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Handgun review fall 1991.


The 1991 SHOT Show saw the introduction of several new and interesting designs from America's gunmakers. New names such as Anaconda Anaconda, city, United States
Anaconda (ănəkŏn`də), city (1990 pop. 10,278), seat of Deer Lodge co., SW Mont.; inc. 1887.
 and All American, BDM BDM Black Divorced Male
BDM Business Development Manager
BDM Background Debug(ger) Mode
BDM Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls during the Third Reich, akin to Hitler Youth) 
 and P89 graced the booths in Dallas. With the fall retail season underway, Shooting Industry takes a look at where the handgun market is headed leading up to the 1992 SHOT Show in New Orleans New Orleans (ôr`lēənz –lənz, ôrlēnz`), city (2006 pop. 187,525), coextensive with Orleans parish, SE La., between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, 107 mi (172 km) by water from the river mouth; founded .

The first three quarters of 1991 have seen several of the Shot Show/NRA Show introductions arrive on the dealers shelves. Most notably, the entire Glock 20 series, myriad Smith & Wessons, the Colt Double Eagles and the Ruger P89/90 series. Browning, Colt, Mitchell Arms, Sile (Sphinx sphinx (sfĭngks), mythical beast of ancient Egypt, frequently symbolizing the pharaoh as an incarnation of the sun god Ra. The sphinx was represented in sculpture usually in a recumbent position with the head of a man and the body of a lion, ), Ruger, and others are still working on designs introduced at Dallas or San Antonio San Antonio (săn ăntō`nēō, əntōn`), city (1990 pop. 935,933), seat of Bexar co., S central Tex., at the source of the San Antonio River; inc. 1837.  (NRA NRA

(National Rifle Association of America) organization that encourages sharpshooting and use of firearms for hunting. [Am. Pop. Culture: NCE, 1895]

See : Hunting
 Show). The wide range of consumer magazines on the market have raised the collective awareness of the handgun aficionado A Spanish word that means fan, devotee, enthusiast, etc. There are loyal aficionados of every subject in the computer field.  to new levels this year. Handguns such as the .50 Caliber Desert Eagle and the Colt All American Model 2000 cause gunshop owners a certain amount of good-natured ribbing by customers who want to be the first on the block to own one. Even though both are likely to be available (in limited quantities) by the time you get this, their thirst for new products will probably not be sated sate 1  
tr.v. sat·ed, sat·ing, sates
1. To satisfy (an appetite) fully.

2. To satisfy to excess.

The March edition of Shooting Industry, profiled the new handguns presented at the SHOT Show. Here is SI's update on the fall handgun market.

* AMT/IAI - The On Duty is now back on schedule with the initial deliveries scheduled for late August. As originally scheduled, it will be available in .40 S & W and 9mm. The decocker version is also in production and deliveries will begin in August.

* American Arms - While the PX/25 is doing well, the Sabre is not expected to reach the dealer shelves this year. One bright spot that was a bit unexpected has been the popularity of the SITES S.p.A.-manufactured Spectre pistol. Unusual in appearance, several of the shop owners I talked to found them to be good sellers.

* Beretta be·ret·ta or ber·ret·ta  
Variants of biretta.
 U.S.A. - The Beretta 92 in .40 Smith & Wesson will make its debut at the IACP IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police
IACP International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
IACP International Association of Culinary Professionals
IACP Istituto Autonomo Case Popolari
IACP International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
 (Int'l. Association of Chiefs of Police) Convention in October. With the Beretta's large capacity magazine well, established sales network and law enforcement moving toward the .40s, the 92-.40 will do well in today's market.

* Browning - Browning's perennial variations of the Hi-Power and the expanding line of Buck Marks are holding their own. The BDM (Browning Double Mode) has been sold to the Secret Service as the BRM BRM biologic response modifier.
BRM Biological response modifier, see there
 (Revolver Mode only). The Secret Service seems to be nearing final acceptance, which will allow Browning to start on BDM production for the consumer market.

