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Are older Americans healthy enough to work longer? Irby, Charlotte M. Apr 1, 2016 425
51% of Americans with Heart Disease/Risk Say It Lowers Their Productivity at Work, Finds HealthMine Cardiovascular Report. Mar 7, 2016 970
Death rates, health problems, rise among middle-aged white Americans. Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 291
Disparities in assessment, treatment, and recommendations for specialty mental health care: patient reports of medical provider behavior. Meyer, Oanh L.; Saw, Anne; Cho, Young Il; Fancher, Tonya L. Statistical data Jun 1, 2015 7368
Americans Underestimate Serious Eye Health Risks of UV Radiation. May 19, 2015 537
16.4 million gain coverage. Brief article Mar 23, 2015 152
U.S. study reports shifts in natural products use. Mar 1, 2015 579
U.S. Flu Reports Decline in January. Riffkin, Rebecca Feb 5, 2015 605
U.S. Obesity Rate Inches Up to 27.7% in 2014. Levy, Jenna Jan 26, 2015 1227
A comparison of self-acceptance of disability between Thai Buddhists and American Christians. Chen, Roy K.; Kotbungkair, Wilaiporn; Brown, Alicia D. Report Jan 1, 2015 8379
Nationwide Survey Finds: Americans Believe Environmental Issues Pose Greater Long-Term Threat To Their Health and Well-Being than Terrorism or Global Epidemics like Ebola. Dec 29, 2014 1645
SCA Hygiene Matters 2014 Consumer Survey Identifies Americans' Everyday Sanctuary: Workplace Restrooms. Nov 11, 2014 1020
SodaStream Evolves U.S. Positioning To Emphasize Health And Wellness, Encouraging Americans To Drink More Water. Nov 11, 2014 838
Survey says: it's the smile. Survey Jul 1, 2014 239
Proventix congratulates the 2014 Hand Hygiene All-Americans for their dedication to safety, quality and leadership in healthcare. Apr 29, 2014 721
NFL MVP Kurt Warner And Wife Brenda Tackle A Public Health Issue Affecting Millions Of Americans With National Cholesterol Awareness Campaign. Apr 2, 2014 1744
Quick-fix chix: poultry from package to plate. Hurley, Jayne; Liebman, Bonnie Apr 1, 2014 1305
In U.S., Using Strengths More May Be the Best Pain Medicine; Americans with health issues may get emotional boost from using strengths more. Asplund, Jim Survey Dec 27, 2013 1147
FDA says trans fats' time is up. Nov 1, 2013 545
Five phony public health scares: activist misinformation harms Americans. Bailey, Ronald Nov 1, 2013 1203
New Report Shows Wildfire Smoke Poses Health Risk to Millions of Americans Many Miles from the Blazes. Report Oct 24, 2013 1137
Eyes right: how to protect your vision. Chew, Emily Oct 1, 2013 3875
Dear EarthTalk: is it true that American kids are going through puberty earlier today than in previous generations, and are there any environmental causes for this? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Sep 15, 2013 592
Why not now? Improve your health for a happier, more fulfilling life with these easy tips you can act on immediately. Karras, Tula Column Sep 1, 2013 2161
Prostate cancer: which ones matter? Liebman, Bonnie Sep 1, 2013 5482
Gallstones in dieters. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 170
Guilty or innocent? Brief article Sep 1, 2013 154
Research Shows Pycnogenol Helps Reduce Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors Affecting Health Of 75 Million Americans. May 1, 2013 1193
The role of the dental assistant in addressing access to care: how dental assistants take part in providing patient access to dental care. Tuthill, Janet May 1, 2013 1830
Facts and ideas from anywhere. Roberts, William C. Editorial Apr 1, 2013 8950
Weight loss, cortisol, and your brain: scientists explore connections. Mar 1, 2013 1160
Fewer Americans Getting Health Insurance From Employer; Medicare, Medicaid, and military or veterans' insurance inching higher. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Feb 22, 2013 1030
U.S. Flu Reports Reach Five-Year High in January; 4.7% reported having the flu the prior day. Brown, Alyssa Survey Feb 15, 2013 945
In U.S., Women's Emotional Health Worse After Heart Attack; Emotional support programs may be key to post-heart attack care for women. Besal, Lauren; Liu, Diana Survey Feb 13, 2013 1252
