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Open Carry Bill Derailed on Texas House Floor. Apr 14, 2015 716
House Panel Weighs Property, Gun Rights. Apr 7, 2015 1030
Houston, Dallas Would Be Largest Cities to Allow Open Carry. Apr 3, 2015 586
Campus Carry Bill Headed to House. Mar 31, 2015 804
Committee Sends Open Carry Bill to House Floor. Mar 26, 2015 355
Campus Carry Gets Initial OK in Texas Senate. Mar 18, 2015 864
House Committee Takes Up Open Carry, Campus Carry Bills. Mar 17, 2015 437
Texas Senate Approves Open Carry of Handguns. Mar 16, 2015 743
Texas Senate Considers Bill to Allow Open Carry of Handguns. Mar 16, 2015 526
The Brief: March 16, 2015. Mar 16, 2015 914
Sandy Residents Take Their Self Defense Seriously. Mar 11, 2015 564
Miroku's police special: Campbell found fun shooting a nondescript and forgotten revolver that oddly combines Colt and S&W features. Campbell, R.K. Mar 1, 2015 1858
Smith & Wesson forms partnership for Army Handgun. Mar 1, 2015 291
Revolver, auto, derringer? Whether you have to spin it, shuck it or break it open, the choice of a concealable defensive handgun is yours. Dabbs, Will Feb 25, 2015 1277
More than a number: the 9mm knows no bounds. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Feb 25, 2015 1609
UT/TT Poll: Voters Less Open to Open Carry. Feb 24, 2015 1197
The Brief: Feb. 24, 2015. Feb 24, 2015 1196
Lawmakers Take Up Gun Bills in Marathon Hearing. Feb 12, 2015 847
Gun Bills to Get Their First Capitol Hearing. Feb 12, 2015 911
Firing Range .40 Caliber Handgun Training Ammunition. Feb 12, 2015 108
Open, Campus Carry Bills Pass Senate Panel. Feb 12, 2015 863
CCRKBA Wins SAF-Funded Case On Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban. Feb 11, 2015 520
Handgun and bullets found in house. Feb 6, 2015 128
Open Carry Survives Despite Its Supporters. Jan 28, 2015 1077
3-Gun Part I: let's look at the handgun. Legate, Shari Jan 28, 2015 1443
A match made in heaven: true handgun happiness calls for the right gun, the right role and the right shooter. Connor, John Jan 28, 2015 1289
The Brief: Jan. 27, 2015. Jan 27, 2015 1055
Boy, 2, shoots himself dead with father's handgun. Jan 23, 2015 201
Smart gun advocacy. Kristof, Nicholas Jan 20, 2015 817
Gun Advocates Take Up -- and Make -- Arms at Texas Capitol. Jan 13, 2015 813
Gun Advocates Take Up -- and Make -- Arms at Texas Capitol. Jan 13, 2015 925
Reloading the .44 special: it may be the most important handgun cartridge of the both century. Taffin, John Dec 24, 2014 1904
Meet the 'reason'. Doherty, Brian Brief article Dec 16, 2014 237
Man on handgun charge. Nov 27, 2014 104
US Toddler, 3, Shoots Mother To Death With 9mm Handgun. Nov 27, 2014 376
United States : General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Partner on Modular Handgun System. Nov 25, 2014 427
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Partner on Modular Handgun System. Nov 24, 2014 692
Woman with handgun arrested outside White House. Nov 21, 2014 262
Woman with handgun arrested at White House. Nov 21, 2014 264
California Gun Dealers Move to Strike Down Law Banning Handgun Ads. Nov 17, 2014 592
GET IT ZEROED. Nov 13, 2014 1409
Versa carry. Mann, Richard Nov 13, 2014 754
Concealed carry across the nation. Wanless, Beth Nov 1, 2014 615
Less Than Half of Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws. Swift, Art Survey Oct 31, 2014 740
Old west .44's: the early cartridge era spawned many different .44 chamberings, but only a few are loaded today. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Oct 29, 2014 1591
Special Forces Soldier, Spy, Handgun, Drinking Session, Afghanistan 6 Dangerous Combination. Oct 21, 2014 456
He used to dress like Starsky & Hutch and blaze away with his handgun emptying a He used to dress like Starsky & Hutch and blaze away with his handgun emptying a clip in 6 seconds; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 12, 2014 1255
