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Hail, The Arab Bikini Revolution!

Arab world's initial bikini Bikini (bēkē`nē), atoll, c.2 sq mi (5.2 sq km), W central Pacific, one of the Ralik Chain, Marshall Islands. It comprises 36 islets on a reef 25 mi (40 km) long.  mag cover and some-more conform news! Do Arab parents mind their daughter's modelling bikini-wear on regional magazine cover? Doe it make a different if the model is Christian Arab? Just someone of the questions being bandied about given this latest Arab-Israeli 'bombshell'.

Ushering in Noun 1. ushering in - the introduction of something new; "it signalled the ushering in of a new era"
first appearance, introduction, debut, entry, launching, unveiling - the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
 the Arab Bikini Revolution, on the back of (or torso) of Huda Naccache, Israel's fully Arab-Israeli hybrid model.

NOTE 15: PRETENTIOUS pre·ten·tious  
1. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.

2. Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious. See Synonyms at showy.
 "As a casual observer of the online community, the editor cannot come to terms with how deeply sucked some of its members get into the normalcies of the internet culture. They start acting, speaking, and being involved in actions that would not be considered culturally appropriate elsewhere."

Relativity is Intact, Our Pride is in Jeopardy "Few Fridays ago, early in the morning, I received an SMS (1) (Storage Management System) Software used to routinely back up and archive files. See HSM.

(2) (Systems Management Server) Systems management software from Microsoft that runs on Windows NT Server.
 from my science apotheosizing dear friend, conveying news to the effect that the light speed barrier was shattered at the CERN CERN or European Organization for Nuclear Research, nuclear and particle physics research center straddling the French-Swiss border W of Geneva, Switzerland. . That was very interesting, but insufficient; was it, at a more precise level, the discovery of a superluminal particle, or accelerating a particle across the infamous "c" threshold? A little bit later I learned it was a possibility of the former and not the latter."

The Duality Of Dual Citizenship In Jordan "Senators have been forced to quit and ministers have handed in their foreign passports to their respective embassies. This has all been part of the latest constitutional amendment taking its toll, which states that public officials, including parliamentarians and ministers, cannot hold dual citizenship. The reason? Foreign citizenship allows officials to be protected by laws of foreign governments and thus cannot be held accountable by Jordanian laws. Suddenly, after all that has happened and continues to happen in the country, the Jordanian state is concerned with holding people accountable."

Marinab, Maspero, and Faith on the Earth "Please note: The following was written a few days ago following a largely Coptic protest at Maspero. Obviously, it must be reconsidered in light of the horrible events of this evening, in which several were killed. All the same, this should do well to set the context for what happened today."

Long Walk to Freedom with Mandela "It is not because I have strong roots with Africa. It is not because he is most highly regarded and renowned internationally. It is not because he is one of the greatest moral and political leaders of our time. But, Nelson Mandela's autobiography: Long Walk to Freedom, written by him, is one of the greatest, most; absorbing and most emotionally touching biographies I have ever read."

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Date:Oct 10, 2011
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