Healthy Behaviors Fall in Areas Hit by Superstorm Sandy; Exercise and healthy eating down in affected areas after storm. Ander, Steve; Witters, Dan Survey Feb 8, 2013 895
Americans have shorter lives and poorer health. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 274
IOM: U.S. health status ranks at the bottom among 17 wealthy countries. Schneider, Mary Ellen Report Feb 1, 2013 533
The cost of an additional disability-free life year for older Americans: 1992-2005. Cai, Liming Feb 1, 2013 6993
In U.S., Obesity Rate Stable in 2012; Nearly 4% of Americans are morbidly obese. Brown, Alyssa Survey Jan 23, 2013 917
In U.S., Engaged Employees Exercise More, Eat Healthier; More than half of engaged employees exercise frequently. Yu, Daniela; Harter, Jim Survey Jan 16, 2013 727
The dental assistant's role in maximizing dental headache care in the dental practice: understanding the role of dentomandibular rehabilitation therapists (DMRTs) in the dental practice. Frank, Cheyanne Autumn LaRue Jan 1, 2013 1719
Mental health of Hmong Americans: a metasynthesis of academic journal article findings. Lee, Song E. Report Jan 1, 2013 8679
Snapshot: 2012 U.S. Cold and Flu Season Typical So Far; Average daily reports of 2.1% for flu, 7.1% for colds. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Nov 30, 2012 578
What Americans Don't Know About Their Doctors and Hospitals May Be Putting Their Health at Risk. Oct 23, 2012 1267
Plackers Releases National Dental Hygiene Month Survey Results. Oct 16, 2012 594
Americans making fewer doctor visits, Census says. Anderson, Jane Oct 15, 2012 708
Americans Who Like Where They Live Are in Better Health; Those who feel good about, safe in their area have fewer health issues. Besal, Lauren; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Oct 12, 2012 983
Majority of Americans Do Not Ask Medical Professionals about Hand Hygiene. Clinical report Sep 24, 2012 1192
Omega-3 power! Zipes, Douglas Brief article Sep 1, 2012 151
Getting ahead of the curve: mental/healthy aging. Sloan, A. Elizabeth Sep 1, 2012 1143
Republicans Have Greater Access to Basic Necessities; Democrats, independents twice as likely to lack money for food, shelter. Witters, Dan; Agrawal, Sangeeta; Newport, Frank Survey Aug 30, 2012 954
In U.S., Exercise Has Bigger Emotional Payoff for Low-Income; Low-income Americans also reap more gains from healthy eating. Cochrane, Megan; Witters, Dan Survey Aug 28, 2012 964
Hawaii, Utah, South Dakota Lead in "Thriving"; West Virginia and Maine fare worst overall. Morales, Lymari Survey Aug 14, 2012 917
New blueberry varieties being readied for sale. Suszkiw, Jan Aug 1, 2012 575
Americans' Concerns About Obesity Soar, Surpass Smoking; More say obesity is "extremely serious" now than in the past. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jul 18, 2012 856
New CDC campaign fights stigma and apathy fueling HIV epidemic. Jul 16, 2012 813
The embattled American male. Renaurd, William, Jr. Jun 22, 2012 1153
U.S. Allergy Season Worse Than Usual; Nearly one in five Americans had allergies in March. Morales, Lymari Survey Apr 18, 2012 1025
Obese Americans More Prone to Daily Pain. Stone, Arthur Survey Feb 22, 2012 770
New Retirement Realities and Longer Life Expectancy Cause Many to Rethink Their Approach to Planning for Later Years. Feb 22, 2012 2181
Novel magnesium compound reverses neurodegeneration. Alessio, Martin Report Feb 1, 2012 4088
Too many families appear stressed out. Feb 1, 2012 677
Cadmium reduction in the U.S. population (NHANES). Brief article Feb 1, 2012 186
Reduction in cadmium exposure in the United States population, 1988-2008: the contribution of declining smoking rates. Tellez-Plaza, Maria; Navas-Acien, Ana; Caldwell, Kathleen L.; Menke, Andy; Muntner, Paul; Guallar, E Report Feb 1, 2012 8014
U.S. Diabetes Rate Levels Off in 2011; Mirrors trend in nation's obesity level. Witters, Dan Survey Dec 16, 2011 774