Handgun selling never stops: modernize your sales strategy to reach customers. Staunton, Greg Oct 1, 2014 1491
LEFT HANDED GUN; Gibbs is natural successor to Ashley Cole & can be first-choice for England. Oct 1, 2014 922
CRASH CLUE IN MOTORBIKE SHOTS PROBE; Car may have struck gunman before handgun attack. Sep 25, 2014 257
The magnum research BFR .30-30: he gritted his teeth and grimaced when it came time to fire it, but tarr found this massive wheelgun wasn't all that intimidating after all. Tarr, James Sep 10, 2014 2108
The handgun accessory incentive: listen to customers, track trends to seize add-on profits. Covert, Pat Sep 1, 2014 988
The classic .32 ACP: these handloads were worked up for the short barrels often found on small pocket guns like the Beretta Tomcat. Barsness, John Aug 22, 2014 1499
Springfield Armory Announces Release of New .45-Caliber Range Officer Compact Handgun. Aug 13, 2014 754
Stealth gear onyx. Aug 10, 2014 759
Austrian handgun giant Glock breaks revenue record in 2013. Jul 23, 2014 146
CCRKBA Files Lawsuit Challenging Federal Law On Handgun Purchases. Jul 15, 2014 536
Country Music Superstar Hunter Erwin Endorses Holster Company. Jul 13, 2014 294
The future of secure handgun storage is here. Nance, Richard Jul 10, 2014 1596
Supply, Installation And Commissioning,Inspection, Warranty Of Spot Welding Machine With Hand Gun. Jul 9, 2014 164
Off-Duty handguns. Ayoob, Massad Jul 1, 2014 336
Loved & loathed, desired & despised the true story of the M1 carbine, part 2. Kokalis, Peter G. Jul 1, 2014 5329
The US models of 1911 AND 19011A1: quite a journey for one of the most successful military pistols ever. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Jun 27, 2014 1460
Dog digs up handgun in Cleghorn backyard. Barnes, George Jun 27, 2014 211
Gun Groups to Sheriff: Start Granting Carry Permits, Or Else. Jun 24, 2014 895
No fluffy dice in this cockpit. Jun 13, 2014 475
Courthouse Records. Jun 11, 2014 2385
Booming handguns. Lujan, Guadalupe Jun 11, 2014 153
Remington's black belt bullet: the golden saber has evolved. Mann, Richard Jun 11, 2014 2615
SAF Seeks Injunction Against Mass. Handgun Sales Regulations. Jun 11, 2014 621
ATF bans more ammo. Knox, Jeff May 20, 2014 821
California Attorney General Kamala Harris Sued Over New Handgun Purchase Ban. May 20, 2014 562
Blind man faces gun, assault charges; Greeted salesman at door with a handgun. Ring, Kim May 7, 2014 467
Selling handguns to the next generation: shifting demographic requires change. Staunton, Greg May 1, 2014 1325
Booming handguns. May 1, 2014 224
This is a gun: SIG Sauer's new P320 has multiple personalities. We meet one of them. Sweeney, Patrick May 1, 2014 2516
Eternal icon part 3: Georg Luger's Pistole Parabellum. Kokalis, Peter G. May 1, 2014 4229
The military/police handgun cartridges of Norway: from pinfire to P80. Scarlata, Paul May 1, 2014 1381
Gunsmithing the makarov: this soviet-era service pistol is pretty foolproof, but coffield offers a few tips and tricks to keep yours running. Coffield, Reid Apr 10, 2014 3538
Double actions of the blue & gray: while the largest number of handguns used in the civil War were single action, a surprising variety of self-cochers also appeared on various battlefields. Here's a face-off between two of the most popular. James, Garry Apr 1, 2014 2237
Self-reliant teen. Brief article Mar 24, 2014 157
Handguns and lights. Ayoob, Massad Mar 23, 2014 994
Keepers: Part II: the handguns. Venturino, Mike Mar 23, 2014 779
Lion Heart Compact 9mm: a quality personal-defense handgun returns to the American market from South Korea. Cumpston, Mike Industry overview Mar 23, 2014 1135
Hornady critical duty handgun ammunition. Cumpston, Mike Mar 23, 2014 652
Plenty of punch. Report, Staff Mar 5, 2014 1024
Industry to California: "no" to microstamping. Mar 1, 2014 801
