 credit life business in force. Statistical table Sep 1, 2014 393
Assisters have helped uninsured millions. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2014 163
Health insurance retail store opening in hot springs. Sep 1, 2014 171
Largest health insurance companies. Friedman, Mark Sep 1, 2014 705
This week: Troy Wells: President and CEO of Baptist Health of Little Rock. Sep 1, 2014 585
Narrow provider networks criticized. Finley, James K. Sep 1, 2014 316
GAO report confirms elective abortion coverage widespread in Obamacare exchange plans. Sep 1, 2014 797
The WVSMA congratulates the Inaugural 2014 Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) Class! Good, Barbara Brief article Sep 1, 2014 181
The Inguration of the Takaful Medical Insurance for Sudanese Nationals Working Abroad. Aug 31, 2014 222
Employer Healthcare Benefits Congress Joins Forces with HR Professionals Association. Aug 30, 2014 270
The 6th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress is Pleased to Announce SeeChange Health Solutions as the Sponsor of the Healthy Food Roundtable. Discussion Aug 29, 2014 494
Bahrain readies to host Health Insurance Forum/Expo 2014. Aug 28, 2014 271
Power Morcellator Cancer News: UPMC Health Plan Becomes Latest Insurer to End Coverage of Uterine Morcellation, Bernstein Liebhard LLP Reports. Aug 28, 2014 778
In U.S., LGBT More Likely Than Non-LGBT to Be Uninsured; LGBT adults more likely to lack a personal doctor and enough money for healthcare. Gates, Gary J. Aug 26, 2014 1113
Provision of personnel with disabilities for primary health insurance lower rhine and central data processing greater east fund. Aug 26, 2014 252
Nonprofit Transamerica Center for Health Studies Offers Health Insurance Guide for Veterans. Aug 25, 2014 482
One in Four Millennials Lacks Health Insurance. Aug 25, 2014 755
Tax refunds may take a care law hit. Alonso-Zaldivar, R. Aug 25, 2014 599
NO BEDS ABROAD; THE JUDGE I'LL GET IT SORTED THE; Patient left for hours as Euro health scheme fails. Aug 24, 2014 551
Compulsory health insurance information system. Aug 23, 2014 145
Van de Putte Calls For Expanded Medicaid Coverage. Aug 22, 2014 628
Field Poll Showing 69% Support for Proposition 45 Will Trigger Insurance Industry Ad Deluge, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Aug 22, 2014 503
Blue Shield Multi-Million $$ Skybox Underscores Public Concern About Excessive Health Insurance Rates; Consumer Watchdog Calls On Attorney General To Investigate Blue Shield Non-Profit Status Until Prop 45 Offers More Protections. Aug 19, 2014 552
Washington State Physician Group Joins in Offering Small and Mid-Sized Employers a New Way to Lower Healthcare Costs. Aug 19, 2014 935
United States : Fidelis Care Partners with North Country Chamber of Commerce to Help Residents Access Health Insurance. Aug 18, 2014 405
Health insurance industry looking at pricing solutions. Aug 18, 2014 213
Pricing flexibility still some way off for Dubai's medical insurers. Aug 17, 2014 613
Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance. Aug 16, 2014 292
Census Bureau News -- Media Advisory -- Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics to Host Technical Meeting on Federal Health Insurance Statistics Methodology (resend). Aug 15, 2014 377
Employers Shift Health Care Burden to Employees, Jeopardize Retirement Plans. Aug 14, 2014 1254
Health Benefits Study of New Z Trim Biofiber Gum. Aug 13, 2014 867
National Life & General Insurance to start Abu Dhabi operation by October. Aug 12, 2014 253
Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics to Host Technical Meeting on Federal Health Insurance Statistics Methodology. Aug 12, 2014 377
Chamber To Launch Statewide Private Health Insurance Marketplace On Sept. 1, 2014. Aug 12, 2014 549
Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Brazil, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018. Aug 11, 2014 5439
