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Hampton County Sheriff on Tasers

In the Lowcountry, the investigation continues in the case of a Hampton Hampton, part of Greater London, England
Hampton, since 1965 part of the Greater London outer borough of Richmond upon Thames, SE England, on the Thames River. It is the site of

Hampton Court Palace, which occupies about eight acres (3.
 County man who died shortly after being tasered by law enforcement.  It happened earlier this month, when Hampton County EMS called on sheriff's deputies to assist with a man who was being combative com·bat·ive  
Eager or disposed to fight; belligerent. See Synonyms at argumentative.

com·bative·ly adv.
 and in a mental status.

James Ford James Ford could refer to:
  • James Ford (journalist), an American newsreader and journalist
  • James Ford (Pennsylvania), U.S. Congressman
  • James Ford (soccer), a U.S.
 wouldn't would·n't  

Contraction of would not.

wouldn't would not
wouldn't would
 cooperate with deputies, either, forcing them to tase him.  Ford died on the way to the hospital.

Wednesday Lowcountry Reporter Holly Bounds sat down with the Hampton County Sheriff who says tasers are a vital tool to their department, but one they don't use lightly.
It's a weapon more officers in our area are learning to use.  And most, like Hampton County Sheriff T.C. Smalls, know it as a last resort before having to pull the real trigger.  But in his rural county, it's sometimes the best backup help in the most serious situations.

"A lot of times with the size of the department we have and the way things are now, a lot of times deputies will be faced with a lot of stuff.  And we find that tasers are a useful tool that help us out a whole that third party, third man,” Smalls said.

While its creators claim the taser is the ultimate non-lethal protection, some argue the weapon is deadly.  And now that Smalls is dealing with a case of his own, he feels the need to address the community.

"To set the record straight and let them know exactly because any time an incident happens you're going to have the right side and then you're going to have their side,” Smalls said.  “So I think at some time here in the near future we're going to have a meeting with citizens down there to let them know exactly what took place and to let them know exactly what happened,” he added.

This case is still being investigated by the South Carolina South Carolina, state of the SE United States. It is bordered by North Carolina (N), the Atlantic Ocean (SE), and Georgia (SW). Facts and Figures

Area, 31,055 sq mi (80,432 sq km). Pop. (2000) 4,012,012, a 15.
 Law Enforcement Division and we'll be sure to keep you posted when the results come in.

We checked across the Lowcountry and found a lot of other tasers out there.  Besides Hampton County Sheriff's Department's 15 tasers, the Beaufort Police Department has 21.  The Jasper County Jasper County is the name of eight counties in the United States of America:
  • Jasper County, Georgia (Located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area)
  • Jasper County, Illinois
  • Jasper County, Indiana
  • Jasper County, Iowa
  • Jasper County, Mississippi
 Sheriff's Department has two, but the training to use them has yet to take place.  The Beaufort County Beaufort County is the name of several counties in the United States:
  • Beaufort County, North Carolina
  • Beaufort County, South Carolina
 Sheriff's Office does not use tasers.
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Author:Holly Bounds
Publication:WSAV - Savannah, GA
Date:Sep 24, 2008
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