Businesses must post approved signs to keep out concealed guns. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 283
Handguns and gloves. Ayoob, Massad Feb 27, 2014 914
The awesome LeMat: this was one hard-hitting civil war pistol. Bodinson, Holt Feb 27, 2014 2085
Where have all the long-range handguns gone: as the kingston trio might ask if they were shooters and still recording songs today ... Simpson, Layne Feb 26, 2014 2334
Courthouse Records. Feb 24, 2014 1252
Battlefield 4: New Xbox 360 Patch Rolled Out, Complete Patch Notes; How to Unlock MTAR-21? Handgun Shortcut Kit Detailed. Feb 19, 2014 646
California DOJ Drops 28 Handguns from Roster after Firearm Manufacturers Back Gun Lawsuit. Feb 10, 2014 967
Springfield armory XD-s in 9x19mm: there are those who prefer the larger .45 version, but james says the 9mm will be the choice for much of the concealed carry market. James, Frank W. Feb 10, 2014 1656
Shark week: if you ever need to defend yourself with a handgun, there may be things you'll have to explain to your attorney. Ayoob, Massad Feb 9, 2014 911
When only the best will do. Anderson, Dave Feb 9, 2014 2013
Davis Takes Friendly Fire on Gun Issue. Feb 6, 2014 1132
French footballer loses appeal in armed robbery. Feb 4, 2014 420
DNA found on lethal handgun in lock-up; Police find stash of guns after searching garage Man denies possession of firearm. Feb 4, 2014 479
Personal defense beyond the gun: highlight accessories, safety to increase add-on sales. Staunton, Greg Feb 1, 2014 1521
Linear inertial decoupler say what? Sweeney, Patrick Feb 1, 2014 2057
Farage claims Dunblane guns ban was just knee jerk. Jan 25, 2014 386
Gottlieb, Gun Companies On 'Gun Talk' Sunday To Discuss Cal. Handgun Roster Fiasco. Jan 23, 2014 589
OFF-LICENCE WORKER IN ROBBERY TERROR; Thug pointed handgun at woman. Jan 21, 2014 442
The Calguns Foundation Wins Handgun Carry Lawsuit Against the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Lee Baca. Jan 14, 2014 849
Passenger arrested for handgun in purse at Texas airport. Jan 13, 2014 111
Man arrested with loaded handgun at Tenn. airport. Jan 13, 2014 109
India's 'handgun for women' sparks fury. Jan 12, 2014 378
Military veteran is arrested in Chicago over gun allegedly in carry-on bag. Brief article Jan 6, 2014 109
The CGF Publishes 2012-2013 California Handgun Carry License Reports. Jan 2, 2014 973
Off balance! Firing your handgun from awkward positions. Ayoob, Massad Dec 24, 2013 835
High-tech holsters: no, they're not your daddy's basketweave leather carry rig, but they work, and work well. Sweeney, Patrick Dec 20, 2013 1315
Provision of Hand guns. Dec 12, 2013 137
Federal's personal defense HST ammunition. James, Frank W. Dec 10, 2013 1495
If one is all: two hands are better than one, unless.... Smith, Clint Dec 7, 2013 1064
Excuses from the courts: what happened to the right to bear arms? Cramer, Clayton E. Dec 1, 2013 1837
Provision of Hand guns. Nov 23, 2013 131
Business briefs. Nov 16, 2013 410
Handguns: a perspective from 50 years ago: ah, the good old days ... or were they? Ayoob, Massad Nov 14, 2013 815
The fruits of design: some handgun cartridges born in the 1870s competition between Colt and Smith & Wesson endure to this day, while ethers lead to a dead end. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Nov 14, 2013 1575
2 pack quick draw Prepper handgun case. Moreau, Jason Nov 14, 2013 125
Cops found handgun hidden inside cereal box during raid. Nov 13, 2013 253
U.S. Remains Divided Over Passing Stricter Gun Laws; Opposition to banning handgun ownership remains at record-high 74%. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 25, 2013 793
Nines by the pair: Taurus deals a hot hand with the CT9 carbine and a 9mm take on its 1911 platform. Sweeney, Patrick Oct 17, 2013 2183
CrossBreed Holsters Looks to Future with New Production Headquarters. Oct 15, 2013 561
