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 WEST TRENTON, N.J., Dec. 2 ~PRNewswire~ -- Creating one of the most environmentally advanced and energy-efficient office buildings in the world does not come without its share of problems, especially when the project involves renovating a century-old building with no available floor plan.
 Yet the National Audubon Society and its project architect, Croxton Collaborative, managed to address the major environmental problems associated with office buildings as well as those structural and design problems unique to their building, and complete Audubon's new headquarters in New York City.
 A long list of issues needed to be addressed, including what to do with the uneven, damaged hardwood floors. Over the years, the floors in what is known as the Schermerhorn building have worn out, making them unsuitable to receive finished flooring. Croxton Collaborative needed to first level off the floors by placing pieces of wood flooring in the areas that had buckled. Leveling was not enough, however, because the floors were so old. Croxton also needed to create a fresh surface before the flooring could be put in place.
 There were quite a few products available to complete this job, one done many times in ordinary renovation projects. This, however, was not an ordinary renovation and the project architect needed to specify a product that not only solved the flooring dilemma, but satisfied the criteria set forth by the National Audubon Society.
 Before construction on its new headquarters could begin, all major design, engineering and purchasing decisions were measured against the Audubon's three criteria: Is it good for the environment? Is it cost effective? Can it be achieved through a design approach or off-the- shelf products readily available to everyone?
 While in college, John Van Aken, the project manager for Croxton Collaborative had worked with a product that met these criteria and provided a solution to the flooring dilemma. He contacted the Homasote Company of West Trenton, the nation's oldest manufacturer of building products made from recycled newsprint, and investigated using its N.C.F.R.(R) Homasote as an underlayment on the old hardwood floors.
 N.C.F.R. Homasote is a high-density, fire retardant fiber board product made from recycled newsprint. The product is environmentally safe, containing no formaldehyde or asbestos additives. Once Croxton had completely leveled off the hardwood floors, N.C.F.R. Homasote -- approximately 34,000 square feet -- was installed on top of all the old flooring. A relatively easy process because N.C.F.R. Homasote is lightweight and easy to handle.
 In addition to solving the surface problem, N.C.F.R. Homasote also provides the extra benefit of adding a resilient cushioning effect to the floor making the surface more comfortable to work on for Audubon employees. It also aids in the reduction of sound.
 The production of N.C.F.R. Homasote, and all the Homasote products, helps in the conservation of more than 1.3 million timber trees each year and also eliminates more than 160 million pounds of solid waste annually, through a manufacturing process that recycles about 350 tons of newsprint a day.
 "We are happy that such a prestigious environmental organization has recognized the Homasote Company's contribution to environmental manufacturing by making us one of its partners in this project," said Tom Petrino, national sales manager for the Homasote Company. "We're all hoping that the National Audubon Society's new headquarters will demonstrate that such projects are both necessary and economically worthwhile."
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Date:Nov 30, 1992

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