German Statutory Health Insurance Grants NUB Innovation Status to Retina Implant's Alpha IMS Microchip. Aug 11, 2014 845
German Statutory Health Insurance Grants NUB Innovation Status to Retina Implant's Alpha IMS Microchip. Aug 11, 2014 851
The unaffordable harm act. Hoar, William P. Aug 11, 2014 2021
Employer's decision to deny medical benefits to former employee is justifiable, not unfair. Aug 10, 2014 398
New Diabetes Drug Has Surprising Health Benefits. Aug 8, 2014 623
Provision of voluntary medical insurance of employees of JSC "ZPPK" in 2014-2015. Aug 7, 2014 116
Prop 45 Could Save Californians As Much As $1 Billion Annually On Health Insurance, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Aug 6, 2014 741
Voluntary medical insurance of employees of JSC [beaucoup moins que]Izhevsk electrical networks". Aug 6, 2014 117
Kenya : ASSOCIATION OF KENYA INSURERS wants transparency in healthcare insurance. Aug 5, 2014 177
Budget&Finance Committee OKs BGN 225M Health Insurance Fund Update. Aug 4, 2014 305
Republic prosecutor~s office and the administration of justice employee health insurance. Aug 4, 2014 105
A perfect health gift. Aug 1, 2014 834
Hobby Lobby bill blocked. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 187
Hoodwinked Millenials finally are waking up. Aug 1, 2014 642
Uninsured rate drops in Minnesota. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2014 217
Open season move proposed. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2014 133
Health coverage options for children with special health care needs: what happens when they age out of children's plans? Agoratus, Lauren Aug 1, 2014 896
Marketplace enrollment opens November 15. Aug 1, 2014 357
The impact of tiered physician networks on patient choices. Sinaiko, Anna D.; Rosenthal, Meredith B. Aug 1, 2014 5701
PPACA adds auto-enrollment feature. Mayer, Kathryn Aug 1, 2014 453
Arches Health Plan Selects TruClinic to Bring Healthcare into the Home. Jul 31, 2014 903
New Premium Loading Scheme To Hit Over 35s, Says Health Insurance Company Simple Financial Solutions. Jul 31, 2014 780
Covered California Announces Rates For 2015; Rigorous Negotiations With Health Insurance Companies Keep Rate Increases Low And Choices Robust. Jul 31, 2014 1141
Provision of Health insurance. Jul 31, 2014 140
Consumer Watchdog Campaign: Health Insurance Companies Facing Prop 45's Protection Against Rate Hikes Temper Premium Hikes For Covered California... What About Next Year? Jul 31, 2014 544
Sports Teams Medical Insurance. Jul 30, 2014 145
India : RELIGARE INSURANCE introduces 3 new products for international travel insurance. Jul 30, 2014 139
Who is Watching WellPoint's Profits? Proposition 45 Will Provide Accountability, says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Jul 30, 2014 467
Consumer-Directed Health Plans Show Cost Savings. Jul 29, 2014 692
LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon Challenges the Pacific Northwest to Hike 10,000 Miles During 10-Week Hiking Challenge. Jul 29, 2014 670
Personal Accident and Health Insurance in the UK, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018. Jul 28, 2014 5604
United States : $1.8 million in health insurance rebates are going back to the people under the affordable care act. Jul 27, 2014 310
Health insurance and medical assistance consortium prevention, firefighting and rescue of the island of tenerife. Jul 26, 2014 127
Complementary health insurance and pension insurance. Jul 25, 2014 151
Health insurance now a viable option for many: this is the biggest expansion of coverage for N.H. in decades. Toumpas, Nicholas Jul 25, 2014 532
BigAppleRx Saves Uninsured New Yorkers More Than $25 Million. Jul 24, 2014 511
Lockton and GetInsured Partner to Offer Employers Individual Health Insurance Exchange Solutions. Jul 23, 2014 672
Audio: Report Sheds Light on Workers Losing Out on Health Coverage. Jul 23, 2014 124
Obamacare takes a hit. Jul 23, 2014 539