In U.S., Health Insurance Not Necessarily Related to Health; Those with health coverage more than twice as likely as those without to have a doctor. Rheault, Magali; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Dec 14, 2011 934
To Lose Weight, Americans Rely More on Dieting Than Exercise; Dietary changes dominate, but exercise also a key factor for many. Survey Nov 28, 2011 1032
In U.S., More Rate Own Healthcare Quality, Coverage Excellent; Four in 10 say quality, 3 in 10 say coverage is excellent. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 17, 2011 1047
Americans for Job Security Urges Senator Enzi to Oppose Wasteful Federal Grant Program Designed to Fund 'Wellness' Initiatives. Oct 12, 2011 345
Americans for Job Security Urges Senator Isakson to Oppose Wasteful Federal Grant Program Designed to Fund 'Wellness' Initiatives. Oct 12, 2011 434
Americans for Job Security Urges Senator Paul to Oppose Wasteful Federal Grant Program Designed to Fund 'Wellness' Initiatives. Oct 12, 2011 404
The US cancer program and specific types of cancer, 1975-2007: a failure: part 2. Apostolides, Anthony D.; Apostolides, Ipatia K. Report Oct 1, 2011 3216
Easy on the chips and soda. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 132
Proactive Brain Health Critical as Americans' Life Expectancy Reaches All Time High. Sep 22, 2011 1358
Barry Manilow Urges Americans to "Get Back in Rhythm(TM)" and Learn About All the Health Risks of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Sep 13, 2011 1591
Paralysis tied to food poisoning. Holbrook, Emily Brief article Sep 1, 2011 266
In U.S., Obesity Rates Remain Higher Than 20% in All States; Southern states generally register highest obesity levels. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Aug 25, 2011 832
Nearly 20,000 Americans discover they are HIV-positive. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 123
Few meet definition of optimal heart health. Dye, D. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 192
One in four Americans dies of heart disease: anti-aging tips to help avert being a statistic. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Report May 1, 2011 1604
26 million in U.S. have diabetes. Brief article May 1, 2011 137
Most Americans Don't Understand Health Effects of Wine and Sea Salt, Survey Finds. Apr 25, 2011 855
Stress Crisis: Steven F. Hotze M.D. Calls Americans to Action. Apr 5, 2011 653
New Research Unveils High Support for Programs to Reduce Infections in Hospitals. Mar 9, 2011 870
2010 Dietary Guidelines Encourages Americans to Eat More Low-Fat and Fat-Free Dairy Foods. Feb 2, 2011 2436
Barely five percent are vigorous. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 137
Make the most of your face-to-face investment: maximizing ROI at franchise expos: franchising is, and always will be, about establishing and building relationships. Goldstein, Joel Feb 1, 2011 1119
Land of opportunities: all Risks Ltd. and Rockhill Insurance angle programs toward the health care market. Slavin, Al Jan 1, 2011 1146
U.S. has higher rate of MRSA than U.K. Report Jan 1, 2011 155
Incidence of rectal cancer is rising in young Americans. McBride, Deborah Brief article Nov 1, 2010 210
Americans Are More Stressed-out Than Ever and Crave Time off, but Work Woes Keep Majority from Taking All Their Vacation Days, Says New Survey by Westin Hotels. Sep 14, 2010 1232
Critical eye. Hamson, Liz Jul 24, 2010 395
Boost immunity with food and sun. Wood, Marcia; Bliss, Rosalie Marion Jul 1, 2010 1106
Urinary concentrations of metabolites of pyrethroid insecticides in the general U.S. population: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2002. Barr, Dana Boyd; Olsson, Anders O.; Wong, Lee-Yang; Udunka, Simeon; Baker, Samuel E.; Whitehead, Ral Jun 1, 2010 8168
Americans being "bombarded". May 6, 2010 590
Americans. May 6, 2010 590
Exposure of the U.S. population to parabens. Brief article May 1, 2010 202
Ergonomics and the physician executive. Hilfiker, Mary; Hulson, Jeff; Kearns, Donald May 1, 2010 2013
AHA urges Americans to use less sugar and sugary foods. Mangels, Reed Brief article Apr 1, 2010 223
Does major illness cause financial catastrophe? Cook, Keziah; Dranove, David; Sfekas, Andrew Apr 1, 2010 7637
