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Haas to build pilot brewery, and focus on hop innovation.

John I. Haas, the Yakima, WA-based supplier of hop products, has announced a new research and technology initiative, called "Haas Innovations."

The company said the program will include construction of a new R & D pilot brewery, and will focus on new product development, customer technical services and technical matters related to hops.

"In this increasingly competitive environment, it is more important than ever that we further expand our expertise in hops," said company president Alex Barth. "We must continue to provide our customers with both the breadth and cutting edge product portfolio they have come to expect."

Mr. Barth said the cornerstone of the new project will be a pilot brewery, which will allow Haas to showcase its new hop products and varieties.

John I. Haas, Inc. is part of the Barth-Haas Group. Haas Innovations will complement work performed by Barth Innovations, a similar research think-tank launched last year in Europe. Haas and the other Group members will also continue to offer the Barth-Haas Hops Academy, which is an educational program directed towards the company's customers--product developers, hop buyers, brewers and marketing personnel.

Since its launch in late 2010, the Group Academy already has put on 10 seminars all over the world, covering hop topics .

Dr. Scott Garden, Technical Director of John I. Haas, stated "Today's announcement further positions John I. Haas, Inc. and the Barth-Haas Group as a leader in the hop industry, not just today but well into the future. By providing our technical staff the freedom and resources to innovate, Haas Innovations will prove to be the driver of new developments and allow us to unlock the full potential of hops."

John I. Haas, Inc. also announced that it will construct a new building in Yakima, WA, which will house Haas Innovations, the pilot brewery and the Company's office personnel. The building will be designed along the principles of sustainability.

"I am excited that the pilot brewery will allow us to better test and show case the many new varieties being developed in our joint-venture breeding program, the Hop Breeding Company," said Gene Probasco, the company's VP of Agronomy.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 26, 2011
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