More .30 carbine handguns. Cromwell, Peter M. Letter to the editor Oct 11, 2013 105
Courthouse Records. Oct 11, 2013 1121
New handgun owners: who are these first-time gun customers? Staunton, Greg Oct 1, 2013 1548
An evolution of essentials: parts aren't just parts: what once were custom touches on 1911s are now taken for granted on production specimens. Sweeney, Patrick Sep 28, 2013 1300
Speed King: Les Baer 572 Hemi: when it comes to muscle cars or 1911s, big steel rules! Sweeney, Patrick Product/service evaluation Sep 28, 2013 2105
Nighthawk T4: this could well be the best carry 9mm money can buy. Marsnan, Tom Product/service evaluation Sep 21, 2013 1653
Water stream or laser beam: operating a squirt gun is pretty much like shooting a laser-equipped pistol. Metcalf, Dick Sep 20, 2013 757
Pistols in the Pacific: the U.S. Model 1911A1 and Japanese type 14 Nambu are two of the most recognizable and widely used service handguns of World War II. Just how do they stack up against one another? James, Garry Sep 20, 2013 2815
Building the legacy: browning's 1911-22: clough says any 1911 aficionado will enjoy this scaled-down rimfire, but it has a special application for introducing a new generation to America's favorite pistol. Clough, Jeremy D. Sep 20, 2013 2089
Montana Gun Owners To Hold Handgun Practice Shoot On Saturday To Discuss Gun Safety, Urge Senator Baucus To Support Common-Sense Background Checks. Sep 18, 2013 605
S&W Model 586 Classic another look at the versatile .357 Mag: plastic-framed autos are all the rage these days, but James says a steel revolver still has an appeal all its own. James, Frank Sep 10, 2013 1652
9mm 1911 range toy part 1: this one's not for chasing burglars or winning Camp Perry; it's a gun for lazy afternoons at the range shooting soft-kicking ammo. Coffield, Reid Product/service evaluation Sep 10, 2013 5311
Senior citizen handguns: do older folks need different handguns? Sometimes ... Ayoob, Massad Sep 6, 2013 802
Handgun repertoire. Ayoob, Massad Sep 1, 2013 228
Courthouse Records. Aug 13, 2013 1106
STORE TARGETED BY GUN CROOK; Robber pulls handgun in Walton raid. Aug 6, 2013 271
Full tactical trick-out: enhancing the original Glock platform calls for some very interesting custom touches. Boddington, Craig Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 1147
The real McCoy: in a world rife with compact 1911s, the Colt Commander stands as the original article. Sweeney, Patrick Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 1238
More .30 M1 handguns. Williams, Marshall Letter to the editor Jul 31, 2013 268
Accurate handgun handloads: if you'll take the time, the results can be impressive. Barsness, John Jul 31, 2013 1169
Stock & custom handgun cases. Moreau, Jason Jul 31, 2013 112
North Carolina Mayors and Law Enforcement Help Block Dangerous Proposal That Would Have Eliminated Background Checks on Handgun Purchases. Jul 23, 2013 911
A fine Christian woman. Krey, Patrick Brief article Jul 22, 2013 278
Using an intruder's gun. Krey, Patrick Brief article Jul 22, 2013 211
Nighthawk Custom Costa Recon 9mm: not everyone wants a 40-ounce single-action 9mm, but if that's what you've always wanted, this is the finest example of it you'll find. Tarr, James Product/service evaluation Jul 20, 2013 2141
Wilson Combat's CQB Light Rail Lightweight Compact: many have said that we all owe ourselves at least one custom 1911. If you're looking for a light, concealable pistol and money is no object, Kokalis says this one could be for you. Kokalis, Peter G. Jul 1, 2013 5222
Equip your wheelchair-bound customers. Ayoob, Massad Jul 1, 2013 313
The .38 Special: "Special" for a reason: sufficient power and extreme accuracy are hallmarks of this classic handgun cartridge. Gash, Steve Jun 21, 2013 1325
The Spanish connection: though Spain was neutral during World War I, thousands of handguns made by Iberian companies helped fill the Allies' arms lockers. James, Garry Jun 21, 2013 2520