Report: healthcare costs burden more Americans. Mar 29, 2010 368
The most common cancer in the United States is nonmelanoma skin cancer, but the exact number of cases is unknown because they are generally not tracked by cancer registries. Brief article Mar 29, 2010 213
Universal Detection Technology Responds to Harvard Poll on Anthrax. Mar 1, 2010 429
Childhood obesity: researchers attack a nationwide epidemic. Klurfeld, David M. Mar 1, 2010 513
U.S. government rejoins worldwide consensus on reproductive health. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 139
Going Canuck. Soupcoff, Marni Dec 22, 2009 796
Despite Stresses of Today, Survey Finds Women and Men Set Health and Wellness Goals - But Sex Often Influences Success. Dec 18, 2009 869
Making - and Sticking to - Healthy New Year's Resolutions. Dec 15, 2009 785
Few Americans at low risk of cardiovascular disease. Dye, Dayna Brief article Dec 1, 2009 162
The number of Americans with diabetes may almost double in 25 years, and the annual cost of treating them may triple to $336 billion, according to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care. Brief article Nov 30, 2009 307
Only 1.5% of Americans at low risk for heart disease. Mahoney, Diana Survey Oct 15, 2009 762
The H1N1 soap opera: are Americans handwashing? Oct 1, 2009 518
Commentary: partnership for the future of public health services and systems research. Perez, Debra Joy; Larkin, Michelle Ann Oct 1, 2009 3010
Heart group scorns sugar. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 1, 2009 134
Moving the focus from illness to wellness. Daschle, Tom Oct 1, 2009 960
You want fries with that? Fast food has meant a slow death for thousands. Why aren't we doing more about it? Clarke, Kevin Column Oct 1, 2009 709
New Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans View H1N1 as a Serious Health Hazard, Yet Almost 70% Do Not Definitively Plan to Get the Vaccine. Sep 29, 2009 898
40% of Americans could get H1N1. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 136
Healthcare reform begins with a $13 blood test. Mertz, Alan Sep 1, 2009 868
How active are you? Brief article Sep 1, 2009 134
Swine flu poses "serious health threat" to US, could kill 90k Americans: White House. Brief article Aug 25, 2009 286
Personal responsibility: a key to health-care cost-cutting. Stone, Tracie Aug 14, 2009 711
Motivating factor: employers and insurers use incentives and discounts to enroll more consumers in wellness programs. Chordas, Lori Aug 1, 2009 1777
Daily Wrap up July 14 AcentsA[euro]A" Finance. Brief article Jul 14, 2009 247
An unsatisfying change? Canadians' satisfaction with their health care isn't much different from uninsured Americans. Lott, John R., Jr. Jun 22, 2009 5482
Sleep Deprivation Survey: In a Bad Economy, Sleep is an Undiagnosed Health Hazard for US Workers. May 21, 2009 911
Survey shows Americans neglect health in recession. Brief article May 17, 2009 277
Getting to 'the too of the hill': economy gives need for health reform a new urgency. Stone, Tracie May 8, 2009 825
Dirty (air) secrets. Scheer, Roddy Brief article May 4, 2009 226
Obama pledges to take whatever necessary to prevent the flu outbreak. Brief article May 2, 2009 328
A comparative review of U.S. military and civilian suicide behavior: implications for OEF/OIF suicide prevention efforts. Martin, Jeffery; Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Marjan; Lou, Kathryn; Tucciarone, Paulette Report Apr 1, 2009 8188
Among OECD Nations, U.S. Lags in Personal Health; Not feeling health benefits of high spending. Khoury, Christopher; Brown, Ian T. Survey Mar 31, 2009 1256
Many people go without drugs. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2009 127
Clear messaging key after disasters. Late, Michele Brief article Feb 1, 2009 176
Suffering, redemption and Dr. House. Feuerherd, Joe Dec 12, 2008 1053
Prevalence of thyroid disease associated with race and sex. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Dec 1, 2008 264
Americans fall short on three vital nutrients. Splete, Heidi Dec 1, 2008 574
Levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol among adult Americans have fallen somewhat since 1980. Brief article Nov 24, 2008 322
Chronically-ill Americans are more likely to forgo medical care because of high costs or experience medical errors than patients in other affluent countries, according to a study released last week. Brief article Nov 17, 2008 216
Mental health patients denied medication. Oct 1, 2008 307
Influenza planning remains a mess. Oct 1, 2008 419
Lower drinking age? It's a complex issue: the forces driving the global epidemic of harmful youth drinking run far deeper than the age of majority for alcohol. Savage, Seddon Sep 26, 2008 1070
Starbucks Further Extends Health & Wellness Offerings with Five New Healthy Breakfast Options. Sep 3, 2008 817
Why Westerners pass the good health test. Jul 1, 2008 513
Why Americans Suffer More Pain. Essay Jul 1, 2008 2306
The number of Americans with diabetes increased by 15% in two years to 24 million, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brief article Jun 30, 2008 231
Americans born today can expect for the first time to live more than 78 years, as death rates dropped for a host of ailments, said US health researchers. Brief article Jun 16, 2008 246
Half of America on drugs. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2008 146
Half of America on drugs. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 144
Survey uncovers the dirt on U.S. hygiene habits. May 1, 2008 187
More Americans get colorectal screening. Clinical report May 1, 2008 242
Reviewing calcium requirements. Hunt, Curtiss D. Brief article May 1, 2008 160
HealthOpin II: Parents Weigh in on Child Health Issues. Mar 27, 2008 486
Obese cadavers strain medical equipment. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 97
Weighing in on fats. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Mar 1, 2008 676
ARS research program in support of the dietary guidelines. Survey Mar 1, 2008 570
Cities work to create aging-friendly communities. Scharlach, Andrew Jan 28, 2008 2126
Make that whole wheat. Mangels, Reed Brief article Jan 1, 2008 269
An economic model for distributing body organs. Healey, Bernard J. Column Jan 1, 2008 3288
Average American Weighs 17 Pounds More Than "Ideal"; Most Americans report an actual weight different from their ideal weight. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 28, 2007 1061
Most Americans in Good Health This Thanksgiving; Eighty-one percent say their physical health is "excellent" or "good". Carroll, Joseph Survey Nov 22, 2007 799
Pull up a chair and share. Bersch, Carren Editorial Nov 1, 2007 618
One-third of Americans uninsured. Sullivan, Leanne Brief article Oct 15, 2007 133
Too much sodium in U.S. diet, APHA says. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Oct 1, 2007 229
New federal rules highlight need to curb hospital-acquired illness. Krisberg, Kim Report Oct 1, 2007 663
Universal health insurance: coming soon? Menzel, Nancy Aug 1, 2007 886
Complementary and alternative medicine. Henkelman, Wallace J. Aug 1, 2007 378
More patients seeking medical care outside U.S. Goldman, Erik Aug 1, 2007 1780
Surge in medical travel challenges U.S. medicine. Goldman, Erik Jul 15, 2007 2173
Mental health, substance abuse need public health approaches. Walker, Deborah Klein May 1, 2007 481
Fruits, veggies still lacking in most American's diets. Arias, Donya A. May 1, 2007 440
Census Bureau adjusts U.S. rate of uninsurance to 44.8 million. Brief article May 1, 2007 263
Life expectancy gaps in U.S. narrowing. Arias, Donya C. Brief article May 1, 2007 173
Americans eager to know what the future holds. Clinical report Apr 1, 2007 191
Edwards proposes health plan. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Mar 1, 2007 115
Older Americans using alternative medicines without telling doctors. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 210
Jane Seymour. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 113
On the road to wellness: lawmakers want Americans to eat better, stop smoking, exercise and relax. Winterfeld, Amy Feb 1, 2007 2199
