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PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 8, 1996--Honeywell today introduced a series of application-specific nodes for the TotalPlant(TM) Solution (TPS (1) (Transactions Per Second) The number of transactions processed within one second. TPS is a better rating for the performance of hardware and software than the common MHz and GHz rating of the computer. ) System that enhance the ability of hydrocarbon processing industry users to manage key automation and information management tasks within a single system.

The new additions to the TPS system will be demonstrated at the National Petroleum Refiners Association 1996 Computer Conference and Showcase in Atlanta, Nov. 11-13. In addition, Honeywell introduced new optimization capabilities, enhanced refinery off-sites management capabilities, and new advanced control services. The Windows NT-based application nodes deliver to TPS users multivariable control, optimization, plant history and batch control (1) The management of documents or electronic media that have been grouped, cataloged and are waiting for processing. See batch processing.

(2) An industrial control application that makes products in vats and tanks rather than in a continuous series of processes that

"TPS allows plants to perform these vital functions (Physiol.) those functions or actions of the body on which life is directly dependent, as the circulation of the blood, digestion, etc.

See also: Vital
 in a single system," noted Markos Tambakeras, president of the Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control. "This eliminates the need for custom interfaces and a reliance on multiple third-party vendors.

"The TPS System, with its broad layer of applications, can dramatically affect automation costs," Tambakeras said. "System costs can be cut by 25 to 35 percent, maintenance and support costs can be reduced, and implementation times shorted to as little as three to 12 months." He added that the new TPS System nodes would have applications in industries other than hydrocarbon processing, including chemicals and pulp and paper production. The TPS System was introduced in April as the first system to unify business and control information for the process industries. The system enables flexible manufacturing and better control of the factors critical to making products and profits quality, yield, costs, cycle time and schedules. TPS System users can more easily translate business information into improved plant performance.

The new TPS System nodes embody the following functions:

TotalPlant History (TPH TPH Transplacental hemorrhage ) TPH is the high-performance historian and real-time database of the TPS system. TPH automatically collects and stores data from plant control systems and information system databases. Advanced process control applications can use this data to optimize performance.

Robust Multivariable Predict Control Technology RMPCT RMPCT Robust Multivariable Predictive Control Technology  is Honeywell's premier advanced control algorithm for effective control and optimization of interactive processes. It provides the intelligence and robustness needed in advanced control to improve process performance and plant profitability. A new extension to RMPCT, TPS Profit, provides cost-effective optimization across an entire plant.

TPS Profitmax

TPS Profitmax is Honeywell's new solution for full rigorous model-based optimization. The solution employs Dot Products' NOVA Optimization and Modeling System. Because the solution is embedded Inserted into. See embedded system.  in the easy-to-use TPS, it is easier to implement and maintain than conventional solutions.

TotalPlant Batch

TotalPlant Batch is built on PID (1) (Process IDentifier) A temporary number assigned by the operating system to a process or service.

(2) (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) The most common control methodology in process control.
, Inc.'s widely accepted OpenBatch software package. It is consistent with SP88 and IEC standards In order to distinguish standards published by the International Electrotechnical Commission numerically from other international standards, their number range was shifted in 1997 by adding 60000. So what used to be called IEC 27 is now officially IEC 60027, and so on. . Graphical tools streamline system and controller configuration.

In addition to the TPS System application nodes, Honeywell introduced a new module for its Oil Movements and Storage (OM&S) solution for flexible and reliable refinery off-sites operations. The Path Finder Path Finder is a file browser developed by Cocoatech, built as a Finder replacement for the Mac OS X operating system. The latest major version, 4.0, was released on January 14, 2006. It includes support for Mac OS X v10.  Module substantially enhances the ability of OM&S to monitor, control and optimize tank farm operations in ways that help catch abnormal situations before they occur and minimize their impact if they do so.

Honeywell also introduced a set of Advanced Process Control (APC (1) (American Power Conversion Corporation, West Kingston, RI, The leading manufacturer of UPS systems and surge suppressors, founded in 1981 by Rodger Dowdell, Neil Rasmussen and Emanual Landsman, three electronic power engineers who had worked at MIT. ) Solution Services, intended to provide users with the expertise they need to keep the advanced process applications running. Services include periodic on-site visits and performance reviews, continuous remote monitoring (protocol) remote monitoring - (RMON) A network management protocol that allows network information to be gathered at a single computer. Whereas SNMP gathers network data from a single type of Management Information Base (MIB), RMON 1 defines nine additional MIBs that provide a , monthly reports, phone and on-site troubleshooting, ready access to product and technical information and automatic software updates.

For additional information, write to: Honeywell Inquiries, 2800 Wells Branch Parkway, Austin, TX 78728. Inquiries also may be made to Honeywell by phone, 1-800-288-7491, or by fax, 512-244-9222 or via Honeywell IACUs Worldwide Web Site at:

Honeywell is a global controls company focused on creating value through technology that enhances comfort, improves productivity, saves energy, protects the environment and increases safety. The company services customers worldwide in the homes and buildings, industrial, and aviation and space markets. Honeywell employs 53,000 people in 95 countries, and had 1995 sales of $6.7 billion.

CONTACT: Dan Sussman

Honeywell Inc.

Industrial Automation and Control

16404 N. Black Canyon The Black Canyon may refer to
  • the Black Canyon of the Colorado, on the Colorado River
  • the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, on the Gunnison River

Phoenix, AZ 85023

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Date:Nov 8, 1996
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