North Carolina Mayors Stand With Law Enforcement Against Dangerous Repeal Of Criminal Background Checks For Handguns. Jun 20, 2013 993
Illinois State Rifle Association Invites Public To 'Test Drive' Concealed Carry Handguns. Jun 19, 2013 488
Amended SAF Suit Challenges California Gun Microstamping Law. Jun 11, 2013 524
Smith & Wesson Model 41. James, Frank Jun 10, 2013 1634
Merced County, CA Sheriff Pays CGF $9,250 in Handgun Carry Case Settlement. Jun 3, 2013 542
You sure can. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 112
Missed accessory sales: lots of handguns are being sold--but don't forget the accessories. Autry, J.K. Jun 1, 2013 1154
My all-time keepers: our handgun authority selects 10 of his own that are worthy of a Viking funeral voyage to Valhalla. Sweeney, Patrick May 24, 2013 1959
.30 M1 Carbine handguns. John, Jeff May 24, 2013 170
Contemporary handguns of WWII: the Luger, Nambu & 1911. Venturino, Mike "Duke" May 24, 2013 1954
Concealed permit rush keeps sheriff's office busy. May 17, 2013 722
An outright ban on handguns is now essential; Reel talk By JOHN HISCOCK The Liability's Tim Roth says the US needs to outlaw weapons. May 17, 2013 265
A handgun and a stash of PS50,000; Operation Magnet police recover items from city home. May 17, 2013 409
Campus Carry Bill Passes Senate Committee. May 14, 2013 849
3-D printable hand gun maker wants 'no control' on gun-making information. May 10, 2013 279
Pistols of the IWA show: the "SHOT Show of Europe" has been around for 40 years, and James says it's a great place to find guns that may come here and others that will never come here. James, Frank May 10, 2013 2273 Helps Visitors Legally Obtain Handguns Without a Background Check or Serial Numbers. May 9, 2013 506
Handgun is built by 3D printer; Dawn of the Liberator. May 7, 2013 427 Helps Visitors Legally Obtain Handguns Without a Background Check or Serial Numbers. May 7, 2013 506
Man on handgun charges. May 4, 2013 111
Jotto Desk[R] Announces Release of "Official NRA[R] Licensed Product" Line. May 4, 2013 724
Campus Carry, School Marshals Get Early OK at House "Gun Day". May 4, 2013 830
Home security: Century Arms has a pair of 9mms that won't break the bank and can still save your Bacon. Sweeney, Patrick Product/service evaluation May 1, 2013 1422
Creative handgun strategies: forget standard methods--unleash new ways to find inventory. Autry, J.K. May 1, 2013 1244
Hand guns . Apr 26, 2013 128
GERBIL SUSPECT'S HANDGUN TAUNT; Shooting gesture at crime-fighter. Apr 21, 2013 247
Boston bombers had six bombs, rifle, handguns: police chief. Apr 21, 2013 932
The Les Baer Hemi 527: just as loud, just as proud, but without the green paint, this high-quality autoloader is as much fun as its automotive namesake. Tarr, James Product/service evaluation Apr 20, 2013 2989
Why the 1911? Apr 20, 2013 696
Russiam/Soviet military handguns--part 2 form Schwarzlose to Yarygin: Russia stuck with the revolver longer than most, but the list of its autoloaders is an interesting one. Scarlata, Paul Apr 20, 2013 3267
.380 ACP vs. 9x19mm: (another look at the SIG P238 and P938). James, Frank Product/service evaluation Apr 10, 2013 1616
Battenfeld Technologies Recalls Three-Digit Combination Locking Handgun Vaults Due to Lock Malfunction. Apr 10, 2013 943
Ruling backs former officer; Gemme will request appeal. Apr 10, 2013 1019
Russian/Soviet: military handguns part 1 from Lefaucheux to Luger. Scarlata, Paul Mar 20, 2013 3224
COPS CATCH DUO WITH HANDGUN; Armed police swooped as pair exchanged loaded pistol. Mar 19, 2013 398
Evolution of the modern military pistol form pistolet to polymer: four pistols mark the path from the 1930s to today in the development of military sidearms. Scarlata, Paul Mar 10, 2013 5861
Identify the right handgun for women customers. Ayoob, Massad Mar 1, 2013 408
