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Hair Analysis.

Hair Analysis For arm-chair detectives and scientists, Hair Analysis by Amares Chatt and Sidney Katz is a readable and illuminating summary of 35 years of literature on the determination and interpretation of trace element concentrations in human and other hair.

Chatt and Katz discuss the various ways of collecting, preparing, and chemically analyzing hair samples. They address the biological basis for trace elements in hair and a wide range of factors influencing their concentrations. They highlight four major areas of physiological research. These include the relationships between hair trace element contents and the nutritional status, systemic intoxication, diseases, and environmental exposures of individuals. They evaluate various strengths and weaknesses of interpreting hair data, and their bibliography is a who's who in the hair trace element analysis world.

The book should be instructive to anyone interested in hair analysis, and if the authors may have the last word, "Continued interest and activity in the use of hair as a biopsy material will establish the place of this approach as a probe for the evaluation of trace elements in the body".

Ron Hancock University of Toronto
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Author:Hancock, Ron
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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