Despite confusion, few Medicare enrollees switch drug coverage. Feb 1, 2007 427
Numbers in the news. Dec 1, 2006 594
What's driving the downward trend in employer-sponsored health insurance? Shen, Yu-Chu; Long, Sharon K. Dec 1, 2006 9113
U.S. health and nutrition survey serves as nation's 'health census': data is foundation for health research. Arias, Donya C. Dec 1, 2006 953
Surgery sets N.H. precedent. Cohen, Erika Nov 24, 2006 1260
Many families miss out on crucial food stamp benefits. Goldberg, Heidi Nov 20, 2006 571
New survey claims supplement use remains strong, but consumer confidence is declining. Survey Nov 1, 2006 536
Hypertensive men living in a southern city: is it a recipe for disaster? Hutchison, Florence N. Editorial Nov 1, 2006 768
Many parents say their kids have never seen an eye care professional. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 181
Cancer, Schmancer--as long as I'm not a drug addict. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Nov 1, 2006 216
A walk for wellness. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 245
Take heart: the heart health market is steadily growing, showing no signs of slowing down. Naguib, Yousry Oct 1, 2006 4496
The debate over Chinese-language knowledge among culture brokers of acupuncture in America. Emad, Mitra C. Oct 1, 2006 5293
Calorie overkill: quiz. Liebman, Bonnie Oct 1, 2006 1329
Almost half of Americans who would become a live donor decline because of long-term insurance fears - survey. Oct 1, 2006 512
Consumer-directed health care: a panacea or the wrong prescription? Davis, Karen Sep 1, 2006 2435
America gets over its gas pains: long taboo, flatulence is being discussed everywhere these days. Anstett, Patricia Sep 1, 2006 1399
Learn the ABC's of beauty foods: outer appearance is largely a reflection of inner health. Here's a primer on the foods that promote healthy skin, hair, nails and overall wellness. Geria, Navin Sep 1, 2006 3579
The American diet's long shadow. Jacobson, Michael F. Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2006 486
APHA, universities to tackle animal-borne diseases. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 262
Preventive services a good investment for health. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Aug 1, 2006 664
Report: Americans want, deserve universal health coverage. Aug 1, 2006 574
Improving pain management. Bjerkerot, Peter Author abstract Aug 1, 2006 282
Struggling to invent high-reliability organizations in health care settings: insights from the field. Dixon, Nancy M.; Shofer, Marjorie Aug 1, 2006 5391
Commentary--achieving a high-performance health system: high reliability organizations within a broader agenda. Gauthier, Anne K.; Davis, Karen; Schoenbaum, Stephen C. Aug 1, 2006 3697
Improving pain management. Prescott, Barb Jul 1, 2006 312
Cities utilize the Internet to prepare citizens for pandemic flu: either by developing their own avian flu websites or providing links to information developed by county, state or federal organizations, cities of all populations can provide factual and often real-time information to their citizens. Foxman, Larry Jun 12, 2006 610
U.S. population falls short in global health ranking. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 1, 2006 569
American babies. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 91
Healthways Joins National Minority Health Month Foundation in Marking Older Americans Month with Preliminary Findings of Health Disparities Study. May 22, 2006 727
VIDEO from Medialink: National Survey Finds Few Americans Understand Connection Between Excess Weight and Cancer Risk. May 17, 2006 193
Dental damage. Coughlin, Erin Brief article May 1, 2006 169
Americans avoid colon Ca screening. Dixon, Bruce K.; Evans, Jeff Brief article Apr 15, 2006 276
A professional association can serve society. Willging, Paul R. Apr 1, 2006 2939
A well-kept secret among consumers. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 187
From die ... t to nutrition. Prescott, Barb Apr 1, 2006 639
Preaching the gospel of anti-fitness. Kiell, Paul Mar 22, 2006 2739