Handgun ammo pt. 1: good choices abound for self-defense with autoloading pistols. Anderson, Dave Mar 1, 2013 1116
The .38-40 WCF: the second best old west handgun cartridge. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Mar 1, 2013 968
Good vibrations: high-volume shooting calls for high-volume brass cleaning. Sweeney, Patrick Feb 21, 2013 1080
Lawmakers narrow gun focus. Feb 21, 2013 758
Armed protesters march on Capitol. Feb 9, 2013 606
Witness: I saw suspect fire handgun. Feb 1, 2013 634
The .44 magnum: this greatest of all bigbore handgun cartridges put the shooting world on its ear when it was introduced back in 1955. Simpson, Layne Feb 1, 2013 3035
Raider held up off licence with handgun; Gunman demanded cigarettes. Jan 22, 2013 385
The Astra Modelo 300/400/600 pistols: these odd-looking autoloaders served six decades in Spanish service, and made their mark with German and Latin American forces as well. Scarlata, Paul Product/service evaluation Jan 20, 2013 3857
Compact handguns: have they enough accuracy potential for all around use? Ayoob, Massad Jan 19, 2013 911
James Holmes Getaway Plan Involved Road Spikes, Handgun, Tear Gas: Police. Jan 12, 2013 419
Dewhurst: Texas Should Fund Teacher Firearms Training. Jan 11, 2013 656
The .38 Super: this depression-era hotshot handgun cartridge has been rediscovered--and reinvigorated--by a new generation of action shooters. Gash, Steve Jan 1, 2013 1616
Outdated weapons bring calls for speedier upgrades. Parsons, Dan Jan 1, 2013 1863
Blackhawk! Jan 1, 2013 235
Right hand, gun; left hand, bag. Gilmore Dec 1, 2012 165
Armored Car Industry Reciprocity Act and local law enforcement. Wennar, Jeffrey T. Dec 1, 2012 1850
Nines in the pocket: the world's top metric pistol cartridge finds a home in a burgeoning selection of perectly packable pistols. Metcalf, Dick Dec 1, 2012 3695
The fallen star: this Spanish pistol maker had a long and productive run, but ultimately couldn't prevail against market conditions and changing tastes. Kokalis, Peter G. Nov 20, 2012 7485
Just make yourself at home. Krey, Patrick Brief article Nov 19, 2012 238
A gut feeling. Krey, Patrick Nov 19, 2012 374
"My turf". Krey, Patrick Brief article Nov 19, 2012 330
The best old west handgun cartridge: the .44 Winchester Centerfire. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Nov 14, 2012 962
THIS AN OLD-UP; SCHOOLBOY ROBBER'S OAP DISGUISE 16, who wore false Prison for gunman, dye and wig, eyebrow beard, balding old-man make-up for PS150k raids Kent. Alura pulled out two handguns. Nov 11, 2012 341
SCCY's CPX-2 9x19mm: tough conditions are perfect for an inexpensive defensive pistol, but it needs to be reliable. Fortier says the SCCY has a lot of good points, but the bugs don't seem to be worked out yet. Fortier, David M. Product/service evaluation Nov 10, 2012 2659
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield the magic found? James is a bit of a traditionalist who still holds fast to the J-frame revolver. But with the right holster, he finds S&W's new compact auto has some real advantages. James, Frank Nov 10, 2012 2021
Illegal handgun cargo sent from Turkey to Yemen still under investigation - Turkish official admits to defect in censoring. Nov 8, 2012 333
Ruling: Employers Can't Use Penal Code to Restrict Handguns in Cars. Nov 5, 2012 289
Handguns confiscated inside biscuit cartons in Aden. Nov 5, 2012 166
Identification & values: Belgian-made Browning in .22 Short. James, Garry Oct 26, 2012 1558
GRAB and GO: Sig-Sauer's Adaptive Carbine Platform: high-tech update of an old concept. Sweeney, Patrick Oct 21, 2012 1859
Taurus' Wunder-Nine this Brazilian PT92 is more than just a Beretta copy: there are plenty of more modern autoloaders out them, but Fortier says this well-proven pistol still has a lot to offer. Fortier, David M Product/service evaluation Oct 20, 2012 2725