* Colt - The All American/Model 2000 will soon be a reality - at least in 9mm. Production is scheduled to begin directly after the annual August shut down. The .40 and .45 caliber versions will follow but have no firm delivery date as yet.

The Anaconda is finally available in the standard stainless steel stainless steel: see steel.
stainless steel

Any of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10–30% chromium. The presence of chromium, together with low carbon content, gives remarkable resistance to corrosion and heat.
 version. This beefy beefy, beefyness

1. in dog conformation, used to describe overdevelopment of musculature in the hindquarters.

2. in cattle, used to designate the desirable physical conformation of a beef animal, but an undesirable character in dairy cattle.
 .44 Magnum is what Colt fanciers have been looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 since 1960.

* Daewoo - Originally Davidson's was slated to become the importer but now a new import holding corporation, First Shot, is bringing the DP-51 9mm pistol into America. Due to changes in the already approved import certificate, DP-51s will start appearing at your local distributor this month.

* EAA EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
EAA European Aluminium Association (Brussels, Belgium)
EAA European Acoustics Association
EAA Export Administration Act
EAA Everglades Agricultural Area
EAA European Association of Archaeologists
 - European American A European American (Euro-American) is a person who resides in the United States and is either the descendant of European immigrants or from Europe him/herself.[1]

Overall, as the largest group, European Americans have the lowest poverty rate [2]
 Armory, one of those who has picked up the pieces from the FIE/Excam failure, has the first Tanfoglio clone on the market in .45 ACP (Associate Computing Professional) The award for successful completion of an examination in computers offered by the ICCP. It is geared to newcomers in the computing field. For more information, visit

ACP - Algebra of Communicating Processes
. This supplements the 9mm, .40 and .41 chamberings already in stock. They also have added a new double action .380 with a unique safety that locks the slide, trigger, and hammer when the magazine is removed. EAA also will have the Vindicator Line of target revolvers in two series, one from .22 to .357, the other a bigbore line from .357 to .45 Long Colt including .41 and .44 Magnum chamberings.

* Feather Industries - Their long-awaited Guardian Angel guardian angel

believed to protect a particular person. [Folklore: Misc.]

See : Angel

guardian angel

term for Christian namesake who watches over a young child. [Christianity: Misc.]

See : Guardianship
 .22LR/Magnum two-shot derringer-style pistol will take a bit longer than planned. Look for it in New Orleans.

* Freedom Arms - Touted as the best of the single actions, this five-shot engineering masterpiece is in regular delivery and winning over new fans daily.

* Glock - Glock has been one of the most consistent in delivery of promised models. Currently, they are up to speed on delivery of the entire 20 series pistols (20, 21, 22, & 23) with the .45 caliber model 21 the most recent Glock to arrive on-shore. All are available and most Glock enthusiasts are wondering what's next from the Austrian polymer specialists. Stay tuned!

* H&R - Yes, Harrington and Richardson is back. This time as the H&R 1871 Company. Paired with New England New England, name applied to the region comprising six states of the NE United States—Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The region is thought to have been so named by Capt.  Firearms, H&R has a break top, nine-shot .22 in their near future. Look for announcements prior to the SHOT Show.

* Heckler heck·le  
tr.v. heck·led, heck·ling, heck·les
1. To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.

2. To comb (flax or hemp) with a hatchel.
 & Koch - H&K introduced the HK P7-M10 at the last SHOT Show. The 10+1-shot .40 S&W squeeze-cocker, originally slated for the U.S. Park Police, will go into production in March of 1992.

* Magnum Research - The first shipment of the long-awaited .50 Desert Eagle arrived last month. Regular quantities should be on-shore regularly from now on. Since ammo is not up to speed yet, Magnum Research is adding 20 rounds of Israeli ammo to each order to get shooters started. The Speer Lawman .50 AE ammo should be reaching your shelves this month. By the way, the bullet is a "true" 50 caliber miking in at .500.

The "Baby Eagle" is on the way. Magnum's newest pistol is a Tanfoglio clone chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. With the Bernardelli pistols no longer in the stable, the Baby Eagle should fill the void and give Tanfoglio fans another choice.

