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Handbook of photomask manufacturing technology.


Handbook of photomask An opaque image on a translucent plate that is used as a light filter to transfer an image from one device to another. See chip.  manufacturing technology.

Ed. by Syed Rizvi.

Taylor & Francis


704 pages




It used to be simply "photolithography A lithographic technique used to transfer the design of circuit paths onto printed circuit boards as well as the circuit paths and electronic elements of a chip onto a wafer's surface.

A photomask is created with the design for each layer of the board or wafer (chip).
"; now we have "nanolithography." The 31 chapters here have been written by those who ushered in the change, along with those whose research will place even more features on an ever-smaller space. General topics cover the design, processes and equipment created for production in such topics as mask writing (including e-beam and laser mask writers), conventional and advanced optical masks, NGL NGL - A dialect of IGL.  masks such as electron beam A stream of electrons, or electricity, that is directed towards a receiving object. See electron beam imaging and electron beam lithography.  projection and ion projection lithography lithography (lĭthŏg`rəfē), type of planographic or surface printing. It is distinguished from letterpress (relief) printing and from intaglio printing (in which the design is cut or etched into the plate). , mask processing, materials and pellicles, including descriptions of mask substrates, resists, and optical properties, and mask metrology, inspection, evaluation, and repairs (yes, they can be done). The final chapter describes modeling and simulation in the development of photomasks.

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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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