BLACKHAWK Bedside and Day Planner Holsters. Oct 10, 2012 102
Kel-Tec's sensational SUB-2000 an ultra-compact folding 9x19mm carbine for your Bug-Out Bag: you don't have to be a doomsday prepper to like this neat little package of handy firepower. Fortier, David M. Company overview Oct 10, 2012 3833
Greatest Handguns of the World Volume 2. Book review Oct 1, 2012 127
Heller, McDonald, and murder: testing the more guns = more murder thesis. Kates, Don B.; Moody, Carlisle Oct 1, 2012 11200
Second Amendment standards of review in a Heller world. Lund, Nelson Oct 1, 2012 8107
"Will that be paper, metal or plastic?" It's the time of the polymer pistol, but metal-framed handguns ain't dead by a long shot. Ayoob, Massad Sep 27, 2012 738
RangeGolf paper handgun targets. Sep 27, 2012 101
G& poll. Brief article Sep 23, 2012 107
.38 Super Stinger: Les Baer's sleek trienta y ocho is a very cool carry option for 1911 fans. Sweeney, Patrick Sep 23, 2012 1109
Color-coded: Walther's P22 lineup sets a new standard in the concept of cosmetic appeal. Sep 23, 2012 356
Millionaire jailed over drugs and handguns; PROPERTY DEALER 'PARANOID ABOUT HIS PERSONAL SAFETY'. Sep 22, 2012 544
SIX YEARS FOR TOY HANDGUN ROBBERY; Receptionist 'terrified' by sneaky drunk. Sep 15, 2012 393
Texas Sporting Goods Store Offers Free Handgun For Facebook Likes. Sep 6, 2012 432
Friday the 13th. Krey, Patrick Column Aug 20, 2012 550
Never too young. Krey, Patrick Brief article Aug 20, 2012 327
Thieves target Internet cafe. Krey, Patrick Brief article Aug 20, 2012 205
The Taurus PT-22 & PT-25 pistols. James, Frank Aug 10, 2012 1692
Man, 22, quizzed after handgun find. Aug 8, 2012 143
Handgun of the Fallschirmjager Sauer's revolutionary 38(H). Kokalis, Peter G. Aug 1, 2012 3491
The Complete Illustrated Manual of Handgun Skills. Book review Aug 1, 2012 102
Nomenclature. Weiss, John S.V. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2012 117
Twenty-four seven. Dexter, Lane Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2012 134
Mighty or mouse? The "Short 9" answer: maybe it's time to reflect on--or reassess--the .380 ACP resurgence. Sweeney, Patrick Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2012 1096
Rimfire 1911s: whether in a conversion unit or a "built from the ground up" rimfire platform, the humble .22 Long Rifle provides an economical alternative for shooting our greatest handgun. Simpson, Layne Aug 1, 2012 2073
U.S. Marines place multi-million dollar order for Colt .45 M1911, the 'world's greatest handgun'. Jul 29, 2012 303
Boy playing with toy gun sparks armed siege at city flats; Police called after reports of man with a handgun. Jul 21, 2012 438
Gunsmithing the Walther P.38 & P1 part 2: the P.38 and P1 may look identical, but that doesn't mean all parts interchange, especially those in the slide. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2012 3384
The FMK Model 9C1 Gen 2 pistol. James, Frank W. Jul 10, 2012 1712
I have to admit "I was wrong". Cramer, Clayton E. Jul 1, 2012 1856
Rogers response. Jun 25, 2012 302
Handgun history. Winchester, Myron Letter to the editor Jun 19, 2012 136
Now, bra with handgun holster to help women defend themselves. Jun 6, 2012 423
Concealed costs. Jun 3, 2012 1173
Shooter's showcase. Dolbee, Kimberly Jun 1, 2012 256
Availability, price driving some sales: Handgun ammo is also strong at Ahlman's in Morristown, Minn., said Mike Ahlman, store manager. Jun 1, 2012 258
Custom ammo, best reloading bullets, support: at the gun room in Portland, Ore., owner Warren LaPasse said he sells mostly handgun ammo. Jun 1, 2012 154
Swords, knives, fake handguns ... seized by dubai airport security. May 24, 2012 405
India: Rising Crime And Sexual Assaults Prompting Women To Buy Guns For Protection. May 22, 2012 745
Winning in the courts. Knox, Jeff May 20, 2012 878
All-copper crush: when it comes to premium handgun ammo, lead isn't the only option. Sweeney, Patrick May 19, 2012 1269