* Mitchell Arms - The Parabellum is now in production. Don Mitchell's stainless steel version of the original Luger Lu·ger  
A German semiautomatic pistol introduced before World War I and widely used by German troops in World War II.

[Originally a trademark.]

Noun 1.
 design has solved all the pre-production woes it first encountered and is on the market.

* SIGARMS - New Hampshire New Hampshire, one of the New England states of the NE United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts (S), Vermont, with the Connecticut R. forming the boundary (W), the Canadian province of Quebec (NW), and Maine and a short strip of the Atlantic Ocean (E).  is getting closer to having a domestically produced SIG. The P229 (.40 S&W) has its major components produced at the Exeter plant, then assembled with parts from the European operation.

* Ram-Line - The new Exactor Target is reaching the shooting public now. Ram-Line is experiencing tremendous success with their new designs. The different grip designs are also drawing new customers.

* Smith & Wesson - The Centennial family has been very successful along with the Third Generation line. How the recall of the 1076 (FBI 10mm) will effect Smith & Wesson is yet to be determined. Smith has also launched a voluntary recall of all the frame-mounted decocker pistols to correct what apparently were problems discovered during the FBI recall. With the recent management changes at Smith, it is readily apparent that the owners, Tomkins PLC, have taken charge and are putting their house back in order.

* Sturm, Ruger & Co. - In addition to the models introduced at the SHOT Show, Ruger introduced five more at the NRA Show. All the SHOT Show models are in production and on the dealer's shelves. The NRA intros include three new P89 series autos: the P89DAO dao
 or tao

In Chinese philosophy, a fundamental concept signifying the correct or divine way. In Confucianism, dao signifies a morally correct path of behaviour.
, a 9mm double action only in stainless steel; the P90DC, a .45 ACP stainless decocker; the P91DC, a .40 S&W stainless decocker; the stainless Government Competition Model .22; and the Super Blackhawk Hunter. The P90DC is in production with deliveries underway. Production on the remaining models is set to begin in September or early October.

* Springfield Armory - Compact and Commander 1911-style .45s abound, with a new "off the shelf" Defender factory comp model in either .38 Super or .45 available. Springfield's prolific P9 series is proving itself very popular with the competition set.

SA has dropped the Linkless System pistols and the Omega series guns announced at the SHOT Show. Although there are some Omegas left, they will no longer be catalogued.

* Taurus - The 85 series revolvers have been strong sellers this year. With the expanded selection, the buyer has more reasons than ever to shop Taurus. The PT-100/101 series semiautos in .40 S&W are expected to go into production in October or November. Now is the time to start those Christmas promotions!

Table : Selected Manufacturers
Manufacturer          Circle #
AMAC                     401
AMT/IAI                  402
Action Arms              403
American Arms            404
American Derringer       405
Anschutz                 406
Beretta U.S.A.           407
Browning                 408
Calico                   409
Caspian Arms             410
Colt's Mfg. Company      411
Daewoo                   412
EAA                      413
EMF Company              414
Eagle Imports            415
Feather Industries       416
Federal Ordnance         417
Freedom Arms             418
Glock                    419
H&R                      420
Heckler & Koch           421
Interarms                422
Intratec                 423
Jennings                 424
K.B.I.                   425
L.A.R. Mfg.              426
Lorcin Engineering       427
Magnum Research          428
Mitchell Arms            429
M.O.A. Corporation       430
New Detonics             431
Norinco China Sports     432
Olympic Arms             433
Para-Ordnance            434
QFI                      435
Ram-Line                 436
Raven Arms               437
Remington Arms           438
SIGARMS                  439
Sile Distributors        440
Smith & Wesson           441
Stoeger Industries       442
Sturm, Ruger & Company   443
Springfield Armory       444
Sundance                 445
Taurus                   446
T.D. Arms                447
Thompson/Center Arms     448
Wesson Arms              449
Wildey, Inc.             450
Wyoming Arms             451
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No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 1991 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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