New study recommends drinking more beer. Mar 13, 2006 347
Castro offers free eye care. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 122
Sugar or Sweetener? sucrose has its problems, but so do artificial substitutes. Howard, Brian C. Mar 1, 2006 1217
Tackling a weighty problem: America's obesity epidemic. Kretsch, Molly Mar 1, 2006 791
Studies Report 2 Million Americans Carry Drug-Resistant Staph Bacterium as Infection Rates Continue to Rise. Feb 2, 2006 467
Variables for the prediction of femoral bone mineral status in American women. Keathley, Roseanne S. Feb 1, 2006 6004
Oh say, can you see? Mangels, Reed Jan 1, 2006 284
Diabetes Danger: What 200 Million Americans at Risk Need to Know. Morris, Alfred F. Dec 22, 2005 749
Clergy as health care providers. Weaver, Andrew J. Dec 1, 2005 716
Yankelovich Healthcare Segments Reveal What Motivates Americans to Achieve Better Health & Wellness; New Analysis, Targeting Tools Lead to Tailored Healthcare Communications, Interventions. Dec 1, 2005 875
Nonstick taints: fluorochemicals are in us all. Raloff, J. Nov 26, 2005 577
Sharing prevention tools. Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 118
Living long in fragile health: the new demographics shape end of life care. Lynn, Joanne Nov 1, 2005 3559
Hope for the future: achieving the original intent of advance directives. Hickman, Susan E.; Hammes, Bernard J.; Moss, Alvin H.; Tolle, Susan W. Nov 1, 2005 3113
Driven into debt. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 109
Eat like a Greek. SerVaas, Cory Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 303
Don't forget the zinc. Zipes, Douglas Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 164
Focus on men's health: football great Joe Theismann tackles prostate disease, one of the most common conditions affecting American men. Perry, Patrick Sep 1, 2005 818
Subthreshold bipolar disorder is disabling, costly: condition affects about 2% of U.S. adults. Zoler, Mitchel L. Aug 1, 2005 668
New thoughts on sleep, weight loss & diabetes: the good news: new studies are showing some fascinating associations between sleep and obesity. Gifford, Rachel A. Jul 1, 2005 1023
Aging Americans to fuel market for medical and dental adhesives and sealants. Jul 1, 2005 358
Senate bill would expand efforts, funding to fight hunger. Jun 6, 2005 457
Treatment of individuals with co-occurring disorders in county jails: the Beaver County, Pa., experience. Bell, Arlene; Jaquette, Nancy; Sanner, David; Steele-Smith, Carol; Wald, Holly Jun 1, 2005 3221
The human costs of sex. Hollander, Dore Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 205
Obesity rising for all income levels. Foley, Kevin Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 180
New ALA Report Finds Half of U.S. Breathing 'Dirty Air'. May 2, 2005 333
New food labeling requirements could lead to more restrictive diets. May 2, 2005 360
Ad Blitz dismisses obesity threat. Brief Article May 2, 2005 143
Americans at intermediate CV risk overestimated. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2005 659
Cities urged to promote cover the uninsured week. Casey, Stephanie Apr 11, 2005 558
Survey: tests of embryos OK for health purposes. Johnson, Kate Apr 1, 2005 460
Senator Breaux pushes for individual insurance mandate. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2005 482
Louisiana Democrat backs individual insurance mandate. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2005 427
One one-third of Americans understand organ donor process-Coalition survey. Mar 31, 2005 378
Guidelines: cut calories and salt, exercise more. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2005 729
USDA's 2005 Dietary Guidelines emphasize calorie control and exercise. Jan 17, 2005 363
Health alert. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 103
The U.S. Market for Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Products. Nov 1, 2004 114
The low-down on bad cholesterol: new guidelines recommend that millions of Americans lower cholesterol levels to prevent heart attack and stroke. Nov 1, 2004 498