Palm-size pocket power: S&W's slim new single-stack: the M&P9 shield epitomizes the DAO concealed carry 9mm. Metcalf, Dick May 19, 2012 1865
Back saddle: there reissued colt classics indicate that a legendary brand in American handguns is fully operational. Sweeney, Patrick May 19, 2012 2161
The right choice? Voegele, Timothy R. Letter to the editor May 19, 2012 212
Lightson the subject. Schoenfeld, Marc Letter to the editor May 19, 2012 227
Statistics must back up claims over gun issues. May 14, 2012 606
Hard to believe, but guns are legalv in schools. May 9, 2012 840
The backup firearm. Ayoob, Massad May 1, 2012 321
SIG Sauer's venerable P220 gets an "extreme" facelift: the original SIG double-action has long been a favorite of the connoisseur, and now there's a new version intended for hard service duty. Kokalis, Peter G. May 1, 2012 3496
Judgment matters more than a gun. Cramer, Clayton E. May 1, 2012 1703
Identification & values. James, Garry May 1, 2012 1523
The 1911 fully dressed: Ed Brown's signature edition may very well be the ultimate "braggin' rights" .45. Brief article May 1, 2012 209
Back to basics, part III: primary hand grasp: how you hold the handgun is foundational to how well you'll shoot it. Ayoob, Massad Apr 24, 2012 995
My first handgun: and it was a peculiar one. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Apr 24, 2012 984
For the defense ... federal has been on the cutting edge of high-performance handgun ammo for a long time. Sweeney, Patrick Apr 19, 2012 1210
Battle of Berlin 1945: soviet TT-33 vs. Germany's Walther p.38l: the up-close-and-personal nature of much of the fighting in this final chapter of the third Reich meant that handguns saw considerable use. Here's a look at two of the best. James, Garry Apr 19, 2012 2399
Shooter's showcase. Dolbee, Kimberly Apr 19, 2012 246
Friend of Pippa in French 'handgun' probe. Apr 17, 2012 314
"The right's existence is all the reason he needs". Suprynowicz, Vin Apr 10, 2012 1438
"Off-body" carry: bad idea. James, Frank Geographic overview Apr 10, 2012 1903
Advocates hail gun ruling for legal aliens. Apr 4, 2012 639
Guns on campus: in the five years since the Virginia Tech tragedy, the debate over allowing concealed weapons on campus rages on. Goral, Tim Apr 1, 2012 2118
Grips add a splash of personality to handguns. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa Apr 1, 2012 198
ARMED POLICE DRAMA ON BUS; Teens flashed 'handgun' onboard city service. Mar 29, 2012 258
Identification & values. James, Garry Mar 23, 2012 1399
Hot combo: lasers and holsters make for a purpose-driven pairing. Sweeney, Patrick Mar 21, 2012 1163
Thoughts on breath control: in conventional marksmanship, breath control is a cornerstone fundamental. In combat handgun shooting, not so much. Is that as it should be? Ayoob, Massad Mar 20, 2012 843
Handgun raid terror for staff at bookies; Armed robbers target betting shops and steal cash. Mar 14, 2012 334
Tasered man pleads not guilty to assault; Handgun allegedly pulled at store. Mar 13, 2012 428
Handguns of the 2012 SHOT Show: who needs new guns when the old ones are selling? James, Frank W. Mar 10, 2012 1693
Light or heavy? Being identical in every respect but weight makes for a winning practice/carry pair. Sweeney, Patrick Mar 1, 2012 1028
Legislators resurrect gun bills. Feb 29, 2012 719
Four favorites: bonding with handguns. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Feb 7, 2012 1602
Sell custom holsters in your gun shop. Ayoob, Massad Feb 1, 2012 430
Small arms for urban combat; a review of modern handguns, submachine guns, personal defense weapons, carbines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, anti-materiel rifles, machine guns, combat shotguns, grenade launchers and other weapons systems. Book review Feb 1, 2012 148

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