Simone inks 95,000 s/f deal with Affinity Health Plan in the Bronx. Jul 23, 2014 365
Hiring Discrimination for Smokers, Obese Rejected in U.S. Americans say higher health insurance rates for smokers are justified. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Jul 22, 2014 1077
Buckeye Community Health Plan to Sponsor Ohio State Fair SkyGlider. Jul 22, 2014 409
Provision of personnel with disabilities for primary health insurance lower rhine and central data processing greater east fund. Jul 22, 2014 248
Osteopathic Medical Profession Supports Access to Health Care for Same-Sex Households. Jul 22, 2014 439
Syrian and Afghan Conflicts Highlight Need for International Health Cover for Voluntary Workers. Jul 21, 2014 1177
ACA's 'Spillover' Effect: Dental Coverage Rate Increasing for Young Adults Whose Parents Receive Health Insurance through Employers. Jul 21, 2014 659
Syrian and Afghan Conflicts Highlight Need for International Health Cover for Voluntary Workers. Jul 21, 2014 1182
Providing of (i) Group Medical Insurance. Jul 19, 2014 112
Jelgava municipality administration and institutional employee health insurance. Jul 19, 2014 106
Private Health Insurance Exchanges: How Shopping Your Next Health Plan Might Look like Amazon. Jul 17, 2014 593
Former MDCH Director Joins Consumers Mutual Insurance in Key Strategic Role. Jul 16, 2014 668
Collective health insurance for students of some european institutions. Jul 15, 2014 114
Health plans fee and welfare of the heavy "industries and businesses recovery". Jul 15, 2014 104
40% of U.S. workers are only in it for the health insurance. Jul 15, 2014 241
Storm Fitness Challenge Inspires Good Health and Community Goodwill. Jul 14, 2014 1262
Giving up cigs essential for mums-to-be; Vital health Benefits for baby and mother from stubbing out the habit are massive so it's a must-do. Jul 11, 2014 280
Azerbaijan : COMPULSORY MEDICAL INSURANCE sets to advance healthcare in AZERBAIJAN. Jul 11, 2014 120
United States : MEDICA offers Secure STM, short term health insurance. Jul 11, 2014 152
A health care opportunity for New Hampshire: everyone wins under the new expanded Medicaid program. Larsen, Sylvia Jul 11, 2014 554
Long-term care: a potential catastrophe: if you don't plan for your future, you may not have an estate. Hannon, Fred Column Jul 11, 2014 516
J.D. Power Reports: The Uninsured Remain Underserved by Health Exchanges, As Many Continue to Struggle to Enroll in Healthcare Coverage. Jul 10, 2014 1252
Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: CIGNA, WellPoint, Humana, UnitedHealth Group and Molina Healthcare. Jul 10, 2014 1931
Shifts In Healthcare Coverage For Millions Of American Lives Create Unique Data Challenge For Next Year Planning. Jul 10, 2014 960
eLoyalty's Cloud Platform Achieves PCI and HIPAA Compliance. Jul 9, 2014 697
Learn 'insurance speak' so you can get the info you need to treat your clients. Legge, Deb Jul 9, 2014 551
Business Health Insurance Expert Frank Saltzburg Exposes Secrets of Obtaining Best Health Coverage at Most Affordable Price. Jul 8, 2014 915
Director FATA Health visits Bannu, directs best medical cover to IDPs. Jul 7, 2014 122
Skin in the game: editorial. Editorial Jul 7, 2014 297
United States : 5 companies file to sell insurance through ARKANSAS' health insurance marketplace. Jul 5, 2014 198
Teacher Retirement System of Texas selects FirstCare Health Plans as HMO plan option for TRS-ActiveCare program. Jul 3, 2014 608
Dependents up to 25 under family medical insurance. Jul 3, 2014 227
Policyholders Supporting Prop 45 Detail Health Insurance Price-Gouging, says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Jul 2, 2014 2321
Success in affordable care act enrollment 'just the beginning'. Currie, Donya Jul 1, 2014 762
The PPACA effect: how private insurance plans are faring under Obamacare. Taufen, Amber Jul 1, 2014 1268