Fat: more than just a lump of lard. Liebman, Bonnie Cover Story Oct 1, 2004 3220
Americans missing the boat on fitness. Sep 22, 2004 638
Obesity and glucose intolerance are rapidly increasing in the United States. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 121
Hypertension on the rise. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 243
Most Americans age 45-plus unprepared for long term care. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 152
Essential tremor: five million people are afflicted with this inherited disorder, which is often confused with Parkinson's disease. Trussell, Tait Sep 1, 2004 749
Dick Clark--rockin' for diabetes: the veteran broadcaster is stepping forward to inform Americans about the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Perry, Patrick Sep 1, 2004 760
Tips for vibrant health and beauty at every age. Sep 1, 2004 554
Technological changes contribute to rise in obesity. Variyam, Jayachandran N. Jul 1, 2004 503
Mental health treatment common. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 147
CDC and FDA find a decline in foodborne illness. May 3, 2004 485
Study: obesity threatens life underwriting. Pilla, David Brief Article May 1, 2004 286
Supplement regulation pushed by advocates. Perlstein, Steve May 1, 2004 1006
90 million Americans lack full health literacy. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2004 951
Big problem, small solution. Jacobson, Michael F. May 1, 2004 445
STDs: major problem that falls through cracks. Evans, Jeff Apr 1, 2004 1016
People are struggling with diets-supermarkets can help. Apr 1, 2004 1229
A social ecological approach to the obesity epidemic. Swan, Pamela D. Mar 22, 2004 1868
One-third of Americans have iron deficiency. Mar 22, 2004 349
Mental health coverage has holes. Evans, Jeff Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 192
Enthusiasm for cancer screening: unhealthy? Evans, Jeff Mar 1, 2004 743
Daily sunscreen use, avoidance of triggers critical for rosacea control. Lohr, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2004 840
Men's health: erectile dysfunction. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 193
Gene therapy for relieving angina. March, Keith L. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 211
Health progress. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Nov 15, 2003 87
About half of U.S. adults have had an HIV test, but testing often occurs late in the course of infection. Rosenberg, J. Nov 1, 2003 1130
Reversing kidney disease in diabetes. Nov 1, 2003 738
Do you need defibrillator therapy? Zipes, Douglas Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 276
Taking aim at trans fats. Zipes, Douglas Sep 1, 2003 840
Focus on fitness. Zipes, Douglas Sep 1, 2003 338
Men benefit from Kegel exercises, too. SerVaas, Cory Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 268
Shaping the future of medicine. March, Keith Aug 1, 2003 656
Avoiding West Nile Virus. Zipes, Douglas Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 223
Living with hemophilia. Zipes, Douglas Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 298
Physicians' group says Americans are Bearing a toxic Burden. (EH Update). Jul 1, 2003 335
Poor Communication. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jun 15, 2003 115
Heart quiz. (Advertisement). Apr 1, 2003 390
Rehabilitation and mental health practices for an aging population in the U.S.. (Editor's Comment). Moore, Corey Editorial Apr 1, 2003 1019
Contemporary issues facing aging Americans: implications for rehabilitation and mental health counseling. (Contemporary Issues in Aging). Rollins, Carolyn W. Apr 1, 2003 6471
Neighborhood heart quiz. Zipes, Douglas Mar 1, 2003 399
Don't fool yourself about getting in shape. (Medicine & Health). Jackowski, Edward Mar 1, 2003 2049
Obesity.(The Effective Physician). Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 765
Heavy price paid for lack of coverage. (Health Insurance). Feb 1, 2003 463
The contraceptive conundrum. Tone, Andrea Dec 1, 2002 3969
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