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Harte-Hanks Prescribes Allink Xpert(TM) to Facilitate CRM at Cigna Tel-Drug.

Mail order pharmacy relies on CRM and marketing services

to target more effectively customers and prospects;

cites Harte-Hanks expertise

BILLERICA, Mass., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ --

Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS), a leading provider of direct and interactive marketing services, today announced it is providing customer relationship management (CRM) software and services to CIGNA Tel-Drug, a division of CIGNA Healthcare. CIGNA Tel-Drug, a prescription mail order operation, will utilize Harte-Hanks to enable its marketing team to better understand the behavior of CIGNA customers, to allow the company to market more efficiently and to increase the number of consumers and pharmacists who use the CIGNA Tel-Drug service.

Harte-Hanks will provide strategic support in the actual management of the CIGNA Tel-Drug database and will leverage Allink Xpert(TM) software as the CRM solution. Allink Xpert is a Harte-Hanks-offered, fully integrated database software solution that is designed to refine customer and response data to enable highly targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns. Allink Xpert is an open-architecture solution that incorporates Harte-Hanks comprehensive Allink(TM) CDM (Customer Data Management) solution, professional CRM and analytic expertise, and ongoing technical support of Harte-Hanks, with the most recent software application for data access offered by Xchange, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXAP). "Allink" is the Harte-Hanks suite of data-centric applications that paints a consolidated view of each customer across an enterprise, without which a comprehensive CRM strategy cannot be executed.

"The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive marketplace, so to compete successfully we made a business decision to market to our existing and potential customers more effectively," said Aaron Crosson, chief information officer, CIGNA Tel-Drug. "We also made the decision that to do so expediently would require the expertise of Harte-Hanks to help us eliminate the anomalies in our customer data, create truly unique customer identifiers, and assist in our efforts moving forward. Harte-Hanks professionals have brought many great ideas to the table and have helped us to radically change our processes for the better. We truly believe CRM is an integral part to driving increased revenues and sales."

CIGNA Healthcare, with more than 8.5 million customers, has several goals for its CIGNA Tel-Drug pharmacy implementation. An initial mission is to increase CIGNA Tel-Drug's ability to bring CIGNA pharmacy members into the CIGNA Tel-Drug mail order business as a way to help members reduce costs when receiving their prescription drugs. Other goals include increasing customer satisfaction of pharmacists and end-customers, providing supplemental education to customers to alert them of CIGNA Tel-Drug and its availability, facilitating a more effective identification of customers who are eligible for CIGNA Tel-Drug, driving additional profits through increased incremental spending by customers, and achieving the ability to track customers and their behaviors over time.

By using Harte-Hanks, CIGNA Tel-Drug seeks to understand more readily the true value and potential of its customer and prospect databases, so it then can develop a network of customer-focused strategies, channel programs and campaigns, using a combination of direct mail and call center services appropriate to each customer. Allink Xpert is delivered to CIGNA Tel-Drug as a hosted CRM solution, coupled with analytic support, to ensure CIGNA Tel-Drug system success at optimizing this sophisticated marketing tool without the large investments typically required of larger systems.

"Our relationship with CIGNA is a strong example of the depth and breadth of Harte-Hanks CRM services and capabilities," explained Kathy Calta, group president, CRM database services, Harte-Hanks. "CIGNA Tel-Drug is relying on Harte-Hanks to make this implementation successful by building one central database from information pulled from 10 legacy systems, and conducting detailed analysis of the CIGNA Tel-Drug customer base through modeling, data mining and segmentation response analysis. Harte-Hanks will support CIGNA Tel-Drug by providing application support, technical support and analytic support to ensure industry-specific optimization of the system. The net is, CIGNA Tel-Drug is looking at Harte-Hanks to work as a partner for consultative knowledge in direct marketing CRM and we're thrilled about the relationship."

CIGNA Tel-Drug launched in 1993. The Allink Xpert solution is currently in rollout phase at the company, with initial results from the implementation expected by the company in the next two months.

About Harte-Hanks, Inc.

Harte-Hanks, Inc., San Antonio, TX, is a worldwide, direct and interactive services company that provides end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) and related marketing services solutions for a host of consumer and business-to-business marketers. Harte-Hanks and its CRM integrated solutions use technology as the enabler to capture, to analyze and to disseminate customer and prospect data at all points of contact. The company's customer- centric models allow it to be the overall solutions provider for driving traffic to a Web site, call/contact center, or brick-and-mortar location. With premier specialized offerings -- Web page design to e-care, desktop database capabilities to systems integration, personalized mail to e-mail, proprietary software products to application service provider and hosting solutions -- Harte-Hanks provides practical implementation of technology and understands the needs of clients and their customers to deliver best-of-breed solutions. Visit the Harte-Hanks Web site at or call (800) 456-9748.

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