Coach up other ways to make wellness work: annual health insurance premium rate increases might seem like death and taxes to employers (and employees)--inevitable. Taufen, Amber Jul 1, 2014 930
Women from Northern Ireland not entitled to free abortions. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 125
Resolving ObamaCare: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains a work in progress, but when will any real progress be shown? Garner, John C. Jul 1, 2014 1626
New health benefits from daily coffee. Huntington, Jeffrey Jul 1, 2014 5731
Eliza Corporation, WellPoint and America's Health Insurance Plans Reveal Strategies and Best Practices for Member Engagement. Jul 1, 2014 979
HHS proposes auto enrollment for 2015 ACA plans. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jul 1, 2014 256
Newly insured young, healthy. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jul 1, 2014 140
Health cover plan for Bahrain Indian expats. Jun 28, 2014 423
Health cover plan for expats. Jun 28, 2014 404
Workers get health coverage back as Sodexo reverses course. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo Jun 27, 2014 624
Mauritius : EU, AfDB Pledge To Support Morocco's Efforts To Reform Basic Health Coverage. Jun 27, 2014 243
Kentucky Health Cooperative health insurance literacy initiative helps consumers make the most of their new health coverage. Jun 25, 2014 570
Belgium : European Health Insurance Card: almost 200 million Europeans already carry one. Jun 25, 2014 448
Accident and health insurance gz 4901.02174. Jun 25, 2014 110
Nigeria : 11,000 CDA members sentisized on community based health insurance program. Jun 24, 2014 135
Local health care insurance. Jun 24, 2014 124
USW International Announces Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield as its Health Insurance Provider. Jun 23, 2014 394
Contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act: the bishops' battle against the common good. Smith, Meghan Jun 22, 2014 5025
Cull the overuse, not the people. Gibson, Rosemary Jun 22, 2014 377
Duty or dignity? Competing approaches to the free exercise rights of for-profit corporations. Churchill, Spencer Jun 22, 2014 9635
Health plans tell drug makers: Cut costs or lose out; Bargain or be banned, insurers say. Pollack, Andrew Jun 21, 2014 632
United States : AETNA, Mercy team up on insurance. Jun 21, 2014 404
Global Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) IT Market - Trends & Forecasts to 2018. Jun 20, 2014 691
Global Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) IT Market - Trends & Forecasts to 2018. Jun 20, 2014 685
Governor Corbett Announces Positive Response to Request for Healthy Pennsylvania Private Coverage Option Insurers. Jun 20, 2014 924
United States : New Report Details Costs & Availability of Supplemental Health Insurance Products Available at eHealth. Jun 20, 2014 422
United States : eHealth Offers Fixed-Benefit Indemnity Plans for Consumers Who Want Additional Coverage Options Outside of Open Enrollment. Jun 20, 2014 442
United States : Many Young Adults and College Grads Burdened by Cost of Health Insurance, According to eHealth Survey. Jun 20, 2014 441
Why health care costs are high. Singer, Jeffrey A. Jun 19, 2014 703
Texas Didn't Expand Medicaid, but Some Adults Still Find Access. Jun 19, 2014 836
United States : IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE Okays MOUNTAIN HEALTH CO-OP to sell Health Insurance. Jun 19, 2014 214
United States : Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Reform Illinois Medicaid System. Jun 18, 2014 421
File complaint if health cover refused:DHA. Jun 18, 2014 478
Hartville Launches Expanded Wellness Plans in ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Program. Jun 18, 2014 733
Pet Health Insurance Popularity Soars as an Employee Benefit. Jun 17, 2014 680
Most Americans Remain Satisfied With Healthcare System; Little change in satisfaction since mid-March. Newport, Frank Jun 16, 2014 1059
United States : BROKER established to assist sign up Alaskans for health insurance scales back. Jun 16, 2014 359
All residents need to have basic health coverage. Jun 16, 2014 216
Oregon's Health CO-OP puts democratized healthcare into action. Jun 16, 2014 760
Saudi firms 'must provide medical cover for expats'. Jun 15, 2014 298
Why Your Small Employer Clients Should Cancel Their Group Health Insurance--and Why Their Employees Will Love Them For It. Jun 13, 2014 893
United States : Three Million U.S. Employees Enrolled in Private Health Insurance Exchanges, According to Accenture. Jun 13, 2014 297
Three Million U.S. Employees Enrolled in Private Health Insurance Exchanges, According to Accenture. Jun 12, 2014 644
Why your company's health insurance policy may not be enough for you and your family. Jun 12, 2014 1186
Insurers propose change; Boost sought on health plans. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo Jun 12, 2014 604
New International Foundation Survey Finds Majority of Employers Believe ACA Has Had a Negative Impact on Their Company. Jun 11, 2014 944
AAPPO Study: Consumer-Driven Health Plans Grew By 15 Percent Last Year. Jun 10, 2014 477
Ohio and Virginia Chambers of Commerce Launch Private Health Insurance and Benefits Exchange through CieloStar. Jun 10, 2014 526
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network intend to double health plan product offerings for the 2015 individual market. Jun 10, 2014 3230
L.A. Care Health Plan Partners With DPS Health to Offer Evidence-Based Weight Loss and Member Engagement Program. Jun 10, 2014 770
United States : COLORADO health insurance exchange asks for carrier fee. Jun 10, 2014 144
McGraw Wentworth Survey Shows Health Benefit Costs Growing At 7%. Jun 9, 2014 834
We need to meet about health plan. Jun 9, 2014 207
Connecture To Present Session On The Next Generation Of Single-Carrier Private Health Insurance Exchanges At AHIP's Institute 2014 Conference. Conference news Jun 9, 2014 753
Ranking infectious disease risks to assist public health planning in the European Union. Jun 6, 2014 106
Sharif approves health insurance for poor. Jun 6, 2014 200
UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust Shareholder Proposal at Dendreon Wins Majority Support. Jun 5, 2014 330
Complementary health insurance. Jun 5, 2014 116
1,600 a week dropping health cover. Jun 4, 2014 140
Rs 1 bln allocated for PM Health Insurance Scheme for poor. Jun 4, 2014 102
Upcoming Shareholders Meeting, Multi-Choice Medical Plans, FDA Approvals, and Investor Conference Schedules - Analyst Notes on Biogen Idec, UnitedHealth Group, Amgen, WellPoint and Mylan. Conference news Jun 3, 2014 1585
NuBody Concepts Launches Online Health Benefits Guide to AquaLipo Liposuction. Jun 3, 2014 659
Health plans for the future. Jun 3, 2014 177
Meridian Health Plan to End Operations in New Hampshire Effective June 30, 2014. Jun 3, 2014 446
United States : 5 companies to provide health plans in New Hampshire. Jun 3, 2014 238
Calling All Seattle Storm Fans to "Take Your Health by Storm". Jun 2, 2014 756
The next frontier: visualization helps carriers make the complex understandable and actionable. Shetti, Abhijit Jun 1, 2014 506
Uninsured rate lowest since 2008. Jun 1, 2014 110
Uninsured and hating it. Storey, Denis Jun 1, 2014 537
Navigating the world of special needs. Jun 1, 2014 1701
Mother of Invention: How the Government Created "Free-Market" Health Care. Lieberthal, Robert Jun 1, 2014 1603
Maximizing omega-3 health benefits. Knowlton, S.R. Report Jun 1, 2014 6470
The 8 Biggest Myths about ObamaCare: NCPA Report. May 29, 2014 752
United States : Rhode Island Small-Business Owners Have More Health Benefit Options With UnitedHealthcare's Multi-Choice Plan. May 29, 2014 355
United States : Rhode Island Small-Business Owners Have More Health Benefit Options With UnitedHealthcare's Multi-Choice Plan. May 29, 2014 360
Pet Health Insurance Professionals Attend DC Summit. May 28, 2014 867
More Than Half Of Health Plans With Oncology Pathways Expect To Complete Their Pathway Rollouts By 2016. May 28, 2014 460
Proxy Advisory Firms Support Disclosure Of Pay Recoupment At Walmart. May 27, 2014 558
Health plans will lead to better care, says medic; Move to downgraded A&E units in both towns is looking most likely. May 26, 2014 568
Coverage costs rise: Obamacare costs. Suderman, Peter Brief article May 25, 2014 248
Free birth control and unfree photographers: dubious rights threaten true liberty. Sullum, Jacob Column May 25, 2014 638
Few Americans aware of their rights for mental health coverage. May 20, 2014 865
West Virginia Health Cooperative, Inc. Approved By Offices of the Insurance Commissioner. May 20, 2014 626
United States : WARANA DISCOUNT DRUG STORE inks deal with COVAD to offer health insurance. May 20, 2014 130
Fiji : MEDICAL insurance company endows in IT. May 17, 2014 142
Visitors need health insurance to help the NHS; Letters Letter to the editor May 16, 2014 228
Running on Obamacare failure denies reality. Baird, Jon Column May 16, 2014 615
Why are Dems vulnerable? Obamacare. Horn, Jennifer May 16, 2014 691
Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace Advises Following These Steps to Help Avoid Problems Getting Your Health Insurance with Nevada Health Link. May 15, 2014 504
United States : Major U.S. Health Plans Agree to Give Consumers FREE Access to Timely Information About Health Care Prices to Foster Greater Transparency. May 15, 2014 363
Providing of signing of an agreement for health insurance policy. May 15, 2014 161
Of the 8 million on ACA plans, 28% are young adults. Ellen, Mary May 15, 2014 487
Actuaries Shed Light on 2015 Health Insurance Premium Changes. May 14, 2014 487
Haj health plan focuses on infectious diseases. May 13, 2014 510
Yemen, South Korea discuss health insurance cooperation. May 13, 2014 130
Dad axes health cover to boost his daughters' college fund.. then told he's terminal cancer; Ronan's dedicated family starts online campaign to raise [euro]80,000. May 9, 2014 503
Law is not ethics in Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case. May 9, 2014 1479
State Exchange Enrollment Projections Provide Clarity Into Diverse U.S. Health Insurance Market. May 8, 2014 817
General Assembly Restores Dental Medicaid Coverage for Adults. May 8, 2014 576
Consumer Watchdog Calls Health Insurance Industry-Funded Study "Insurance Fraud"; Scare Tactic By Industry Trying To Avoid Billions In Savings For Consumers. May 8, 2014 1066
State Faces Tough Task Getting Former Foster Youth Health Coverage. May 7, 2014 821
California Nurses Rally Against Kaiser's $21.7 Billion In Excess Reserve And Endorse Health Insurance Rate Regulation Initiative To Return Billions Of Dollars To Patients, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. May 6, 2014 673
Gardening offers much needed health benefits to younger adults. May 6, 2014 320
U.S. Uninsured Rate Drops to 13.4%; Uninsured rate down nearly four percentage points since late 2013. Levy, Jenna May 5, 2014 1048
Health insurance coverage--what small businesses need to know: you don't need to wait to hear hack from the SHOP marketplace about your eligibility before enrolling. Hurd, Ray May 2, 2014 476
Kaiser Permanente Explores Expansion to Colorado Mountain Communities by 2016. May 2, 2014 888
152,335 Missourians Have Enrolled in Health Insurance Marketplace Plans. May 1, 2014 684
IRS provides simplified employer health care coverage reporting. Schreiber, Sally P. May 1, 2014 282
Fact sheets available for the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC). May 1, 2014 373
Vitamin D studies spotlighted in British Medical Journal: research finds health benefit but authors encourage more reviews. May 1, 2014 556
Healthcare spiraling downwards as ObamaCare takes hold, worse yet to come. Balch, Burke May 1, 2014 455

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